The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 730: Global uproar, shocking the world

Citi's military satellites were all destroyed overnight, causing great panic in the major military districts.

Countless admirals and command posts were all in panic.

In order to avoid even worse effects, Citigroup blocked the news that military satellites were destroyed.

Except for the top leadership, ordinary generals and soldiers have no idea that their military satellites have become garbage in the universe.

Until the early morning of the next day, a video circulated wildly on the Internet.

This video was uploaded on YouTube for less than half an hour, and it was reposted wildly by netizens around the world.

The content of the video is that the world satellite used thunder to destroy the Citi military satellite in outer space in less than ten seconds.

And the last line of Chinese characters with shining light was also accurately captured and presented completely at the end of the video.

This video, which is only twenty seconds in length, has quickly become popular all over the world at an unimaginable speed.

Under the spread of the Internet, it took no time for one day. Netizens all over the world knew that the Universe Group had launched a Universe satellite, destroyed 102 Citigroup military satellites, and made threatening remarks against Citigroup.

Suddenly, there was a global uproar and shocked the world!

Online comments popped up like bamboo shoots after a rain, and countless comments flooded the major media and social networks.

"Oh Maiga! I'm not dreaming, right? Fang Xiaoru actually has such a method?"

"It's terrible. In less than ten seconds, Citigroup's military satellites were all destroyed."

"Doesn't this mean that Citi's military power is in a blank period, and missiles, rockets and other weapons have all lost their use?"

"God! Fang Xiaoru is a lunatic, how could he do such a thing!"

"Damn Fang Xiaoru, once Citi's military power is in a blank period, it will bring unimaginable consequences. Is Fang Xiaoru going to trigger a world war?"

"The last line of Chinese characters translated means that Citi will cede Alaska. If Citi disagrees, Fang Xiaoru will destroy all Citi's satellites and sink all aircraft carriers on the sea!"

"Crazy, this world is completely crazy."

"Haha, I've seen Citigroup displeased a long time ago, and I always regard myself as the world's public security, like Laozi's number one in the world.

It's alright now, I was stunned by Fang Xiaoru, what a delightful feeling!I will now sit and see how Citigroup responds to this threat."

"Fang Xiaoru is mighty and domineering! As expected of my idol."

"It's not a waste of life to be a man for Fang Xiaoru's sake."


Citi, emergency handling team.

This group is a group headed by Citi's Secretary of State and Deputy Chief Executive.

The purpose of the group is to deal with this threat.

At this time, in the meeting room of the emergency handling team, the Secretary of State said to everyone with a heavy face:

"Everyone, the news was not blocked. A staff member of an observatory in Europe posted this video on the Internet. Now the world knows about it.

You already know the seriousness of it.

Now everyone is in a panic, especially the soldiers in the army.

If this matter is allowed to continue, it will inevitably lead to unimaginable consequences.My proposition is to cede Alaska."

"No! Absolutely not!" A senior Citi official suddenly got up and said angrily:

"Ceding Alaska will not only take a huge blow to our Citi's reputation, but it also means that we will abandon the citizens who live there. This is absolutely impossible!"

"Then what can we do? Wait for the time to come, let Fang Xiaoru destroy all our satellites and aircraft carriers? That will only lead to greater losses!"

"The East and the Soviet Union have sent submarines to patrol our waters. These two countries are eyeing us! It would be better to cedicate Alaska and relaunch military satellites. Ensure that they are not threatened by other countries.

"But once Alaska is ceded, where will Citi's face be placed?"

The crowd spit wildly and argued fiercely.

The scene is like a vegetable market, everyone has their own ideas and persistence.

The two parties cannot distinguish, and it is difficult to have a unified voice.

In this way, the dispute continued for seven days until the deadline given by Fang Xiaoru came!

In these seven days, the leaders of major powers on the earth, such as Zhepan, France, the Soviet Union, and the East, all focused their attention on Citi.

They are like tigers, treating Citi as their prey, and when the time comes, they swarm up and bite a chunk of Citi's meat.

On Huanyu Island, a private jet from Citigroup landed slowly.

A group of people walked off the plane, headed by Citi's Secretary of State, Deputy Chief, and Lucian, who had been revoked from the Chief Executive.

When they got off the plane, they were taken to a sea view villa on the back of Huanyu Island by the people on the scene.