The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 685 I see who dares to move again

Stephanie's feelings for Fang Xiaoru are very complicated.

Two years ago, when the girl era spread throughout Asia, Fang Xiaoru came to the South.

In order to please Fang Xiaoru, the president of Six Star Group entertained him with a girl's age.

Except for Jessie who has left the team, the other eight have become gifts.

It was also that night that Stephanie was taken.

Since then, Fang Xiaoru's figure has remained in her heart.

Later, Fang Xiaoru even directly bought MS Entertainment and gave it to her for management, which made Stephanie's heart tremble even more.

After two years of precipitation, she contacted Fang Xiaoru again, unavoidably exposing her deep desire.

After the conversation between the two was over, Stephanie held the phone, her red lips curled slightly, and a smile from the heart appeared.

The next morning, MS Entertainment.

Just as Stephanie got the information, staff from the Seoul Tax Bureau came to investigate early this morning.

Stephanie and a group of senior executives of MS Entertainment brought the staff of the tax bureau to the reception room and tried their best to delay them until Fang Xiaoru's arrival.

In the reception room, Yingying and Yanyan stood with seven or eight beautiful and beautiful young girls.

These people are the members of the girl's age. One of the captains of the girl's age, a girl who is not tall and looks exquisite like a porcelain doll, said with concern:

"Pani, what can we do if we can't drag on any longer? Regardless of whether we are evading taxes or not, once they have to verify our company's sales, it will be a huge blow to the company's reputation."

Pani is Stephanie's nickname.

She frowned, her white teeth biting her lip tightly.

"In any case, they cannot be allowed to investigate."

But at this moment, the door of the reception room opened from the outside.

Four middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes walked in. They looked at the reception room and then fixed their eyes on a bald head who was chatting with a girl-age member.

The moment Stephanie saw the four middle-aged people coming in, a heart sank in Stephanie.

These four people are the presidents of DPS, JYP, CJ, and YG.

The crisis of MS Entertainment was also planned by them.

Among them, the CEO of CJ Entertainment, looking at the bald head, said:

"The Korean Bureau, why hasn't the investigation started yet?"

The bald man, who was chatting hotly with several members of the girlhood, heard the words and looked up and saw the CEOs of the four major entertainment companies appear.

The chat with sister paper was interrupted, which made him very upset.

But thinking of the benefit fee that I received from them, I resisted my discomfort, and instead smiled and said:

"How come several presidents are here, I am going to check."

With that, he stood up, walked to Stephanie, and said:

"President Huang, we have received a report that MS Entertainment is suspected of tax evasion.

Out of work needs, you need to review your company's finances, and I hope you can cooperate."

On the side, the presidents of the four major entertainment companies appeared to be quiet, but secretly happy in their hearts.

After planning for a long time, they finally bought the tax bureau and colluded with them to come to the MS Entertainment Company together.

Even if MS Entertainment does not evade tax, the tax bureau will secretly do some tricks and frame it.

Despite the anger in her heart, Stephanie had to smile and begged: "Please wait for ten minutes for the Korean Bureau and give us ten minutes."

Before Fang Xiaoru's arrival, she would never dare to let someone from the tax bureau to check the financial status.

"Although I don't know what President Huang has in mind, we have been waiting here for half an hour."

The Korean bureau of the tax bureau waved to the subordinates on the side and said, "Go, go directly to the finance office and check their accounts."

With that, a staff member of the tax bureau walked out of the reception room and forcibly walked towards the financial office of MS Entertainment.

And the presidents of the four major southern entertainment companies had a cold flash in their eyes, and then went out with the tax bureau.

If MS Entertainment doesn't fail, their four major companies will never have their lives.

In any case, we must get rid of MS Entertainment today.

"Pani, what should I do now? Didn't you say that there is a savior? Where is the savior?"

In the girl's time, a very pure and beautiful girl said anxiously.

Stephanie is also very anxious that Fang Xiaoru has not shown up.

She gritted her teeth and said: "Now there is no time to explain. We are stuck at the door, and we are not allowed to enter the financial office in any way. Otherwise, they may be blamed on how they would frame it."

Eight girls in the girl days, stepping on high heels, trot all the way to catch up with the tax bureau, and then stopped at the door of the financial office.

The bald bureau of the tax bureau stared and said, "President Huang, what are you doing? Is it openly hindering us from checking?"

"Huang Meiying, your company is suspected of tax evasion and tax evasion, and now you dare to openly hinder the tax bureau from verifying the accounts."

"It seems that MS Entertainment really has tax evasion, otherwise why are you so nervous."

"Quickly, shoot all this scene."

The presidents of the four major entertainment companies in the southern country scolded for a while and asked the reporters they brought over to film the whole process.


When Stephanie saw reporters appear at the scene, she suddenly felt a little bit in her heart.

They blocked the tax bureau's verification work. If this spreads, then MS Entertainment will really be over.

She took a deep breath, took the sister who was standing next to her, and said, "Yoona, let them in."

She kept praying in her heart: "President Fang, come on quickly."

The one called Yoona was very pure and beautiful. She was unwilling in her eyes, but she was still obedient and not blocking the door.

Ahead, the staff of the tax bureau and the presidents of the four major entertainment companies in southern China immediately went to the financial office.

But at the moment they were about to walk into the financial office, a faint voice resounded in everyone's ears.

"I see who dares to move again."

Although the voice was dull, it carried an unquestionable dominance.