The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 672 This world will surely bear the mark of our Fang Xiaoru!


Fang Xiaoru's heart suddenly lifted when he saw the task reward.

He resisted the excitement and asked in his mind:

"System, what exactly is this longevity law?"

"The Longevity Method, as the name suggests, is a practice that can prolong life. In addition, the Longevity Method also has the effect of maintaining appearance.

Sure enough, the same as what I had guessed!

In the past three years, Fang Xiaoru has become the richest person in the world, and his reputation has reached the pinnacle of the world.

For him now, apart from buying the whole world to make him a little excited, there is no other pursuit.

After all, there is no shortage of wealth, beauty, and force.

But even if he had everything, even if he bought the world, what about it?

Life has been in a hurry for decades, and after a few decades, the dust returns to the dust and the dust to the dust.

No matter how prestigious he was before his death, he was just a handful of loess after his death.

And now, after triggering the power mission, he finally has a new goal.

That is to obtain the Law of Longevity and prolong the lives of yourself and the beauties around you!

In addition, Fang Xiaoru was delighted by the effect of maintaining appearance.

After all, he didn't want to see all the confidantes around him turning into yellow-faced women after more than ten years.

"Please confirm the host, do you accept the task?"

Just when Fang Xiaoru was off, the cold mechanical sound of the system appeared again.


Without hesitation, Fang Xiaoru chose to accept.

"Okay, thank you Mr. Fang Xiaoru for his wonderful speech. Now let us express our heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Xiaoru of the other party with warm applause!

At this time, the Congress BOSS took the microphone and shouted, facing the audience seat below.

The next moment, thunderous applause broke out again.

Wave after wave of applause, like a wave of heat swept across.

Fang Xiaoru's consciousness came out of his brain. He held the peace trophy in his hand, nodded gently to the crowd, and then walked off the podium under the leadership of the Congress BOSS.

December 10 is destined to be a day written in history.

On this day, something happened that caused an uproar among people all over the world.

The court held a military trial of Fang Xiaoru, the leader of the business empire Universe Group, and ended in an almost joke.

On the same morning, the Nobel Peace Prize Organizing Committee named Fang Xiaoru the Nobel Peace Prize winner this year.

In the Oslo City Hall, the King of Norway personally wore the Peace Medal, a symbol of honor, for Fang Xiaoru and awarded a trophy symbolizing peace.

Since then, Fang Xiaoru has become hot again, and his fame has spread all over the world.

On this day, netizens all over the world are boiling.

On social networks and in the news media, there are all topics about Fang Xiaoru.

At nine o'clock that day, when Fang Xiaoru's acceptance speech was just finished, the news that he won the Nobel Peace Prize has swept across the entire East.

In less than an hour, All Eastern learned of this exciting news.

Countless fans of Fang Xiaoru, Weibo, Moments, and buckle spaces, are expressing their joy in their hearts madly.

"Fuck! What's wrong with the Nobel Organizing Committee? It is incredible that the Peace Prize was awarded to Fang Xiaoru."

"It's really surprising that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Easterners."

"No surprise, two people in our country have won the Nobel Peace Prize long before Fang Xiaoru."

"Is it true or false upstairs? Two people in the East have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Why haven't I heard of it? I tell you, I read less, don't you lie to me?"

"It's true. In history, there are indeed two Orientals who have won peace awards. But even if they don't mention them, they are traitors dedicated to splitting the motherland."

"Anyway, Fang Xiaoru won the Nobel Peace Prize, which is really a happy event."

"Not bad, congratulations to my husband for winning the Peace Prize."

"The bitch upstairs, get out, that's my husband."

"It's my husband, I'm already lying on my husband's bed for nothing."

Less than half of the discussion became the daily time for Fang Xiaoru's female fans.

One by one, they went to Fang Xiaoru's Weibo and sent him private messages, which contained various explicit texts and their personal photos.

There are many fruit photos!

Above an altitude of 50,000 meters, an airplane full of futuristic sci-fi style flew from west to east towards the eastern capital.

On the plane, Fang Xiaoru lay comfortably in a chair, thinking about his next plans and arrangements.

The peak power mission issued by the system is a challenge for him, but it is not very difficult.

In fact, just follow his previous plan for the World Group, buy the world and control the lifeline of the global economy.

Coupled with his military strength far ahead of the earth, he will naturally be able to obtain supreme power by then.

Fang Xiaoru stood up and walked to the window with his hands on his back, overlooking the rivers and mountains below, and muttered:

"This world will surely bear the mark of our Fang Xiaoru!"