The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 684: Southern Kingdom, the Age of Women

Giving kindness to the world.

There are tens of thousands of Ande Guangsha, sheltering the world with joy.

These two sentences quickly became popular on the Internet since the news and became the hottest sentences at the time.

After the eastern base camp settled down, Fang Xiaoru made a bold move and began to officially enter the southern country!

Foreign and domestic national conditions are different. Fang Xiaoru intends to use the southern country as a pilot country before starting to cast the net.

Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas are covered one by one, so that the real estate business of Universe Group can spread all over the world.

It was a Sunday afternoon. Fang Xiaoru took a group of high-level officials and set off from the Beijing International Airport, heading to the South in a mighty manner.

An hour later, when the plane appeared over the southern capital of Seoul, the southern country had not yet felt a wave of real estate speculation covering the whole country, and it was about to come.

Coming out of Seoul Airport, someone had been waiting at the gate of the airport.

Due to the acquisition of Six Star Group and Hyundai Group, the influence of the Universe Group in the South China is still very large.

After warmly receiving Fang Xiaoru and his party, the regional president of Southland arranged for them to stay in the most prosperous hotel in Seoul.

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, Chief Suite.

Fang Xiaoru undressed and was about to lie down and rest.

Suddenly, he received a call from Nanguo. The remarks on the phone reminded him of what he experienced in Nanguo two years ago.

He slides the phone to get the call.

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth and said, "It's Stephanie, why do you think of calling me? Is there any trouble?"

In his words, Stephanie is a member of the girl era, the hottest girl group in southern China.

Two years ago, Fang Xiaoru bought MS, the largest entertainment company in South China, and handed it over to Stephanie.

Stephanie is her real name, and her stage name was Tiffany when she was a girl, but her sisters usually call her Pani.

In Fang Xiaoru's memory, this was a smiling elf. When she laughed, she was particularly charming.

"President Fang, the company was designed by the four largest entertainment companies in southern China, DPS, JYP, CJ, and YG.

Over the phone, Stephanie's anxious voice came.

In the past two years, she went from being an artist to the president of MS, and her status has changed drastically.

Because he was afraid of annoying Fang Xiaoru, Fang Xiaoru thought she was a snobby woman.

Therefore, in the past two years, she has rarely contacted Fang Xiaoru actively. Any problems encountered by the company have been solved by herself.

But today, she couldn't solve it by herself.

In South China, reputation is the most important thing for a company or a public figure.

Once the reputation is affected, it will be a fatal blow.

After MS Entertainment was bought by Fang Xiaoru, the other four entertainment companies in Southland had various ideas.

Due to Fang Xiaoru's reasons, he did not take action for a long time.

But over time, they found that Fang Xiaoru had never paid attention to MS Entertainment.

In other words, MS Entertainment is too weak compared to other subsidiaries of the Universe Group, so they have a strange idea again in their hearts.

Therefore, I finally chose to join forces recently and cooperate with the Southland Taxation Bureau to humiliate MS's reputation, and then seize MS's market.

Hearing Stephanie's anxiety, Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said faintly:

"You don't have to worry, they are just jumping clowns. Don't say that they are deliberately framing the company, even if the company really exists. I can settle it."

She showed a smile, two shallow pear vortices appeared on her face, and her eyes were bent, like a crooked moon, full of charm.

"Then the troublesome party will send someone over."

Fang Xiaoru leaned on the bed, changed his posture, and said, "You don't need to send someone, it just so happens that I have arrived in Seoul today. I will go to your side to have a look tomorrow."

"Really? Mr. Fang, have you come to Seoul?"

When Stephanie heard the words, she became excited, her big eyes shining with stars.

She soon realized that she was a little too excited, her face flushed suddenly, and she quickly explained:

"I have no other meaning, I am not excited, no, I am not very happy. Hey..."

The more she tried to conceal the excitement in her heart, the more flustered she became, and the more she explained, the more she meant that there was no silver in this place.