The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 714 Change from Nanguo Coin to Huanyu Coin

After Fang Xiaoru left, Korea Bank’s meeting was left with only the previous president Pei Yonghao, the vice president and the current president Lee Jong Suk.

Pei Yonghao is a standard fanatical patriot, and he is extremely shameless of Li Zhongshuo's behavior of kneeling and licking Fang Xiaoru.

The vice president failed in the competition just now, and the look at Li Zhongshuo was full of malice and dissatisfaction.

Both of them looked at Li Zhongshuo as if they were looking at their enemies.

"What to look at! I am now the president of Korea Bank!"

Li Zhongshuo glared at the two of them bitterly, and yelled.

The status and status have undergone a reversal change. The two superiors that he looked up to, one was dismissed and his position was replaced by himself, and the other is now his own subordinate.

This change in status gave him a perverted sense of refreshment.

"Bei Yonghao, you are no longer an employee of Korea Bank, please leave Korea Bank immediately.

In addition, Jin Xiulu, please pay attention to your attitude, you are just a deputy governor, you are my subordinate.

I don't want to see your disrespectful eyes again, otherwise don't blame me for being rude."

The original two superiors are now under him.

This change made Li Zhongshuo's expansion.

The president who has swollen to the point that he has not formally taken up the position of the president of Korea Bank has already begun to run on the former president and reprimand the current vice president.

This kind of mentality, this is a kind of mentality of a villain.

Li Zhongshuo, even a thoroughly villain, can betray everything for profit.

And this is the reason why Fang Xiaoru elected him as president instead of vice president.

Because the real villain is often better in control.

Only if you guarantee his flesh and bones, he will beg your pity like a dog.

Pei Yonghao, the previous president, and Jin Xiulu, the current vice president, gritted his teeth with Li Zhongshuo.

"Villain, shameless villain! I have never seen a shameless villain like you in my life!"

Pei Yonghao was filled with anger and resentment.

If he knew that Li Zhongshuo was such a virtue, he would rather agree to Fang Xiaoru's request to abolish the existing currency and create a global currency.

At least with him, he can protect the dignity and interests of Southern China to the greatest extent possible.

And the position of president was taken up by Li Zhongshuo, that is, there is no lower limit at all, and it is not known what he will do for the benefit!

The next day, a sensation happened to the entire southern country.

The new governor of Korea Bank, Lee Jong Suk, announced to the public that the southern currency will be cancelled and the world currency will be issued from today.

And in three days, the world currency will be issued in bank branches across the country.

People can use the southern currency in their hands to go to the bank for equivalent exchange, and the deadline is one week.

If one week later, whoever has the currency of the South China, it can no longer be exchanged for the currency of the world, and the currency of the South China will become worthless waste paper.

Together with this announcement, the new currency is the shape of the world currency.

This new global currency was designed by Fang Xiaoru by the most famous and powerful designer in the world.

Whether it is banknotes or coins, the design is very delicate and artistic.

No matter what the denomination of banknotes or coins, Fang Xiaoru's profile picture is printed on the front.

When this statement of Korea Bank was released, it made a sensation in the entire southern country in less than ten minutes.

On this day, countless people from the southern countries were furious and screamed how the Korea Bank could make such a decision.

"We have no objection to currency updates, but the profile picture can only be King Sejong!"

"Yes! What's the matter with the profile picture of Xiaoru above the currency? Korea Bank must give the public an explanation!"

"Korea Bank, the shame of the South!"

"When I first saw this report, I thought it was a fake report. Because our southern country is patriotic.

But when I logged into the official website of Korea Bank, I realized that this is actually true!

Disappointment, anger, and shame, these three emotions are intertwined in my heart.At this moment, I just want to shred the person who issued an order!"

"Boycott the world coin! Fang Xiaoru gets out of the South!"

"For an incompetent institution, Korea Bank has been acquired, but now there is such a thing of losing power and humiliating the country.

This year's organization is actually the most mediocre and incompetent organization in Southern China's history!"

In addition to verbal abuse on the Internet, there has also been a wave of fortune in major cities in southern China.

Countless South Koreans rushed to the gates of the branches of Korea Bank in major cities. They squeezed there to protest against the decision to issue a new currency to Korea Bank.

Many more militants started directly smashing banks.

In just one day, many smashing incidents have been caused. The riot control and security departments of major cities were dispatched to prevent the situation from escalating and causing casualties.

At the same time, the news that Nanguo's Nanguo currency was changed into a world currency with Fang Xiaoru's surrender, spread quickly across the world like wings.

When everyone saw this report, they looked bewildered and couldn't believe it.