The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 701 The goddess fell, and the otaku cried out in the toilet

Intoxication and feasting are not enough to describe Fang Xiaoru's situation at this moment.

The top and most beautiful female celebrities in southern China accompany him to drink and perform for him.

In the center of the stage, female celebrities took the stage one after another, vying to perform, showing their best side to Fang Xiaoru.

Below the stage, Fang Xiaoru hugged left and right, flirting with the major female stars.

As time went on, the party party finally entered the most exciting stage.

At the scene, more than 30 female stars from southern China, all of them drank red.

Under the stimulation of alcohol, they subconsciously wanted to seduce Fang Xiaoru.

As a result, countless men were so envious and jealous that the spurting scene happened.

These female stars are vying to get close to Fang Xiaoru, wanting to get his favor.

The red wine was opened box by box, and then poured glass after glass.

Except for Fang Xiaoru, all the southern female stars who came to the villa were half drunk.

Under the night, in the most luxurious villa in the South, the fragrance of women and the fragrance of red wine are intertwined, forming the most intoxicating fragrance in the world.

As the lights in the villa changed to warm colors, the charming scenery filled the entire villa.

In the early morning of the next day, when the sun was already hanging high in the sky and the time had come to more than twelve o'clock, everyone in the villa woke up leisurely.

Crazy overnight last night, when everyone woke up already hungry.

They rubbed their eyes sleepily, and when they discovered the situation in front of them, they suddenly screamed hysterically.

Looking at everything around them, their minds immediately recalled the madness of last night, and they were so crazy to seduce Fang Xiaoru.

I don’t know what happened now.

But at this moment, Fang Xiaoru was energetic, pushing a cart of food in with a red face.

A total of forty-three women!

"President Fang."

As soon as Fang Xiaoru came in, all the women at the scene blushed.

The crazy scene last night did not evaporate with the alcohol, but became clearer and clearer because of Fang Xiaoru's appearance.

Looking at these people in front of him, Fang Xiaoru felt a burst of pride in his heart.

"I'll put the food here. Come over and eat some. After eating, rest in the villa. I will go to see the chief candidate of your country later. It may not be until evening."

With that, Fang Xiaoru gave Stephanie a few more notes, and then left.

Although he singled out a group of southern female stars last night, he did not feel any guilt or guilt in his heart.

Because it was their voluntary!

When they approach themselves, they all come for their identity and status.

I will give them a better platform for development in the days to come.

Both parties can say that each takes what it needs, and neither owes anyone.

Well, the only people who are a little guilty are Stephanie, Xiao Yun and Krystal.

He can feel that these three people are different from the others, and they really have feelings for him.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said:

"Why do you think so much? Just make up for them in the future."

When Fang Xiaoru drove to meet with Southland’s chief candidate Kim Jae-joon, a report made a hit in Southland’s headlines, thrown into the calm sea like a nuclear bomb, causing a complete uproar in the Southland entertainment industry.

Shock!Forty-three top artists appeared in Fang Xiaoru's villa at the same time!

[Girls' Generation, Function Group, Apink, Tara, and Wondergirls national girl group have all fallen!

Huihui, Hee Hee, Ah Xian, Ji Hyo and other first-line actresses are suspected of attending the dinner!

[All top female artists have fallen, and the southern entertainment circle has become Fang Xiaoru's back garden!

As soon as the report came out, the whole Southern Kingdom was in an uproar.

Countless otaku cried in the toilet!