The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 724 The man I fancy does not allow others to get involved

"Then it's a deal!"

A charming smile appeared at the corner of Diana's mouth. She raised her right hand and high-five Fang Xiaoru in the air.

As a woman, she deeply knows how strong a woman's jealousy and possessiveness are.

For her, she is a man who cannot bear to share his beloved with other women.

Similarly, she thinks that Catherine, who is the queen of the auspicious country, can't bear it!

She is full of confidence in this bet!

The others at the scene were curious.

They couldn't hear Diana's whisper in Fang Xiaoru's ear, and they didn't know what they were saying.

Why did Diana, who was still depressed a moment ago, suddenly changed her appearance.

Fang Xiaoru clapped his hands and said, "Then, the music starts and the banquet continues."

The next moment, the music on the stage sounded, and Taylor Swift continued her performance.

The guests at the scene, although they were curious about what Diana and Fang Xiaoru had said, none of them dared to ask.

The atmosphere of the birthday party, driven by music, became active again.

Diana was arranged between Fang Xiaoru and Catherine, and everyone started to eat food with their heads down.

Due to the existence of Diana and Catherine, the atmosphere on the scene was embarrassing, and there was no topic between them.

As the atmosphere slowly stiffened, Diana suddenly put down the tableware and stood up, Xiaoru said:

"Fang, can you dance with me?"

As soon as her words fell, before Fang Xiaoru could react, Catherine stood up and sent an invitation to Fang Xiaoru.

"Xiaoru, we danced a waltz at Windsor Castle two years ago. How about taking this opportunity to let us relive the dance back then?"

After speaking, she stared straight at Diana.

The eyes of the two met in the air, and neither was convinced.

Without any hesitation, Fang Xiaoru took Catherine's hand and walked to the dance floor.

Diana saw this scene without any expression on her face, but her beautiful eyes kept flashing.

Looking at Fang Xiaoru's back, she said with unparalleled determination in her heart: "The man I like is never allowed to be tainted by other women! Fang Xiaoru, one day, you will find that only me in this world is your good match!"

She is extremely clever, so intelligent and close to the demon.

After the death of Mr. Bartlett, he overpowered Mr. Bartlett’s brother and ascended to the throne of the patriarch of the Bartlett family.

Her wrist is no weaker than any man, she has always been arrogant and doesn't put anyone in her eyes.

Until I met Fang Xiaoru, in front of Fang Xiaoru, she was always in a weak state.

This allowed her to slowly develop a sense of victory, and as time went on, with the continuous growth of the Universe Group.

She finally realized that Fang Xiaoru's talents and methods were even higher than hers.

So, after being strongly possessed by Fang Xiaoru that time, she couldn't help but fall in love with Fang Xiaoru.

"I want to get something, and I will never miss it. Man, I won't be surprised!"

In the center of the dance floor, under the interweaving of neon lights, Fang Xiaoru held Catherine's hand with one hand and put the other on her waist.

Accompanied by pleasant music, the two danced on the dance floor.

Good-looking men and beautiful women always attract a lot of attention.

What's more, it is Fang Xiaoru and Catherine.

They waltzed on the dance floor and immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"It's as beautiful as a movie."

"Queen Catherine and Mr. Fang are so good match."

"I really envy Mr. Fang's Yanfu."

On the dance floor, Catherine twisted her body to the beat of the music. While dancing, she whispered:

"Xiaoru, the Bartley family has been entrenched in Europe for hundreds of years, and has firmly controlled the economic lifeline of most European countries. Even our country of Geely has to be constrained by it.

I can see that Diana has a very possessive desire for you, obviously she loves you.Facing the huge Bartlett family, are you really uninterested?"

Fang Xiaoru heard the words, smiled softly, and said softly:

"My heart is touched, I am very touched. The Bartlett family is the world's largest financial empire, four times the size of my world group! But compared with the Bartlett family, you make me more tempted.

Where did Catherine ever hear Fang Xiaoru say such sweet words, and for a while, she only felt sweet in her heart.

But when she thought of Fang Xiaoru's more than one woman beside her, she immediately reduced the smile on her face and said straightforwardly:

"I think you are reluctant to care about Nianwei and Zhou Ziyuan."

Seeing this jealous Catherine, who was jealous like a little girl, Fang Xiaoru lowered her head, kissed her red lips lightly, and said:

"But the one I can't bear the most is you. If you let me lose you, even if you give me the whole world, I would rather not."

Catherine couldn't bear this kind of sweet words, and Fang Xiaoru, who was so charming, gave Fang Xiaoru a look and said:

"On your terms, coupled with this sweet-spoken mouth, it's no wonder that so many women can be fascinated by you, and even Diana has caught up."

"You can learn from the world, this is my truth, not sweet words."

"I do not believe."

A romantic waltz ended. As soon as Fang Xiaoru walked off the dance floor, his subordinates reported to him.

"BOSS, our military factory has been attacked!"