The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 664 You have no right to handcuff Mr. Fang

On the stage, the forty-six judges trembled in anger.

What is this place?This is the Nuremberg Court!

Here, many internationally renowned war criminals have been tried!

As a large court, here has its supreme majesty, and no one can provoke it.

Even if the leaders of various countries are tried, they must be submissive.

Citi Judge Durant looked at Fang Xiaoru with a sullen face, and the small wooden hammer in his hand slammed heavily on the table.

"Fang Xiaoru ignores the majesty of the court and seriously provokes the sanctity of the court, adding to the crime!"

Around, the other forty-five judges stared at Fang Xiaoru with anger.

The court has always been a sacred and inviolable place.

And the big court is a transcendent existence standing above the world.

The meaning of its existence is extraordinary.

Fang Xiaoru's undisguised contempt and disdain made their self-esteem provoked in his eyes.

"Sin plus one grade? I'm guilty and not guilty, so why not add one grade?

"You are so arrogant in the court, but you only have so little time left. At the end of the trial, you will face a lifetime in prison."

Will, the chief who was busy moving the capital, took time specially to watch the trial of the other party Xiaoru in the court.

His eyes were full of anger, and his face was full of resentment staring at Fang Xiaoru, "The guy who should go to hell, you will soon have a dark life!"

"The time has come, let's make a quick decision. I don't want to miss the prize."

The presiding judge Durant now looks at Fang Xiaoru, the more upset he is.

Who does this self-righteous guy think he is?

He hammered the small wooden hammer in his hand and announced loudly: "The trial begins, the audience is quiet!"

As soon as the voice fell, the scene immediately fell silent.

In the entire court, only the sound of the shutter being pressed.

When everyone's eyes were focused on the presiding judge, he looked at Fang Xiaoru and said in a deep voice:

"Fang Xiaoru, you despise the court, indulge your subordinates to injure the bailiff, trample on the majesty of the court, I have the right to handcuff you to a hearing."

With that, the bailiff, who was already waiting by the side, immediately walked towards Fang Xiaoru with handcuffs.

It's just that his face is full of fear.

Just now, several of his companions were beaten to vomit blood.

In this situation, how could he not be afraid.

"Trample the majesty of the big court?"

Fang Xiaoru said softly:

"Sorry, I don't agree."

The presiding judge Durant glared and shouted: "You indulge your subordinates to injure the bailiffs. There is something that everyone can see. How can you allow you to quibble?"

Fang Xiaoru glanced at the presiding judge and smirked: "I'm just defending the dignity of my country.