The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 721: Stunning the audience


Diana of the Bartlett family!

Fang Xiaoru had a sudden heartache when he heard this name.

As early as several months ago, the patriarch of the Batley family, Mr. Batley, had already died in Fang Xiaoru's hands.

During this period of time, Fang Xiaoru has been busy dealing with the real estate business, and has not focused too much on the Bartley family.

But one thing he knew was that Diana became the patriarch of the Batley family!

It was the first time a woman became the patriarch of the Batley family.

And it's still under the condition of Mr. Bartlett's brother alive!

When Fang Xiaoru heard the news, he couldn't figure out why.

Why would Mr. Batley's brother give up the position of patriarch?

He slowly raised his head, looked to the west through the heavy darkness, and muttered:

"Don't intercept, let that plane land."

"Yes! BOSS!"

The staff quickly communicated Fang Xiaoru's order to the command room of the Huanyu aircraft carrier, asking them not to intercept the approaching private plane.

"What's wrong with Xiaoru? Why does it seem to be worried?"

Just as Queen Catherine next to Fang Xiaoru, from Fang Xiaoru's eyes, she could see that he had something on his mind, and she asked with concern.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head, and finally sighed:

"Diana of the Bartlett family is coming to us."

"Diana?" Catherine had obviously heard of the name Diana. "Is that Diana who became the patriarch of the Bartlett family?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded lightly and murmured: "This woman is extremely clever, so intelligent and close to the demon. Now she suddenly came to the door, I really don't know what she is making."

Catherine's face is also solemn, and the Bartlett family has an unimaginable influence in Europe.

Especially in Western Europe, the economic lifeline of most Western European countries is controlled by the Batley family.

The combined salary of everyone in the world for a year does not have as much money as the Bartley family.

This is a real economic hegemon!

If the Universe Group is compared to the East, then the Bartlett family is Citi.

There is still a clear gap between the two.

However, with the passage of time, as the Universe Group gradually expands the real estate industry to other countries around the world, it will not be long before it will be able to catch up and even surpass the Bartley family.

Catherine frowned and asked puzzledly: "Xiaoru, if I remember correctly, a few months ago, you killed Mr. Bartlett, the former patriarch of the Bartlett family.

It stands to reason that you and the Bartlett family have already forged an irreconcilable conflict, why would she dare to come to you alone?"

Fang Xiaoru suddenly thought of something in his heart. He was silent for a long time before slowly saying:

"We... met several times before this."

At this moment, Fang Xiaoru's mother Gao Huijun heard Diana's name talked between the two, and immediately said with a look of excitement: "Xiaoru, is Diana coming? I was about to say why you didn't invite her. "

When I met Diana in Xiangjiang last time, Gao Huijun was deeply impressed by this beautiful and incompetent woman.

When Gu Nianwei and other women heard Diana, their expressions changed drastically.

A Queen Catherine has already made them feel more pressured, and now there is another Diana who is not weaker than Queen Catherine. If the two work together, they are simply not competitive.


When everyone had their own thoughts, a huge engine sound came from a distance.

The sound of the engine covered the music in the center of the stage, and Tate Swift, who was performing hard, also stopped performing.

Everyone raised their eyes to look on the stern deck.

I saw a Boeing private jet approaching quickly from the west, and finally, under the guidance of the navigator on the world's aircraft carrier, stopped firmly on the tarmac.

Soon after the plane stopped, a woman wearing a purple evening dress with a noble air all over walked down.

The beauty of this woman makes people feel unreal.

She is like the goddess Aphrodite in Athens mythology, and the elven queen in the elven kingdom.

Her face was flawless, as white as a porcelain doll.

Her figure is tall and plump, with graceful and enchanting curves.

Any man would be attracted by her.But she definitely didn't dare to have the slightest blasphemous feeling towards her.

Because of her elegant temperament, it will make people feel inferior.

Not only the men, but even the women at the scene were amazed by her appearance.

On the huge deck, all of a sudden fell into silence, and there was only soothing background music on the stage.

Under everyone's gaze, this elf-like woman passed through the crowd step by step and walked to Fang Xiaoru's.

She smiled, as if a hundred flowers blossomed, and all the men on the scene were stunned.

"Fang, here I am."

Her voice was just like her appearance, beautiful and ethereal, more beautiful than the voice of a skylark.