The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 695: Capital controls the country

"Flap! Pop! Pop!"

After Zhang Xiaoliang's concluding remarks, Fang Xiaoru did not hesitate to applaud.

He looked at Zhang Xiaoliang with a smile on his face, and was very satisfied with his work.

He stood up, put his hands on the table, his eyes flashed with amazing light, looked at the people present, and said:

"Everyone, since the development of the Universe Group, the goal is not so superficial to make money.

It is said that capital can manipulate a country and control the economy of a country, which is equivalent to controlling the lifeline of the country.

I want to test the water with Nanguo first to see if this sentence is correct."

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was in an uproar, and everyone looked at Fang Xiaoru with amazement, and then there was an expression of excitement in their eyes.

What a challenging and crazy idea to manipulate a country with capital!

Fang Xiaoru scanned Zizhou with a punch, then set his eyes on Zhang Xiaoliang's body again, and asked, "If you have any questions now, please bring them up."

"Yes! President Fang!"

Zhang Xiaoliang's respectful counterpart Xiaoru nodded, and then said:

"Propaganda and encouragement to speculate and buy houses in the South, and to create a wave of buying houses in the South requires a series of plans.

And this plan can fully replicate the history experienced by the East.

Our ultimate goal is to make the mother-in-law of the southern country believe that without buying a house in Hengcheng, there will be no conditions for her daughter to create happiness.

Through the mother-in-law, the wind direction of the whole society in the southern country changed.Gradually, people have a consciousness that they cannot afford a house, cannot marry a wife, and cannot live a happy life without a house in Hengcheng.

This plan is achievable under our intentional guidance.But the most important problem we are facing now is the land problem.

Although we can buy real estate developers in the South, we cannot buy land on a large scale.

According to Nanguo’s laws, it will not sell large amounts of land to foreign developers.Therefore, the first thing we have to overcome is the issue of land sales."

Without land, a house cannot be built.

There are no houses, so how about real estate speculation.

This is a real problem, and it is also a difficult problem to solve.

Hearing what Zhang Xiaoliang said, Fang Xiaoru pursed her lips and thought for a while, and found a solution.

"The land problem, I will solve it. From today, let's carry out the annexation and acquisition of the real estate developers in the South. Today's meeting is over, and the meeting is over!"

Following Fang Xiaoru's order, everyone in the conference room left in an orderly manner.

In the car, on the way to MS Entertainment.

Fang Xiaoru called the manager of the public relations department.

Within three seconds of the phone ringing, the other party was connected.

"Hello, President Fang, do you have any instructions?"

Fang Xiaoru looked at the high-rise buildings of the South China that were speeding backwards outside the window, with a strong desire to conquer on his face.

He said faintly: "Three days later, I want to see the South Kingdom's chief candidate, Kim Jae Joon.

"Okay Mr. Fang, I'll make arrangements right away. Do you have anything else to tell?"

Although the manager of the public relations department didn't know why Fang Xiaoru just refused to see Kim Jae-joon yesterday, why he asked to see him again today.

But he didn't dare to think too much. What Fang Xiaoru arranged for him to do, he would do it, and he did not dare to ask too much.

"Well, nothing else."

With that, the phone hung up.

The biggest trouble for Universal Group to enter the Southland real estate industry is the land problem mentioned by Zhang Xiaoliang.

This land issue involves related laws.

There is no better candidate for someone who proposes to amend the law in this area, or who directly affects the amendment of the law in this area.

That is the chief of the southern country!

This is why Fang Xiaoru rejected Kim Jae-joon's request to see him yesterday, but today he asked to see him.

Kim Jae-joon is in him, so he must ask for him.

That being the case, it gave him a chance to take advantage of Kim Jae Joon.

The car galloped all the way and soon came to MS Entertainment.

At this time, it was twelve o'clock at noon, and it was time for lunch.

When Fang Xiaoru got out of the car, the two security guards standing in front of the MS Entertainment Company immediately went forward and respectfully opened the door to let him in.

As soon as I entered MS Entertainment, several famous celebrities in southern China came to face each other.

Two of the female celebrities, the moment they saw Fang Xiaoru, their glasses lit up, as if they were walking under 40 degrees of sunlight and suddenly encountered an air-conditioned room.

"Hello Fang! This is Liu Renna!"

"Ani Arthur, I'm Boa."

The two greeted Fang Xiaoru enthusiastically, and were startled by the boy group who had just debuted next to them.

Not to mention that Liu Renna is a well-known actor in southern China, this girl named Baoer, but the ace singer of MS Entertainment.

Her status in the southern performing arts circle is very high.

But even so, he was respectful of the man from the east, and he was very pleased.