The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 736 I am the King of the World

Tang Qingshan handed a cup of tea to Liu Shimao and said, "I have discussed this with Xiaoru carefully. Alaska was ceded to him by Citigroup, which is his private territory.

People who immigrated from the East are still regarded as Orientals.We use Alaska Oriental to ease the pressure of land tensions, and these immigrants in the past can provide a huge labor force for Xiaoru.

It can be said that this is a win-win situation for both of us.Of course, the specific cooperation matters have not been discussed yet, and we can talk to Xiaoru in person."

Listening to Tang Qingshan's words, Liu Shimao nodded softly. What he was worried about did not happen.

"In this case, that would be great. On the one hand, it can alleviate the population pressure in the eastern inland, but on the other hand, it can also provide labor for Xiaoru. It is really a win-win situation."

The two chatted in the courtyard of the center while drinking tea.

Citi ceded Alaska to Fang Xiaoru, and Dongfang became the second largest beneficiary after Fang Xiaoru.


Time is hurried, and soon, the Alaska handover ceremony is about to begin.

Outside the city hall of Alaska, a luxurious black car slowly drove to the door.

The door opened, and a tall and tall figure walked out of the car.

He is one hundred and eighty-five centimeters tall, with a large head full of vigor, eyes sharp as a sword, and a sharp, sharp face that makes all the female fans scream.

He was wearing a windbreaker and sunglasses on his eyes, as if he was walking with wind.

He was followed by two bodyguards in front of him and behind him. They looked so imposing that it made people afraid to get close.

"Fang Xiaoru! Ah! It's Fang Xiaoru!"

"Fang Xiaoru, I love you!"

"Look inside, look here!"

Fang Xiaoru just got out of the car and walked to the Alaska City Hall. The fans who had been around the door suddenly screamed.

Most of them are natives of Alaska, and there are also very few people who come to travel from their country.

Among these people, most of them are female fans.

On the number of female fans alone, Fang Xiaoru can definitely occupy the top spot in the world.

Because of his handsome appearance, coupled with being a unique god on earth, there are not many women who fantasize about being his girlfriend.

Some even married women regard Fang Xiaoru as their fantasy objects.,

If Catherine is the dream lover of all western men, then Fang Xiaoru is the best lover in the eyes of young women all over the world.

As soon as he showed up, the atmosphere on the scene had reached a climax.

Countless female fans desperately squeezed forward, thinking about getting close to Fang Xiaoru.

If it hadn’t been for the police cordon already around and dozens of them were on standby at all times, these crazy female fans could squeeze the door of the city hall.

Facing the crazy fans, Fang Xiaoru turned and waved to them, saying:

"Everyone, don't be so excited, and don't squeeze forward anymore. It would be bad if there is a stampede.

After today, Alaska will be under my control. At that time, you can often see me in Alaska.

Now I ask you to stay calm and wait quietly. I'm going to take over Alaska's rule from Citigroup."

After all, surrounded by four bodyguards, Fang Xiaoru walked into the Alaska City Hall.

The Alaska City Hall is full of reporters from all over the country.

Similarly, the senior leaders of Citigroup and the leadership of Alaska also all attended this handover ceremony.

When Fang Xiaoru entered the city hall, everyone's eyes were cast over instantly.

The city hall, which was silent and silent, suddenly became a sensation.

Countless reporters raised the cameras in their hands and snapped shots at Fang Xiaoru.

Dazzling spotlights came from all directions. If Fang Xiaoru and his bodyguards were not wearing sunglasses, they would have to be blinded by the dazzling flash.

The top leaders of Citigroup had a gloomy face, sitting there without saying a word.

The Alaska leadership class is whispering.

Compared with the top leaders of Citigroup, they are more affected.

"Fang Xiaoru is here!"

"From today onwards, Alaska is not Citi's territory."

"The man who dared to threaten Citi and successfully made Citi compromise, he was the first in history."

"Are we really going to work under the rule of an Oriental in the future?"

Their eyes are full of confusion.

For the days to come, they lost their direction and goal.

Citigroup ceded Alaska to Fang Xiaoru, making these Alaska leaders surprised and caught off guard.

"Mr. Fang, please!"

Under the guidance of a staff member, Fang Xiaoru came to the middle of the city hall.

His face was filled with the top leaders of Citigroup.

On the rectangular table between the two sides, the flag of Citigroup and the flag of World Group were placed.

After Fang Xiaoru took his seat, Citi's Secretary of State took out a document and handed it to Fang Xiaoru.

"This is a roster of Alaska officials and officials."