The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 675 How will Fang Xiaoru change the world?

What Master Liu said is a common situation in Eastern society today.

A wealthy person buys a house, waits for the appreciation in value, and then sells it in the next year. The return is higher than the salary of ordinary office workers for decades.

This status quo is a great injustice to labor.

Regarding this situation, the organization wants to manage, but it has more than enough energy.

Several adjustments and controls over the past two years have not only failed to allow house prices to fall, they have also caused house prices to rebound.

Nowadays, housing prices in the East, regardless of whether it is large or small cities, are rising rapidly at a rate far exceeding salary growth.

The eastern economy is in a stage of rapid development, and many things are overwhelmed.

Master Liu tried to control housing prices many times, but all ended in failure.

Now he put his hope on Fang Xiaoru's body.

Seeing Master Liu's hopeful eyes, Fang Xiaoru's heart was also touched.

He nodded heavily to Master Liu and said: "The Prime Minister can rest assured that the future housing prices in the East will inevitably return to a suitable level."

Real estate is making money, but Fang Xiaoru now has too much money to use up.

But no amount of money is too much, so he has a plan in mind.

Aiming at the target of exploitation abroad.

He is going to crazy real estate speculation abroad!

The two continued to chat in the office for about an hour before the meeting ended.

Premier Liu Shi left Fang Xiaoru's office with a happy mood.

Oriental Capital, Office of the Chairman of Dada Group.

Wang Shoufu collapsed on the boss chair with a face of depression, his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling above his head, and his pupils were filled with despair.

He had a phone call with Premier Liu Shi just now, but was told that the plea failed.

And received news, in the future the agency will also support the Universe Group to enter the real estate.

But at this moment, he walked into the office and said: "Chairman, Prince Wang is here, I must see you."

Hearing Prince Wang, the richest man Wang was full of anger, and said solemnly, "Bring him in."

"Yes, chairman."

The secretary left the office, and soon led the prince in.

As soon as the Prince Wang came in, he smiled and said, "Dad, I want to build a live broadcast platform recently. Give me some start-up funds."


However, as soon as he finished speaking, he felt a pain in his forehead and his whole body was dizzy.

He touched it with his hand and found that his forehead had been smashed, and blood was constantly flowing out.

And what hit him was an ashtray.

He was stunned for a moment, looking at Wang's richest man with a look of surprise.

"Dad, why are you hitting me?"

"Smash you? I must kill you today!"

The richest man Wang pushed aside the boss chair angrily, walked up to the Prince angrily, and slapped him on the face with his thick slap.


The richest man Wang opened his bow left and right, and slapped down like a gust of wind and rain for ten consecutive slaps.

The prince was smashed to the head by the ashtray, but now he is beaten like this by the richest man Wang.

Suddenly, dizzy.


He didn't know that after a few slaps, the richest man Wang had a pain in his hand, and he stopped panting.

Looking at Prince Wang, his face became swollen, and he was beaten like a pig!

He raised his head, staring at the richest man Wang in amazement and at a loss, and said very aggrievedly: "Dad, you are crazy, why hit me."

"Why hit you? Do you know that because of your relationship, the Dada Group is on the verge of collapse!

Just today, it is useless for the Prime Minister to come to my door to intercede for me.You said why I beat you!"

The richest man Wang became more and more angry, and immediately began to untie the belt and began to draw with the belt.

Suddenly, in the office of the chairman of Dada Group, I remembered a burst of painful screams.

Before the Prince was knocked out, Fang Xiaoru's disdainful smile flashed deep in his mind.

I was angry and regretful in my heart, but more deeply feared.

He never thought that in his own capacity, he would be beaten so badly by his father because he offended a person.

He never thought that with Dada Group's position in the real estate industry, he would be so afraid of World Group!

The next day, Universe Group held the first press conference of this year.

The press conference was filled with reporters from all over the world.

One thousand three hundred reporters, crowded in black, crowded the conference hall.

All the reporters came with full of anticipation.

"Have you heard that this year's press conference will announce the next development direction of the Universe Group."

"Yes, the first press conference announced the 3D holographic projection technology. The second press conference announced the Huanyu mobile phone. The third press conference was the birth of Huanyu Automobile.

It can be said that every press conference of the Universe Group will bring breakthrough changes to the world."

"I really look forward to this press conference. What kind of content will be released? How will Fang Xiaoru change the world?"