The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 669: This chief is too awkward

The court, which opened again after more than sixty years, was closed in less than half an hour.

With the trial team headed by Citigroup, the trial of the opponent Xiaoru became a joke.

The person they are going to try was assessed as the Nobel Peace Prize winner by the Nobel Organizing Committee.

Fang Xiaoru's contribution to the peace cause of Somalia and Afkhan is truly tangible, and no one is allowed to discredit him.

In the New Zealand tsunami, Citi warships are only willing to rescue passengers from their own country.

In the end, Fang Xiaoru safely took away most of the passengers trapped in New Zealand.

The Nobel Peace Prize Organizing Committee, by virtue of a series of events, awarded Fang Xiaoru the Nobel Peace Prize.

Originally, Xiaoru's understanding was limited to the Universe Group, and only to the people of the world who destroyed the capital of Will. He also knew that he was still unknowingly pushing the pace of world peace and development.

December 10th, 8:45 in the morning.

At the gate of the Nuremberg Court, Fang Xiaoru, surrounded by countless reporters, rode in a supreme version of the world commercial vehicle.

The presiding judge Durant looked at the back of the commercial car, his eyes flickering constantly.

At the same time, one of his hearts has sunk to the bottom.

Before he received the task of serving as the presiding judge to judge Fang Xiaoru, he had been repeatedly instructed by the chief Citigroup that Fang Xiaoru should be condemned to death anyway.

Even if Fang Xiaoru is still unable to do anything in the end, he must distort his reputation.

But now, apart from embarrassment, Da Ting hasn't obtained anything else.

On the contrary, Fang Xiaoru, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, is even more famous.

"Your Excellency the presiding judge, your court believes that Fang Xiaoru committed a crime against humanity, but the Nobel Organizing Committee awarded him a peace prize. Can you explain why the two sides have completely different judgments?"

"Dear presiding judge, I heard that Xiaoru's trial in the court was completely directed by Citi. I wonder if you have any explanation for this?"

"The presiding judge, may I ask..."


After Fang Xiaoru left, hundreds of reporters at the scene crowded around the presiding judge Durant.

Surrounded by many reporters, listening to the sharp questions from their mouths, the presiding judge Durant's face was already gloomy and almost dripping.

Chief Mansion of Citi.


A glass cup violently collided with the Persian blanket on the ground, and then burst into pieces.

The chief Citigroup looked angrily at the picture displayed on the screen. He had been watching the trial of Xiaoru, the opponent in the court.

The trial, which was supposed to be foolproof, ended in such a scene that was almost a joke.

Not only did they not cause any losses from the other party's filial piety, they also caused Citi's international reputation to decline again.

The chief Citigroup loosened the neckline around his neck with his left hand, picked up the mobile phone resting on the table with his right hand, and dialed the number of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The other party's Xiaoru trial has run out of control. You organize a press conference as soon as possible to restore Citi's international image as much as possible."

He just said this and threw the phone aside, and then leaned heavily on the sofa.

He looked at the magnificent ceiling with bewildered eyes, with a very tired look, and muttered:

"Everyone wants to be the chief of Citi, but they don't know that this position is really hard.

Especially since Fang Xiaoru's rise, my life has not been stable.

First, it used Huanyu mobile phones to hit the Citi market, causing a monopoly and causing a large number of people to lose their jobs.

Later, he combined with Roster, a financial crocodile, to create a financial crisis that was full of fans, and completely pushed Citi's economy to the bottom.

Auction the Ryukyu Islands and destroy the Citigroup garrison.Sold to Afkhan fighter jets and killed tens of thousands of Citi soldiers on the battlefield.

Before I knew it, he had grown to a point where I couldn't handle it.

When my term of office expires, I will not submit a re-election resolution to the parliament.This chief is too aggrieved."

After that, he slowly closed his eyes, and his face was full of fatigue.

If this scene is seen by others, all the surprised eyes will fall out.

The powerful chief of Citigroup was so jealous of an Eastern young man that he would give up re-election!

It was said that after Fang Xiaoru left the courtyard, he took a Huanyu commercial vehicle all the way to Nuremberg Airport.

Amidst a roar, the world's unique private jet flew to Norway.

In the Oslo City Hall of Norway, His Majesty the King and the Congress BOSS, as well as a group of observers and reporters from various countries, all sat in chairs and waited for Fang Xiaoru's arrival.

It stands to reason that the winners were late and asked everyone to wait for him, not to mention leaving, but complaints are inevitable.

However, at this moment, the Oslo City Hall rarely appeared noisy, and everyone was waiting quietly.

Nothing else, just because this person is Fang Xiaoru, only because most people at the scene regard Fang Xiaoru as an idol!