The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 677: A few trillions are only moderate to me

Unlike Citi people, it doesn't matter if Citi people rent a house.

Orientals, however, pay attention to owning a house of their own.

For Orientals, renting is not a long-term choice.

Therefore, the attitude of the Orientals towards the house is very clear.

Without a house, it is very difficult to marry a good wife.

Even if your girlfriend doesn't mind, she can't pass the mother-in-law.

It can be said that the house is like a big mountain, weighing on the younger generation, making them almost breathless.

In the past, there were news reports that the post-ninety generation will become a generation unwilling to buy a house, and that post-zero generation will completely become a renting generation.

But are they really unwilling to buy a house, but are willing to rent it?

No, it's all because the house price is too expensive and they simply can't afford it.

Think about it, such high prices.

Except for company bosses, corporate executives, corrupt officials, celebrities, and ordinary people, what should they buy?

The reporters present here are undoubtedly ordinary people.

Like most ordinary people in the East, they cannot afford to buy a house of their own.

So Fang Xiaoru's words resonated with them.

After the deathly silence, the violent applause lasted.

After a long time, the conference hall became quiet again.

Fang Xiaoru looked at the crowd with a smile on his face, and said:

"Next is the questioning session. You can ask questions about this matter."

After speaking, all his arms were raised high.


"I want to ask questions!"

"I have a problem, Fang always chooses me!"

A large group of reporters, and a small group of economists, all scrambled for the right to ask questions.

Fang Xiaoru glanced away, pointed at a girl in red, and said:

"The ponytail girl in red."

"Yeah! Great!"

After being hit by Fang Xiaoru, the ponytail girl in red jumped on the spot excitedly.

In the envy and jealous eyes of her colleagues, she asked excitedly:

"Hello, Mr. Fang, I am Liang Xiaoxiao, a reporter from NetEase News, and I am also a big fan of you.

Just now you said that the next development of Universe Group is to enter the real estate industry in an all-round way, and also to regulate housing prices to benefit the people.

Can you give a detailed explanation on this?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded gently to her, and said: "To enter the real estate industry in an all-round way is the next development direction of the Universe Group.

Our goal is to achieve a real estate monopoly like the mobile phone and automobile industries.

In this way, this monopoly position can be used to control housing prices in the East, benefiting the people and making them affordable.

Okay, next one."

With that, he pointed to a middle-aged reporter who was a little older.

The middle-aged reporter was calm, not as excited as the girl in the red horse, but from the brilliance in his eyes, it can be seen that his mood at the moment is not what it seems.

He quickly organized the language and asked: "President Fang, I'm a reporter from Sohu News. Just now you mentioned that a monopoly should be formed in the real estate industry, so as to regulate the housing prices in the East, so that ordinary people can buy houses.

I have a question. If you do this, it will not benefit the Universe Group apart from a huge loss.

Since there are no benefits or benefits, what is it that drives you to make such a decision?"

After the Sohu reporter had finished speaking, everyone in the audience was silent, listening to Fang Xiaoru's explanation.

Because they also have such a doubt in their hearts.

Merchants are highly profitable, and Fang Xiaoru has no reason to do such a loss-making business.

Seeing the doubts of the audience, Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said, "Whoever knows me means I am worried, and whoever knows me means what I want.

I said from the beginning that the purpose of entering the real estate industry is to benefit the people and make them affordable.

So the loss has been in my consideration for a long time, but for me, a loss of several trillions is only moderate."

Once Fang Xiaoru’s decision is implemented, once he monopolizes the Oriental real estate industry, and then lowers the Oriental real estate industry, he will inevitably suffer a huge loss.

But this loss is within his tolerance.

In addition, what he said about entering the real estate industry in an all-round way is not just Oriental Real Estate.

His gaze has long been on the globe.

There are so many countries in the world, so much land, enough for him to do his best.

He wants to add the soaring housing prices in the East to other countries.

He wants to engage in real estate abroad, speculate in foreign real estate, stir up foreign housing prices, and then make huge profits.

Let those westerners feel the despair of buying a house!

The reporters and economists at the scene suddenly became serious when hearing Fang Xiaoru's answer.

No matter what kind of attitude the other Xiaoru had before, at this moment, he sincerely applauded him.

Only now did they know that Fang Xiaoru announced that the Universe Group had entered the real estate industry not to make money, but to benefit the people, as he said.

Those foreign reporters didn't understand the situation in the East, all at a loss.Without knowing one's own country, the despair brought about by soaring housing prices will soon be ushered in!