The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 688: Looking for a dozen southern actresses to party

Krystal is a very cold-looking girl, but she is actually a very naughty little beauty.

She is also the youngest person present. She is the sister of former girlhood member Jessie, but her appearance is familiar with Yoona from the girlhood.

Seeing Krystal hugging Fang Xiaoru's arm affectionately and passionately, all the female artists on the scene were shocked.

They were very nervous, for fear that Fang Xiaoru would become furious.

But the next scene made them completely dumbfounded.

They saw that Fang Xiaoru, who was lofty and domineering like an emperor in their eyes, was not angry at Krystal's "disrespect".

Instead, he touched her little head affectionately.

Fang Xiaoru looked at Krystal and smiled: "Little Crystal, I haven't seen you for two years. You have become more beautiful."

When Xiaoru saw Krystal two years ago, she was only sixteen years old, and she was still a little girl who hadn't fully opened up.

But now she is eighteen years old and has grown into a generous girl.

For Fang Xiaoru's compliment, Krystal replied with a grin, "Thank you Oppa."

In the office, the girl-age members and the function group members look at each other, wanting to know what is going on.

Why is their little sister Krystal so close to big people like Fang Xiaoru?

While feeling confused, they also developed a strong feeling of envy and jealousy towards Krystal.

Those in the entertainment industry know how important it is to know a high-level person and have a big backing.

Since MS Entertainment was acquired by Fang Xiaoru and Stephanie became the president of MS Entertainment, the unspoken rules of the past have disappeared.

This is an obvious example.

Looking at Krystal's delicate face, Fang Xiaoru gently scratched her little nose with his hand, smiled slightly, and said:

"Little Crystal, why haven't you contacted me for these two years."

Krystal's nose was touched by a man for the first time, and his face flushed subconsciously.

After hearing Fang Xiaoru's doubts, she chuckled and said far-fetched: "Well, you are so busy, I'm not afraid to disturb you."

As she said, she took a subconscious glance at Stephanie.

In fact, with her lively and mischievous character, she was afraid to disturb Fang Xiaoru.

There are two reasons why she has not contacted Fang Xiaoru in the past two years.

First, as the Universe Group is getting bigger and bigger, Fang Xiaoru's identity is getting higher and higher.She felt ashamed of herself, and gradually she lost the courage to contact Fang Xiaoru.

Second, Stephanie explained to her that there is nothing important, so don't contact Fang Xiaoru lightly.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said, "Aren't we friends? Please contact me if you have anything to do in the future."

Krystal had a big smile on his face and nodded heavily, "Well, good."

With that, she suddenly made a grimace on the other Xiaoru, walked to her sisters again, and said:

"Sister Penny hasn't introduced my group sisters to Oppa."

Stephanie shook her head, quite speechless at Little Crystal's quirky spirit.

Being able to show off his nature in front of Fang Xiaoru, without the slightest restraint, there is no one except her.

She pointed to a girl with an oval face in the function combination and introduced: "President Fang, this is Song Xi from the East and is also the lead dancer of the function combination."

The girl named Song Xi heard Stephanie’s introduction and immediately took a step forward and greeted Fang Xiaoru:

"Hello, President Fang, this is Song Xi."

Fang Xiaoru laughed, "I didn't expect that there would still be Orientals. It's a destiny."

As he said, he stood up and said to Stephanie: "I will live in the southern country for about a month. I will move to the newly bought villa tomorrow. Come and help me clean up."

Stephanie was overjoyed upon hearing the words, her eyes curled, and she nodded happily: "Okay!"

In her opinion, Fang Xiaoru alone called her to help, which shows that she still has some weight in Fang Xiaoru's heart.

"Oba, I want to go too." It was Krystal who was talking. "We have to celebrate when we move to a new house. Why don't we go to Ouba's new home tomorrow and celebrate for Ouba."

As soon as Krystal's words fell, the other ten girls in the office also looked at Fang Xiaoru hopefully.

There was a little bit of starlight in their eyes, and they all hoped that Fang Xiaoru nodded in agreement, and then took this opportunity to deepen the relationship with Fang Xiaoru.

Seeing everyone's eager expressions, Fang Xiaoru laughed loudly: "If this is the case, then I will have a party. You can also bring your friends and have a good day tomorrow.