The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 610: Abolition of Nanguo Coin and Renamed Huanyu Coin

The real estate in the south is booming, and the rapid rise in housing prices has attracted the attention of economists worldwide.

They were very curious about such an economic phenomenon, and they followed up and conducted in-depth research.

When the Oriental netizens saw the rapid increase in housing prices in the South, they reached a desperate point. Looking at the developers of those houses, the Universe Group, they immediately understood that Fang Xiaoru was behind all this.

"Hahaha, it's so happy! I didn't expect that the real estate characteristics of our Great Eastern were actually brought to the South by the Universe Group."

"The housing prices in Southland are so high, they are exactly the same as before in the East."

"Seriously, I'm not convinced by the wall now, so I just obey Fang Xiaoru. He lowered the housing prices in the East to a level acceptable to the common people, and then in just a few months, he squeezed the housing prices in the southern country like this. I really admire it from the bottom of my heart."

"Zong Fang deserves to be President Fang. He would rather lose himself, and reduce the housing prices in the East to benefit our people. But now for Southern China, there is no need to be so merciful. Let us wish Fang Zong earn more and more in Southern China. Right."

"My despair in the East for more than a decade, I can finally let the southern country experience it."

"Hey, I don't know why, I just want to laugh when I think of the people in southern countries lining up to buy a house with a loan from the Universe Group."

"I'm happy to go and see."

"The southern country has now fallen. I don't know which country will be the next one?"

"Looking forward!"

Just as Internet netizens in the East were gloating over misfortunes and being happy, the president of South Korea’s National Bank Korea Bank, the South’s Finance Minister and Chief Kim Jae Joon, and his staff held an emergency meeting in Qingwa Mo.

During the meeting, the president of Korea Bank said: "In the past few months, a large number of people have borrowed from banks to buy houses.

At first we did not realize that the situation would be so serious, but when we realized the seriousness of the situation, everything was too late.

Now most of the bank's money has entered the pockets of the Universe Group.

This gap is too big, and if it fails to make up, it will usher in a huge economic crisis."

The Minister of Finance and Chief Kim Jae-joon both had melancholy faces.

They all felt a deep sense of powerlessness, especially Kim Jae-joon, who felt like a clown, easily played by Fang Xiaoru between applause.

He originally thought that Fang Xiaoru's ultimate goal was to use real estate to make a fortune. It was only now that the bank was vacant, and he knew that this was far from Fang Xiaoru's ultimate goal.

The Minister of Finance said with a worried expression: "Step by step, Fang Xiaoru's depth of scheming and strategy are simply impeccable.

Our current bank funding vacancy, if we do not fill it in time, the impact will be too bad.

This happened in Lanxi and Geely two hundred years ago. It was the Bartley family that was still in its infancy. It took this opportunity to short the banks of these two countries and became the world's first. The financial family laid the foundation.

The organization first spent more than 300 billion Citicoins to buy from the Universe Group, and then, due to the pressure of real estate, invested 150 billion Citicoins into the market in an attempt to restore the rising housing prices. Who knows that 150 billion Citicoins are connected. The water is gone without splashing.

Now that the national treasury has no money to fill the vacancy of the bank, we...seems to have no way to go!"

As soon as the Finance Minister's voice fell, there was silence at the meeting.

Everyone's expressions are extremely heavy, and this sudden crisis leaves them with no preparation at all.

No one would have thought that Fang Xiaoru would have set such a big game from the very beginning!

A sense of despair and powerlessness filled their hearts.

On October 23, on the day before Fang Xiaoru’s 21st birthday, the Universe Group announced to the media that it officially took over the national bank of South China-Korea Bank with a 63% stake!

This news shocked the world!

In the history of entering the national bank of a country, only the Bartley family and Citigroup's top ten consortia have done so.

And the World Group has become the third one!

This represents a step forward for the Universe Group from a purely commercial group to a more complex consortium.

A 63% shareholding means that Universe Group has absolute control over Korea Bank, and Fang Xiaoru has the absolute right to speak!

Just as some people compared the chief of Citi to the wage earners of Citigroup's top ten consortium, since then, the chief of Nanguo has officially become the wage earner of Fang Xiaoru.

On the day of entering Korea Bank, Fang Xiaoru issued an order for currency changes.

He ordered Korea Bank to abolish the existing currency and develop a new set of currencies.

And the head that appeared on the brand new currency was replaced by Fang Hyoru himself from King Sejong of the Southern Kingdom.

The promulgation of this order immediately shocked Korea Bank, and all employees were in an uproar!