The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 705 Let the avatar appear on the southern currency

After half a month, the entire southern country was boiling.

The huge Huanyu aircraft carrier transported a whole hundred Huanyu fighter jets to the port of the South.

When the fighters arrived at the port, two chief executives, Kim Jae-joon and Park Jun-ki, listened to the candidates one after another, saying that through negotiations with Fang Hyo-ru, they finally bought the Huanyu fighter that even Citi couldn’t buy.

With these one hundred world fighter jets, the southern country's national defense capabilities have achieved a qualitative leap.

It can be said that it has risen to the ranks of military powers at once, from a weak military country bullied by a neighboring country to the world's premier military power!

For a while, the entire southern country was cheering and jumping for joy.

Countless people flocked to the streets to celebrate, and the praises of Kim Jae Joon and Park Jun Ki were overwhelming.

Many people even began to thank Fang Xiaoru, who was willing to sell them such military strength as the Huanyu fighter.

The Minister of Finance of the Southland felt uncomfortable seeing that more than half of the treasury was suddenly vacant.

After all, the political output of hundreds of billions of Citicoins is a huge sum of money for any country!

The reason why Southern China is willing to pay this money is largely because of the threats of neighboring countries and the constraints of Citigroup.

The three fats from neighboring countries launch a missile at every turn to frighten people.

Citigroup often comes to the ocean to join forces with southern countries to conduct military exercises. Some time ago, it set up a "spreading" system. The southern country was severely sanctioned by the East, and countless companies in China were boycotted and closed down.

Therefore, a strong national defense and military force can be the first priority for the institutions of the South.

For this reason, even if they paid that expensive military expenditure, they did not hesitate.

While cheering in Nanguo, Fang Xiaoru received a call from Kim Jae Joon.

"President Fang, you are not kind. What you asked me to do, I will do it for you in a week.

And you didn’t tell me that you would sell 50 world fighter jets to Park Jun-ki. Didn’t you cheat me?"

During the phone call, Kim Jae-joon complained.

When he got the news that, in addition to the one that he authorized the Ministry of Finance to buy, and the one that Park Jun-ki bought on the oneworld aircraft carrier, he was totally confused.

Faced with Kim Jae-joon’s complaint, Fang Xiaoru smiled and said:

"Professor Jin, you can't afford the price of 100 world fighters. As a businessman, of course I have to find another customer.

But you don’t have to worry that this will affect your campaign chief, because I only sold the Mark armor to you, not to Park Jun-ki."


Kim Jae-joon looked nervous. He called this time not to irritate or complain, but to find out if Park Jun-ki got the Mark armor from Fang Hyo-ru.

If Park Jun-ki got the Mark armor, his chances of becoming the chief would be slim.

Now that he heard that Mark's armor was sold to him alone, how could he not get excited.

Fang Xiaoru said, "Integrity is the foundation of a businessman. I don't have to lie to you. You can sacrifice the Mark armor assassin when Park Junki is proud."

There is really a big gap between Kim Jae Joon and Park Jun Ki.

If a capable person like Park Jun-ki becomes the chief, it will be beneficial to the future development of Southland.

But when Kim Jae-joon is the chief, his ability is too far behind that of Park Jun-ki, and Nan Guo is likely to regress in his hands.

The conversation between the two ended in less than three minutes.

At this time, Fang Xiaoru sneered looking at the map of southern China on the table at the branch office building of the Universe Group in Hengcheng.

Only one week ago, the Southland Agency issued a message to cancel the law prohibiting foreigners from buying land in the country.

No one paid attention to this law except Fang Xiaoru.

People don't know whether this law exists or not, what is the difference?

Oh, it's the difference.That is, shops in Jeju Island may be sold out by Eastern merchants.

But the level they can think of will end here.

In just one week, the Universe Group used a lot of funds to buy the land of the three largest cities in the South, Hengcheng, Axe Mountain, and Renyong, with the momentum of thunder.

Fang Xiaoru bought all the land that could be sold in these three cities.

Moreover, the real estate companies in South China were almost completely swallowed up by the Universe Group.

It can be said that with the exception of the buildings and apartments built by the Nanguo institutions, the apartments, communities, and real estate built by other real estate companies have all become the assets of the Universe Group.

Closing the map, Fang Xiaoru said with a look of good play: "A real estate storm will envelop the entire southern country, and the southern country will soon usher in a real estate boom. I wonder if the soaring house prices will crush the southern countries?

However, these are none of my business.All I have to do is to search all the money in the pockets of the southern countries into my own pockets.I want my avatar to appear on Nanguocoin!"