The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 711: The Envy of Westerners, The Pride of Easterners

All members of Korea Bank expressed opposition.

The president even rushed directly to the branch of Universe Group in South China to talk to Fang Xiaoru face to face.

However, he did not even see Fang Xiaoru's face.

He waited outside for three hours, and finally someone sent him a message from Fang Xiaoru.

The original words are like this: No objection, whatever you want.But if you don’t follow my orders, you will end up as the president.

Like the major banks in the East, South Korea’s Korea Bank is also a listed company.

Fang Xiaoru holds a 63% stake in Korea Bank, and has the right to skip the southern institutions and directly appoint and remove the president.

In other words, because of his absolute controlling interest in Korea Bank, he is the same in Korea Bank.

Just like the Morgan consortium decades ago, when the Fed said nothing but the chief Citigroup in front of him, nothing was fart.

Governor Goryeo received such a reply, his face flushed on the spot, and the raging anger in his eyes almost jumped out of his eyes!


He roared and rushed out of the World Group with an angry mood and returned to Korea Bank.

The major online social platforms, big face, Twitter, ins, Xinglang, and Moments are all actively discussing Fang Xiaoru's acquisition of South Korea's National Bank Korea Bank.

Western netizens:

"The Universe Group has already begun to intervene in politics. He will be like Citigroup's top ten consortiums, secretly controlling the lifeblood of Southern China."

"The Twenty-One World belongs to the World Group. I seem to have seen another Bartley family rising."

"The Universe Group is undoubtedly the largest business empire in the world. When it steps into politics, it will quickly accumulate capital, just like the Bartley family back then, rising at the same speed as a rocket."

"It is impossible to imagine that the Universe Group has grown to such a point. I have a hunch that Nanguo will not be his first country to contribute.

In the days to come, countries such as Asia and even Europe and the United States will successively fall into their huge capital."

"The Oneworld Group is the Batley of the East, and I can't wait to see what kind of collision will happen between it and the Batley family in the future."

Of course, in addition to this, there are many Western netizens who commented:

"Why can't our country have a world group."

"I really envy Easterners for having such a great company."

"Yes, I heard from an Oriental friend of mine that in order to make the owner's name affordable, the Universe Group has to bear a lot of losses and reduce the high housing prices of the East."

"It's no wonder that the Universe Group is able to grow bigger and bigger. I really envy Orientals for having such an enterprise that knows how to give back to society."

Zhepan netizens:

"The Universe Group has revealed its fangs. After the total fall of the South China, we are likely to become its next target."

"The well-known companies of Zhepan have been annexed by the Universe Group a few years ago. Compared with the World Group, we have no company that can be found at Zhepan. It is really shameful."

"It is impossible not to expand anymore. Capitalists will never stop their expansion ambitions. The accumulation of wealth will only make him more greedy.

What we have to do now is to beware of the Universe Group, because he may come to plunder our wealth at any time."

Southern netizens:

"Axi! The institution is incompetent, so Fang Xiaoru was allowed to control Korea Bank!"

"In just a few months, the domestic housing prices have skyrocketed, and the people are not living, and the average person's savings for ten years are not enough for a down payment to buy a house! Now even Korea Bank is controlled by an Oriental, which is a shame !"

"Step down, Kim Jae-joon step down!"

"The incompetent, step down quickly!"

Numerous southern netizens vented their anger to the then chief Kim Jae-joon.

More than 600 militants ran out on the street and invited a barber to shave their heads one by one to express their dissatisfaction with the organization and their dissatisfaction with Kim Jae-joon.

Kim Jae-joon, who has just been in office for a few months, is like a rat crossing the street under the anger and protest of the masses.

Both the reputation of the institution and the reputation of the chief have fallen to the bottom.

Oriental netizens:

"Proud, when I read this report, I only have pride in my heart."

"Yes, because of the Universe Group, we will be respected more than before when we go abroad.

When those foreigners hear that I am from the East, they will have an expression of amazement and admiration: Wow, you are from the East, the East where the headquarters of the Universe Group is located, I really envy you."

"Haha, I have encountered the situation mentioned above."

"The Universe Group is truly our pride, Fang Xiaoru is indeed the light of the East!"

"Even the National Bank has been acquired. I wonder if Nanguo dare to be arrogant now?"

"Hahaha, today I am going to get drunk and celebrate the glory of Universe Group."

"Westerners and Zhepan people have been completely confused. The Universe Group is really good!"

"It's best to take down the Zhepan, so that the people of Zhepan can also feel the despair of our people in the great dynasty about housing prices."

"We still don't want to. The area of ​​the store is already small and the population is still so large. If real estate is built in the store, wouldn't the house price directly skyrocket."

Once upon a time, Orientals received the same vision and rejection from the whole world.

And now, the Oriental enterprise, Huanyu Group, has not only bought and annexed well-known foreign companies, but also directly controlled the South Korea’s Korea Bank, directly controlling the economic lifeline of the South!

Eastern netizens feel proud now, which is an indescribable sense of pride.

After seeing Fang Xiaoru becoming the controlling shareholder of Korea Bank, everyone was filled with excitement, and the refreshment was like drinking a bottle of iced cole in the summer.