The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 708 I will take over this country

Li Ronghe, the president of the Nanguo University of International Business and Economics, walked out of the moss in frustration, as if all his energy had been taken away.

Before he left, he scolded Chief Kim Jae Joon as a fool.

It was so stupid that Fang Xiaoru was led into the trap step by step, bringing such a disaster to the South China.

After the Southland Agency cancelled the law that foreigners could not buy land in their own country, a crisis has already enveloped the Southland.

And when Nanguo bought 100 Huanyu fighter jets and spent a huge amount of treasury assets, Nanguo has completely embarked on the package set by Fang Xiaoru.

Step by step, link to link.

Fang Hyo-ru took advantage of the struggle between Kim Jae-joon and Park Jun-ki and what Nanguo needs most at the moment, to set up a heavy layout, and the scene like this happened.

This shocking layout and conspiracy made Li Ronghe despair, while the other Xiaoru's scheming shuddered.

At this stage, it seems impossible for Nanguo to restore the situation.

After Li Ronghe left Qingwadai, Southland Chief Kim Jae-joon immediately rushed to an urgent high-level meeting to discuss how to deal with the problem of increasing housing prices.

They discussed and discussed, and finally came to a conclusion that there are only two ways to curb the crazy rise in housing prices.

First: Let the public not participate in the wave of real estate purchases, and solve the most fundamental problems.

As long as people don't buy houses, the house price will come down naturally.

But this method was even rejected.

The reason is that the greed of the human heart is endless.

Seeing the house bought by the neighbor last week, it has appreciated by one-fifth or even one-third this week, so I will definitely participate in it, waiting for the house price to rise, and make a huge price difference.

Such a terrible profit, even more powerful than loan sharks, is enough to make everyone's heart touch.

With huge profits, more and more people will only participate.

Because no one can resist this temptation.

The second method is for institutions to come forward and invest a lot of money into the market to control the continued rise in housing prices.

However, this method has been challenged due to the financial problems of the treasury.

If Li Ronghe arbitrarily invests the 300 billion Citicoins mentioned by Li Ronghe, it will cause great turmoil!

Because all the fiscal use of the treasury was planned last year or even the year before.

Once such a big difference occurs, it will be an unprecedented disaster for the southern country.

Therefore, the issue of housing prices suddenly became the most difficult issue.

Just like the East, the market can only be allowed to develop, and housing prices can only be allowed to change according to market rules.

Time passed quickly, and two months passed.

On this day, Fang Xiaoru listened to his subordinates in the building of the Huanyu Nanguo Construction Company.

"President Fang, under our hype and propaganda, people in southern countries have started buying houses frantically.

In addition, we have also instilled a very important concept for middle-aged women in southern countries, that is, son-in-law who does not have a house can't ask for it.

The concept that the man cannot give the woman happiness without a house has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

So a large number of young people began to join the industry of buying houses.

The number of houses sold recently used for marriage as a marriage house is far greater than that of pure real estate speculation."

"Under this situation, our house prices have also risen wildly. As of yesterday, the house prices in Hengcheng have reached the level of the magic capital.

The housing prices in other cities are also exaggerated. One square meter also bought 30,000 yuan.In the past two months, our housing transaction volume has continued to rise.

It is expected that in the next month, all investment costs will be recovered."

Such a report is gratifying, but also shocking.

I am delighted that Nan Guo has finally embarked on the old road of the East, and I am shocked that the profit of real estate is so high that it explodes.

The huge investment cost can be recovered in just a few months, which is almost catching up with selling arms.

After listening to the report, Fang Xiaoru nodded in satisfaction, and said, "It's a very good job. The salary of all employees will double this month!"

"Thank you Mr. Fang! Thank you Mr. Fang! We will continue to work hard to let the concept of not marrying a wife without buying a house penetrate into the hearts of every southerner."

Fang Fang Xiaoru had a faint smile on his face, knowing to him that the South China had almost been completely captured by him.

Before long, except for those who are particularly wealthy, most of the people in the South will become his house slaves, and the money from a lifetime of hard work will enter his pockets!

When this moment arrived, it was when he took over the Nanguo Bank and completely took over the Nanguo economy.

At that time, it might be time to change the heads on the notes and coins of Nanguo.

Because this country will be taken over by him!