The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 670: Peerless style admires foreigners

Oslo City Hall, Norway, headed by the King of Norway, about three hundred people sat there and waited quietly for more than 40 minutes.

The Norwegian King, who was impatient, got up several times and wanted to leave, but was stopped by the Congress BOSS.

The Congress BOSS is afraid that if Fang Xiaoru is unhappy because of the King’s departure, it will be a disaster for Norway.

After all, Norway, a small country, is far from the World Group in terms of economic or military strength.

The King of Norway sat in the backstage lounge with a gloomy face, his eyes glaring fiercely at the five Nobel Peace Prize judges sitting outside through the glass window.

I want to find a chance, and I must clean them up.

The five judges felt the gaze of the King of Norway, their hearts were suddenly shaken, and their heads lowered subconsciously.

But when they think of the Swiss black card in their pockets, a strong sense of confidence rises from the bottom of their hearts.

With the black card of Swiss Bank, where can't you go under the sun?

They can use the front in that card to take their families to the whole world.

Time passed by every minute, and another ten minutes passed.

Suddenly, there was a noise from the silent city hall.

The sound came from the door of the city hall.

Waiting for Fang Xiaoru's arrival, the people sitting there watching the ceremony heard the sound and immediately looked back.

I saw a tall man wearing a black trench coat and sunglasses, surrounded by six burly bodyguards, slowly walking towards the city hall.

As the man in the windbreaker and sunglasses walked around, he seemed to be carrying great pressure, and a sense of awe was raised for no apparent reason.

When he walked to the entrance of the city hall, he took off the sunglasses on his face.

A pair of bright, revealing eyes was revealed.

He glanced around in a circle, and all the people who were in contact with his eyes bowed their heads as they were shocked.

The three hundred people in the audience, including the King of Norway and the parliament boss, could not look at him for a second!

He is like a king looking at the world, step by step on the podium in the shock of everyone's eyes.

"Fang Xiaoru! It's Fang Xiaoru!"

"I saw Fang Xiaoru with my own eyes. I didn't expect the pressure on him to be so strong!"

"It's really scary, I can't look at him at all! Is he really just a twenty-year-old man? Even an old monster who has been in a high position for a long time, his aura is not as good as him!"

"To see Fang Xiaoru's peerless demeanor, it is worthwhile to sit here and wait for nearly an hour."

"This is the man at the helm of the Universe Group. Is this Fang Xiaoru, the richest man in the world? It is indeed majestic, even better than the rumors!"

"In the beginning, I had always wondered how a young man who was only 20 years old had created such a huge business empire like the Universe Group step by step, and whether he was a figure pushed to the surface by many consortia in the East.

But now when I saw his style, I realized that my previous guesses were all wrong.This style of his body, searched all over the world, but can not find a second one!"

On the viewing platform, countless guests were impressed by Fang Xiaoru's momentum and demeanor.

They all showed the light of worship, looking at Fang Xiaoru who had already reached the podium.

The reporters from various countries stationed around them pressed the shutter frantically, flashing lights one after another, more dazzling than the ceiling lights on the ceiling.

At this moment, Fang Xiaoru became the only focus of the Oslo City Hall in Norway!

In the backstage lounge, after a brief shock, the Congress BOSS quickly urged the king:

"Your Majesty, Fang Xiaoru has already appeared, and I would like to ask you to come on stage to award him the Nobel Peace Prize."

The King of Norway looked at Fang Xiaoru on the podium with a very complicated heart.

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was forcibly changed by him. Not to mention, he was still late on the day of receiving the prize. He made himself a king and waited for him for fifty minutes!

The King of Norway took a deep breath, and finally stood up and walked towards the podium with his cane.

Although he is very dissatisfied with the other Xiaoru in his heart, what can he do if the strength of both sides is there?He is also desperate.

Even if he had the heart to teach Fang Xiaoru, he didn't have the courage, let alone the strength!

When the King of Norway walked to the podium, Fang Xiaoru faced the crowd sitting in the audience and said lightly:

"Hello, friends at the scene, this is Fang Xiaoru. I just arrived from the Nuremberg Court, I'm sorry I am late."


As soon as his voice fell, thunderous applause broke out on the scene.

Most of the hundreds of people attending the banquet were impressed by Fang Xiaoru's demeanor, and the applause was not stingy.

"Hello, Mr. Fang, I am King Jarvan VI of Norway. I am glad to meet you."

When the applause stopped, the King of Norway walked to Fang Xiaoru's body with his cane, and offered him a hand of friendship.