The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 692: The Chief Candidate of the Southern Kingdom Seeks

It exploded, and the netizens in the southern country completely exploded.

No matter which country it is in, all reports related to Fang Xiaoru will get overwhelming reports.

What's more, the two members of the girl's era, the most popular girl group in southern China, have had an affair with Fang Xiaoru.

All of a sudden, reports were flying all over the sky.

With the area of ​​the southern country and the speed of dissemination of Internet information, the entire southern country was talking about this report in almost less than an hour.

Countless Nanguo dicks who missed Stephanie and Xiao Yunxin screamed.

In an apartment in Hengcheng, a 20-year-old otaku is watching a girl's MV at home, enjoying the beautiful legs in the video, and suddenly received a text message from a friend on ins.

While enjoying the dancing of the goddesses, he opened the text message sent by his friends.

The newsletter has no other text, only a link.

He clicked on the link, the screen jumped, and immediately jumped out of the web page of the largest lace report in the South.

The most attractive place in the center of the page is a high-definition picture.

In the picture, Fang Xiaoru puts her left arm around Stephanie and her right arm around Xiao Yun, walking out of the door of MS Entertainment with a full face.

And Stephanie and Xiao Yun felt embarrassed because of the public.

After all, the two sisters were hugged by a man at the same time, which is really not good for people to see.

But they didn't want to disobey Fang Xiaoru's meaning.

The two of them were hugged by Fang Xiaoru, their faces a little shy and restrained.

Seeing this, the Nanguo otaku completely exploded.

He just felt a flame burning in his heart and roared in anger:

"Axi! Damn Oriental! Damn Fang Xiaoru, let go of my goddess!"

Stephanie and Xiao Yun, originally the two favorite people of this otaku in the girl's time, usually treat them as goddesses.

Dreaming at home all day, I want to say a word with Stephanie and Xiao Yun in person, and get a photo and autograph of both of them.

But now his two favorite goddesses were actually hugged by a man, which made him totally unable to bear it.

Angrily rose, he picked up the keyboard on the desk and slammed it on the monitor in a rage.

With a bang, sparks flew everywhere, and the Samsung curved display that took him a month's salary was smashed.

A similar situation was staged in various parts of the South.

Countless otakus felt extremely angry when they saw the goddess in their hearts while being so close to Fang Xiaoru.

They flocked to the official website of MS Entertainment and the official website of Goddess Era, and Xiaoru criticized the other side to express their unhappiness and anger.

"The Easterners go away, the goddess belongs to the southern country!"

"Fang Xiaoru already has the queen of Geely, why would he come to harm our southern country's national goddess?"

"Be wary of Fang Xiaoru, he is a playboy. Don't be fooled by him, Xiao Yun, leave him quickly."

"Xiao Yun, Stephanie, it is our southern men who are not handsome enough or rich enough, why you two will be captured by an Oriental."

"I just discovered that although Stephanie is the president of MS Entertainment, her equity was given by Fang Xiaoru!"

"Oh my God! Doesn't this mean that MS Entertainment will become Fang Xiaoru's back garden, and that the fate of the girl group and the function group will be controlled by him?"

"It's no wonder that Xiao Yun and Stephanie will accompany Fang Xiaoru at the same time. It turns out to be this damn unspoken rule!"

"Shameless Fang Xiaoru, relying on his own wealth, just intimidated our goddess."

"Fang Xiaoru gets out of the South!"

On, the scandal between Fang Xiaoru and Stephanie and Xiao Yun has rapidly expanded.

Less than one night, it became a hot topic among the people.

Its popularity is so high that it will even surpass that of the chief election of Southern China soon!

However, no matter how resentful the otaku from the southern country may be on the Internet, they can't make any difference.

Their goddess is enjoying a romantic dinner with Fang Xiaoru.

In the Four Seasons Hotel, Stephanie and Xiao Yun were flew by Fang Xiaoru in the office before, so when they faced each other, they felt very embarrassed.

Between behavior and behavior, he also became very cautious and shy.

But fortunately, the two of them were sisters who had been together for many years, and they knew each other very well, and the status of Xiaoru was too high, so they would not fight like ordinary women because they were jealous.

Because both knew that neither of them could have Fang Xiaoru.

Thinking like this in their hearts instead made them let go of their moral and ethical values, and no longer be as cautious and embarrassed as before.

During the dinner, Fang Xiaoru talked about love from time to time, teasing the two.

Every time the two goddesses covered their mouths and laughed, the atmosphere on the scene became ambiguous.

"Jingle Bell"

But at this moment, Fang Xiaoru's cell phone rang.

He glanced at the caller ID, which was the call from the company's public relations manager.

"President Fang, I'm bothering you. Southland's chief candidate Kim Jae-joon learned that you have come to Southland and wants to meet you."

On the other end of the phone, a respectful voice rang from the public relations manager of the World Group.

"The chief candidate Kim Jae Joon?"

Fang Xiaoru slowly turned the goblet in his hand, watching a bottle of red wine of hundreds of thousands of Citicoins swaying in it, with a curious look in his eyes, and asked:

"I have never dealt with Kim Jae Joon, why does he want to see me?"

The public relations manager replied: "He didn't tell me the specific things, but according to our inference, it is likely to be related to his running for the chief of Southern China."