The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 681: Sweep the country, target the South

Although the large domestic real estate companies such as Green Emperor Group and Yike Group were eventually annexed and acquired due to the huge funds of Huanyu Group, their bosses have also become the senior management of Huanyu Construction Company, and they are still in control.

Even their power is much greater than before.

But the richest man Wang is different. His son Wang Gongzi offended Fang Xiaoru some time ago, and then he took Wang Gongzi to visit the door to apologize, but Fang Xiaoru refused mercilessly.

From that moment on, the richest man Wang believed that Fang Xiaoru would be repaid, and he would not forgive himself easily.

Even if he is as sincere as the Green Emperor Group and Yike Group, the outcome will be completely different.

Therefore, he would rather resist the pressure and stick to the end, rather than actively bow to the Universe Group.

Because he was afraid that once he gave up resistance, the Dada Group would have nothing to do with him in the end, and he would lose all the power in his hands.

After talking for ten minutes in the meeting room, the four people finally broke up.

The three bosses of the Ludi Group, after persuading the richest man Wang to be fruitless, left without looking back.

They are now Fang Xiaoru's people. Since the richest man Wang doesn't appreciate him and can't say anything, they don't need to continue.

The richest man Wang sat alone in the empty conference hall, his face extremely blue.

The original alliance, now all became Fang Xiaoru's subordinates.

In just over three months, the Universe Group swept a thousand troops and swept over 90% of domestic real estate companies.

The only remaining real estate giant is the Tadada Group.

The richest man Wang has almost imagined what kind of tremendous pressure Dada Group will face next!

For a while, his heart was ashamed.

Oneworld Group headquarters, Atlantis Building.

Fang Xiaoru stood at an altitude of 980 meters, overlooking most of the capital.

The domestic situation will soon become clear.

Then he can attack the neighboring countries as a whole. What needs to be considered now is which country is most suitable for the initial initial target.

And the primary goal in his heart is the southern country near the east!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

While Fang Xiaoru was thinking, there was a rhythmic knock on the door.

He stopped thinking, and said to the door: "Come in."

The next moment, the office door opened from the outside, and three businessmen in suits and shoes walked in.

All three are in their thirties and forties, two men and one woman.

When they walk, they have their heads high and their chests high. The men are powerful and the women's self-confidence is soaring. They look like business elites.

One of the men, holding a briefcase, walked to Fang Xiaoru's side.

"President Fang, everything has been completed according to your instructions.

In these days, we have bought the shares of Dada Group in the hands of investors on a large scale, and now it has reached 30%.

In addition, for the six major shareholders of Dada Group, except for the shares of Chairman Wang Shoufu and his wife, the shares of the other four shareholders have been transferred to your name.

Now you have a 61% stake in Dada Group."

With that, he took out the four-quarter equity transfer letter from the briefcase and handed it to Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru casually took the four-cent share transfer letter and handed it back to the man without looking back. He still looked at the blue sky and white clouds outside the window, without sadness or joy on his face, and said faintly:

"If this is the case, let's dismiss Wang Shoufu as the chairman of the board and emptied all his power. Then I was thinking of a way to get the equity in the hands of him and his wife."

"Yes! President Fang."

The man took the share transfer letter and put it in his briefcase again.

"Well, nothing else, just do it. This thing will be completed within a week."


The three nodded firmly, and then left the office respectfully.

The three left the office and walked into the elevator.

One of the men sighed suddenly: "Hey, you said that Mr. Fang is Mr. Fang, who has become the largest shareholder of the Dada Group, and his expression does not fluctuate at all."

The woman next to him was shining brightly in her eyes. Even though she was more than 30 years old and married as a wife, she still inevitably fell in love with a man like Fang Xiaoru.

"Zong Fang is rich in the enemy's country. Although the Dada Group is large, it still can't get into Fang's eyes."

The other man also said leisurely: "I really don't know, what kind of achievement is necessary for Fang Xiaoru to feel a sense of accomplishment."

"Perhaps, only by buying the world as indicated in the corporate policy can Fang always feel the joy of success."

Time is fleeting, five days' time flies by.

On this day, on the board of Dada Group, the richest man Wang roared like a wounded lion.

His eyes were red, as if to choose someone to eat.

The directors attending the meeting, as well as the people sent by the Universe Group, stood silently and looked at him.

The rich man Wang turned around, grabbed a sixty-year-old elder with both hands, and questioned angrily: "Why, why are you betraying me?

As the veteran of the company, I gave you a full 15% equity and gave you more equity than my wife. Why did you betray me?"

"And you!"

While speaking, he glared at a bald middle-aged man in his forties.

"You and I are starting a business together to fight the world, and I have always seen you as a real brother. I ask myself if I treat you very well, why did you choose to betray?

The richest man Wang was completely plunged into madness.

Although he knew that the Dada Group would collapse under the pressure exerted by Fang Xiaoru sooner or later, he did not expect it to come so quickly and in this way.

Originally, as long as these shareholders had all the equity in the handshake, even if Fang Xiaoru acquired scattered stocks in the stock market, he would not have a higher equity than his own, let alone get more than 50% of the equity.

In that way, the Dada Group will still be in the hands of his Wang's richest man.

But the development of the matter exceeded his expectations.Fang Xiaoru did not defeat the Dada Group from market competition, but went straight to Huanglong and destroyed the core of the Dada Group.

Faced with the angry roar of the richest man Wang, the five shareholders of the former Dada Group did not say a word.

There is only one reason why they are willing to sell their equity, and that is interest.

The price Fang Xiaoru gave them was so exciting that they broke their bottom line.