The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 734: Handover ceremony, world attention

The Citi leaders present had no choice but to vent all their anger on Lucian. Everyone's eyes on Lucian were full of complaints and anger.

Had it not been for him to send a SEAL team to steal the confidential information of the Huanyu Military Factory, how could Citigroup end up like this?

Lu Xian also felt their gaze, and sneered in his heart.

Secretly cursed: A group of courageous rats!I didn't dare to do anything about the other's Xiaoru, but only vented his anger on his own person.

No matter how unwilling they are, in the end, the representatives of Citigroup can only compromise.

They promised Fang Xiaoru to pay 10.2 billion U.S. dollars in protection fees every year to protect the security of military satellites they will launch later.

Citigroup representatives left Huanyu Island with mixed feelings.

What they like is that as long as the protection fee is paid, Fang Xiaoru will not work on their satellites.

They worry that Alaska has been ceded to Fang Xiaoru. From now on, Citi’s international reputation will be greatly reduced.

What's more serious is that there will be a wave in the country, and they will inevitably be pushed to the forefront by this wave and be scolded by countless Citi citizens.

Seeing the departure of the Citi delegation, Fang Xiaoru's face was filled with a bright smile.

"Five days later, the Alaska handover ceremony. Twenty percent of Citigroup's land area will belong to our Fang Xiaoru!"


Citigroup ceded Alaska to Fang Xiaoru after all.

The Citi delegation just got off the plane and returned to Citi, and the news spread all over the world.

Internet users around the world were in an uproar.

Everyone was dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

This news is shocking!

No one can imagine that Citigroup actually agreed to Fang Xiaoru's terms and ceded Alaska.

On social networks, it was like a strong earthquake.

On this day, all the news on the Internet disappeared, leaving only the news of Citigroup ceding Alaska.

Countless netizens are also posting messages on major social media while reposting them crazy.

"Oh my God! This is simply the most incredible thing in this century. Citigroup actually ceded Alaska to Fang Xiaoru!"

"God! This world is crazy, Fang Xiaoru actually forced Citigroup to give in to him!"

"Unbelievable, unbelievable! I can no longer use words to express the shock in my heart at this moment!"

"Oh Maka! Five days later, a handover ceremony will be held in the Alaska Council Chamber, and Alaska will be completely out of the Citigroup!"

"Fak! Our homeland was actually ceded, so will we Alaskans still be Citizens in the future?"

"Whether he counts as a Citizen, it is nice to have Fang Xiaoru rule Alaska."

"That is, Fang Xiaoru has forced Citi to cede Alaska. I believe that under his management, we Alaskans can live a better life."

"Yes, yes, Citigroup and Zhepan can't buy Huanyu cars or use Huanyu mobile phones in the world. Now that Alaska has become Fang Xiaoru's territory, he should let the products of Huanyu Group be sold in Alaska."

"Damn yellow monkey, Alaska is Citi's Alaska, we don't welcome you!"

"Yes! Even if Alaska is ceded to Fang Xiaoru, we will never obey his management!"

"We are Citizens, we absolutely do not agree to be ruled by Fang Xiaoru!"

All kinds of opinions on the Internet can be said to be overwhelming.

Everyone has their own opinions, and Alaska's netizens are also divided into two factions.

One faction has long been uncomfortable with Citi’s politics, and welcomed the arrival of Xiaoru.

There is also a group of people who are proud of their Citi status. These people extremely repel and resist Fang Xiaoru.

But in the East, Fang Xiaoru's voice kept rising.

Almost all the netizens cheered for Fang Xiaoru side by side, feeling excited and excited for him.

"Hahaha, the Soviet Union sold Alaska to Citigroup one hundred and fifty years ago. At that time, who would have thought that Alaska would be ceded to Fang Xiaoru in one hundred and fifty years."

"I didn't accept anyone, so I served Fang Xiaoru. I actually dared to threaten Citi, and more importantly, Citi even compromised with him."

"Alaska, although not a rich state of Citi, it is a super continent that occupies 20% of Citi's entire land area!"

"When I saw this news, I was stunned. If it weren't for Xinhua News Agency's report, I would definitely think it was eyeball fake news."

"Mom asked me why I knelt and watch the news."

"2333, my manager Fang is amazing. It squashed Citigroup and got Alaska."

"Fang Xiaoru's father is the first one who dared to threaten Citigroup and succeeded in the threat. Fang Xiaoru's father, please be respected by your son!"

"Go upstairs! I'm the son of Xiaoru's father!"

When netizens around the world were discussing it, five days passed in a flash.

In a blink of an eye, it came to the handover day in Alaska.

On this day, the city hall of Alaska received global attention.

Everyone's eyes are placed here.

Because here, it will witness the first handover ceremony of ceding since the 21st century!