The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 729: Game with Citi

Lu Xian hurriedly summoned everyone to convene this parliament, the purpose of which was to discuss how to solve this thorny matter.

What people didn't expect was that the senior Citigroup present would have to revoke his chief power first!

Lu Xian is the first black chief in Citigroup history. Similarly, he is also the first in history to be specifically voted to revoke the power of the chief.

This meeting was presided over by the Secretary of State.

And Lucian sat down in a chair dejectedly.

He swears that if he were to give him another chance to come back, he would not be ashamed of Fang Xiaoru as before!

However, it is no longer useful to say anything now.

His power of chief executive has been revoked, and even the second term of the chief executive three months later, I am afraid it will be GG.

In the conference room, Citigroup's senior officials were enthusiastically discussing how to face this crisis.

Among these people, there are nothing more than two factions.

One advocates bowing to Fang Xiaoru and reluctantly ceding Alaska to him.

The other is that it should be just in the end!How can Citigroup be threatened by a businessman in the district? If this spreads out, wouldn't Citigroup's face be lost?

The discussion between the two factions was fierce, and in the end they both became blushing and almost didn't fight.

So that this meeting until noon, everyone did not discuss why they came.

After all, this is a very difficult choice!

Whether it is ceding Alaska, Citigroup loses its face.We should just go to the end and let Citi suffer heavy retaliation from Fang Xiaoru,

This is unacceptable to Citigroup!

For the first meeting, that's it.


Huanyu Island.

Fang Xiaoru was sitting on the beach on the island, leisurely basking in the warm sunshine, fishing there with a fishing rod in his hand.

Beside him, two beautiful women were waiting for him.

From time to time, feed Fang Xiaoru some delicious snacks or drinks.

Citigroup executives were anxious and couldn't sleep.

When the leaders of the major countries on the earth feel anxious and anxious about the world’s satellites.

Only he is so leisurely.

It seems that the previous thing that destroyed Citigroup’s 102 military satellites and threatened Citigroup to cede Alaska was not in mind.

You know, almost all countries that have satellites are scared to sweat by his terrible behavior.

They even strictly forbid all troops of their country from approaching within 100 miles of Huanyu Island!


With the sound of splashing, Fang Xiaoru's right hand lightly exerted force, and he saw a big fish caught from the bottom of the sea.

Beside, two beautiful women who were waiting on the left and right were excited and said: "A big fish has been caught again, and BOSS's fishing skills have reached its peak!"

Don't look at these two women as charming, sexy and enchanting, but they are both decisive and martial artists.

The two are twins, one is Susu and the other is Qiqi.

It was the sister who was selected by Sophia and sent to Fang Xiaoru as a personal bodyguard.

Fang Xiaoru laughed, put the big fish in the fish basket, and said, "These fish are enough for me to eat for a week."

Upon hearing this, the older sister of the twins raised her small face, and said with a puzzled face:

"Speaking of BOSS, why did you give Citigroup a week? Just kill their satellites and aircraft carriers."

"Yes, with the military strength of our Universe Group, Citigroup is as vulnerable as a baby."

When Sister Qiqi talks about Citigroup, she also has an expression of disdain.

The weapons that Fang Xiaoru took out all reached the sky.

This greatly strengthened the self-confidence of his subordinates, and now even Citigroup doesn't care about it.

Facing the doubts of the two twin bodyguards, Fang Xiaoru smiled and said:

"Fishing is about patience and skill. Skills and patience are not enough.

The game between me and Citi is the same.

If I destroy Citi’s satellites directly, I’m not sure if they will be forced into anxiousness, and I will launch Chaowu directly when my brain gets hot.

Most of Citigroup’s super weapons have already selected targets.Even without satellite guidance, it can accurately hit its previous preset target.

Once a certain super weapon falls in the Soviet Union, then the Soviet super weapon will automatically launch against Citi or other countries.

In this way, it will cause a chain reaction and eventually a nuclear war, by which time the entire planet will be completely destroyed.

So I can't push Citigroup in a hurry. I have to give them a week of buffer time."

My sister blinked her eyes wide and asked, "What if Citigroup refuses to cede Alaska after a week?"

Fang Xiaoru showed a mysterious smile, looked at the vast sea, confidently said: "They will compromise."

He is very confident, confident that in a week, Citigroup will definitely choose to ceded Alaska.