The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 727: Ceding Alaska

To tell the truth, I went to open a room with someone on the day of Tanabata!

It's just that the person who opened the room is a man!


In outer space, in the cold universe, it was pitch black.

There is no air, no sunlight, and nothing else except the occasional satellite that shines brightly.

Above the equator, a satellite that is obviously different from other satellites around it suddenly shines!

Immediately afterwards, I saw laser beams lasing from its head!

The laser is purple, and each path is as thick as a child's arm.

These lasers traveled along the orbit of the satellite and crashed into the surrounding satellites!





Loud noises are endless, and the satellites burst into beautiful flames, are destroyed by lasers, and fall into the universe as numerous fragments.

(Uh, it seems that there is a vacuum in the universe, and sound cannot be transmitted. =_=)





One hundred and two!

Almost in less than ten seconds, the Citi military satellites orbiting the earth in outer space were all turned into flames and blasted into fragments by the terrifying laser.

Citi Aerospace Agency.

The Chief and the Minister of National Defense rushed to receive the notice.

Their faces were full of horror and horror.

As soon as he rushed into the satellite monitoring center of the Aerospace Administration, Citigroup President Lucian grabbed the director of the Aerospace Administration and asked:

"What did you say on the phone before that all military satellites were destroyed?"

With grief and indignation on his face, the director of the Aeronautics and Space Administration said: "It is always the first to give birth. A total of 102 satellites have been destroyed!

All of Citi's modern military has fallen into a state of paralysis."

The destruction of all military satellites means that Citi’s missiles cannot be launched, aircraft cannot take off, and aircraft carriers cannot be launched.

Military equipment that was originally proud of the world has become a pile of scrap iron.

"Look! A line appeared in outer space!"

Suddenly, a staff member of the Aerospace Administration pointed to the computer and yelled.

Everyone at the scene heard the words and hurriedly walked over to take a look.

Lu Xian looked at the purple fonts that appeared in the dark universe.

"This is... Oriental characters!"

"Who knows Eastern writing?"

The Director of the Aeronautics and Space Administration looked at the shining line in outer space, swallowed with difficulty, and said:

"I...I know. These words mean, ceding Alaska, otherwise destroy all your satellites and sink all your aircraft carriers!"


"Ceded Alaska!"

"What a rant!"

The director of the Aeronautics and Space Administration had just translated this line of Eastern text, and immediately made everyone on the scene jump up in anger.

One by one, they blushed and cursed Fang Xiaoru.

Lu Xian, who was standing in the front, looked even more gloomy at the moment, with his already dark face.

His eyes were full of anger and humiliation.

Dignified Citi, the strongest country in the world, is so threatened!

And the person threatening him was just a businessman!

The Minister of National Defense asked in a deep voice: "What should we do if we are born first?"

His face is full of solemnity.

All of one hundred and two Citi military satellites were destroyed in an instant, indicating that Fang Xiaoru was fully capable of destroying the rest of Citi civilian satellites easily!

Lu Xian did not answer the question from the Secretary of Defense, and turned to ask the Director of the Aerospace Administration:

"Do we have the ability to lay down that world satellite?"

The Director of the Aeronautics and Space Administration said with a decadent look: "It is always the first to be born. That world satellite is far from the technology of this era. We have no ability to shoot it down.

And, with the powerful offensive power it just showed.In less than a minute, all the other civilian satellites in our satellite orbit will be destroyed.

As for the aircraft carrier on the ocean, no accident, it is hard to escape the powerful satellite laser!"

The meaning of his remarks is already very obvious, the Huanyu Satellite is beyond their rivals.

In other words, if Fang Xiaoru's conditions are not agreed, all Citigroup's civilian satellites will be destroyed after military satellites.

And even the aircraft carrier will be sunk. In this way, Citi will instantly become a toothless tiger.

Lu Xian's legs weakened, and the whole person collapsed, and fell to the ground very embarrassed.

The faces of the people in the office changed greatly, and they stepped forward to help.

"The first child, the director, received a wireless signal!"

At this time, another staff member said loudly.

"Hurry up and translate!"


Soon, the information of the wireless signal was translated.

"Seven days, I only give you seven days. After seven days, you have not promised to cede Alaska, at your own risk!"

This wireless message is extremely overbearing.

As a mere group boss, threaten the most powerful country on earth.

This may seem like a joke, but no one on the scene feels that way at the moment.

They are all very heavy, because they know this is not a joke.

If the Citi agency did not agree to cede Alaska, Citi may face an unprecedented disaster!