The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 700 Hot Dance

In the middle of the villa, Stephanie patted her palms, attracting everyone's attention.

"Sisters, I am very happy that you can gather here today to celebrate the housewarming for Obama. In our girls' time, there is a program for Obama first!"

"Flap! Pop! Pop!"

Everyone applauded and welcomed.

Then leave an open space in the middle of the villa for performances in the girl's time.

Eight people were standing in the middle of the open space when they were girls. When the music started, the temperament of each of them changed.

Their bodies shook with the rhythm of the music. At this moment, they are the kings on the stage.

"GEEGEEGEE dumbstruck"

The cheerful rhythm, the beautiful voice, the hot dance, the bloody long legs, this is the reason why the girl era dominates the southern country, this is the reason why countless otakus in Asia are obsessed with them.

Once they stood on the stage, they seemed to be the most famous fairies, attracting the attention of all men.

The string of beautiful singing voices came from their mouths, which made people couldn't help but enjoy them.

Those sultry dance moves make people unable to move their eyes for a moment.

Cheerful, sweet, and beautiful are synonymous with them.

Eight girls, each with its own characteristics.

Almost everyone showed their most attractive side on stage.

However, they all have one thing in common, that is the hot dance!

Yes, each of them is so hot when they dance to the music, and when they dance, they are so thrilling and intoxicating.

About five minutes later, the girlhood ended their performance under Fang Xiaoru's unfinished gaze.

Although Fang Xiaoru has long known that Girlhood is the most popular girl group in Asia, he has seen their performances on the Internet before.

But I never thought that watching their performances up close would be so pleasing to the eye.

He took his gaze away from the eight girls, smashed his mouth, murmured:

"It's no wonder that the otakus in Asian countries are so confused by them, they like to watch the women's groups online when they are fine.

Seeing the obvious unfinished look on Fang Xiaoru's face, the hearts of the girls in the girl era were suddenly happy.

Stephanie smiled and said, "Oba, how do you feel about our performance?"

Fang Xiaoru gave her a thumbs up and said, "Okay! Very good! When I have time, I will arrange for you to perform on the largest stage in the world!"



The girl screamed in excitement.

Among them, Stephanie and Xiao Yun ran to Fang Xiaoru's side in full view, and kissed him on the cheek from left to right.

The other singers on the scene, especially the girl group, had their eyes brightened and stared at Fang Xiaoru scorchingly.

The ghostly Krystal directly raised his hand: "Oba, our function combination also has a performance."

Fang Xiaoru was sitting on the sofa with her left arm around Stephanie and her right arm around Xiao Yun.

He smiled and said, "Well, I haven't seen Little Crystal's performance yet."

After getting Fang Xiaoru's approval, Krystal excitedly discussed with her little sisters what to perform.

And the other female stars on the scene are also thinking in their hearts that they will also perform on stage later, otherwise they will be compared to the girl's age and the combination of functions.

Soon, the function combination is ready to perform the song.

Their style is obviously different from that of girls.

Don't talk about the style of songs, just talk about the style of dance.

If you say that the girl’s time is sexy, then the combination of functions is a cool style.

Their dances are handsome and cool.

Song Xi, an oriental girl in charge of dance, let Fang Xiaoru see her amazing dance ability in this performance.

However, compared with the girl's time, their performance still lacks something.

At least Fang Xiaoru was immersed in the performance of the girl's time.

But watching the performance of function combination, I don't have that feeling.

This may be the gap between top women's groups and first-class women's groups.

After the combination of functions, the three girl groups Tara, Apink, and Wondergirls all performed songs one after another.

A distinctive feature of the women's groups in the South is that they dance and sing when they sing.

Among these three combinations, Wondergirls left the deepest impression on Fang Xiaoru.

Their finger dances are very beautiful.

The song is catchy.

Before they could finish singing, Fang Xiaoru could already sing a few sentences.