The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 697: Party Party

After lunch at the MS Entertainment restaurant, Fang Xiaoru took Stephanie and Xiao Yun to the villa he bought in Hengcheng.

Before Huanyu Construction Company built his own house, there was Fang Xiaoru’s temporary residence.

Seeing Stephanie and Xiao Yun leaving behind, the other members of the girl's era were envied.

"I really envy Stephanie and Xiao Yun."

"Stephanie was attracted by Fang Zong two years ago, but when did Xiao Yun get in touch with Fang Zong?"

"It goes without saying that it must have been yesterday. Yesterday we asked Xiao Yun to find Stephanie, but she lost contact with herself.

Knowing that he only appeared this morning, isn't it obvious that he is with Fang Zong."

One of the long and very cute baby-faced girls suddenly yelled: "Ah! I regret it. Yesterday the captain asked me to go to Stephanie, but I didn't go because I was lazy, and finally let Xiaoyun go. Ah ah ah what!"

I didn't go to Stephanie yesterday. It seemed to have become the thing she regretted most so far.

The girl-time members here are jealous and hateful towards Stephanie and Xiao Yun, and the function group is also hotly discussing.

Song Xi, the girl from the East, asked Krystal curiously:

"Little Crystal, you are so familiar with Mr. Fang, do you know what he likes? Go to his house to have a party at night, we have to bring something over."

Krystal glanced at Song Xi's chest, which was two cups bigger than him, squashed, and said, "What to bring, Ouba is so rich and lacks everything. We just need to take someone there."

Song Xi nodded, with a clear look.

"That's right, President Fang has never seen anything before, and our gifts will definitely not enter his eyes."

Nanguo, Hengcheng, CJ Entertainment.

Today, representatives of the four major entertainment companies, CJ, JYP, DPS, and YG, as well as their well-known female stars, gathered in the practice range of CJ Entertainment.

Gathering dozens of the most famous and beautiful female stars in southern China, the driving range of more than 200 square meters is fragrant.

The president of CJ Entertainment took the microphone, looked at the female star Yingying Yanyan was standing there, and said:

"Everyone, calling you here today is a very important task for you."

"I believe you all know from the report that Mr. Fang Xiaoru, chairman of the Universe Group, came to Nanguo.

Yesterday, your president and I offended Mr. Fang Xiaoru.This led to his intention to acquire our company."

"Although our company is the top entertainment company in South China, it is still too small compared to the Universe Group."

"According to the news we got, today Mr. Fang Xiaoru will move to the villa he bought in Hengcheng. To celebrate the housewarming, a party will be held tonight."

"You have today's achievements, reputation, and money, and you can't do without the cultivation of the company.

Now it's your turn to report back to the company, and we don't need you to do anything else.

As long as you all go to his villa and participate in his party, no matter what means you use, ask him to like it.

Let him not change the company's management after acquiring our company in the future."

CJ Entertainment's president's words caused an uproar at the scene.

"Fang Xiaoru of the Universe Group!"

"Oh! I heard you right, the company is going to be acquired by Fang Xiaoru?"

"This is great. If the company is acquired by the Universe Group, our development platform will be even bigger."

"Mr. Fang Xiaoru is going to have a party tonight, then I must go."

"If you can win Fang Xiaoru's favor, you won't have to worry in this life."

Most of the female stars on the scene were very excited about it.

Everyone had an eager expression on their faces, and they couldn't wait to show up in Fang Xiaoru's villa right away and get in touch with him.

Ten minutes later, the crowd dispersed.

Dozens of the most famous and beautiful female celebrities in southern China, one by one, went to the largest luxury brand store in Hengcheng to choose clothes for themselves.

Their emphasis on partying at night is even on the red carpet!

Everyone wants to show their sexiest and most beautiful side in front of Fang Xiaoru, so as to get his attention.

But because there are too many of them, everyone regards each other as a competitor.

Seeing that her clothes were more beautiful than her, she immediately went to pick another one, and be sure to compare her with others.

Time flies quickly, and one afternoon passed in a blink of an eye.

With the help of Stephanie and Xiao Yun, Fang Xiaoru rearranged the layout of the villa.

Then he contacted the winery and sent a large amount of precious red wine to the villa to prepare for the party at 7 o'clock in the evening.