The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 739 If there is, it means that the money is not enough

It was with this mentality that Alaska's middle and high-level leaders agreed to use collective resignation to demonstrate to Fang Xiaoru!Show Fang Xiaoru that they are the masters of Alaska!

They acted very quickly, almost less than three hours after the Alaska handover ceremony, a letter of resignation appeared in the offices of major agencies in Alaska.

Moreover, the number of resignations has been increasing over time.

At the beginning, it was just an administrative agency, but later, it came to public security.

Large areas of public security began to collectively leave.

Before the resignation application was approved, they took off their police uniforms and went home.

The staff of Alaska's agencies are united at this moment unprecedented.

They are using their actions to express their dissatisfaction with Fang Xiaoru's rule.

Administrative agencies, public security agencies, logistics officials...

The wave of resignation was like a hurricane, and it quickly spread throughout Alaska's institutions.

The news of the collective resignation of the staff of the Alaska agency became the news that the Citi agency ceded Alaska to Fang Xiaoru on the same day.

Internet users all over the world have lamented that this is more exciting than Hollywood movies.

"Fang Xiaoru stated at the Alaska handover ceremony that the decision to exchange blood for the top leader of Alaska is really too reckless."

"Yes, it is precisely because of this decision that he has led to the resignation of a large number of Alaska staff."

"In the beginning, the administrative staff began to resign on a large scale even to maintain order."

"Suddenly, Alaska became a city without security. I can't imagine what kind of violent crimes will erupt in this city in the next time."

"It doesn't matter if the officials resign, even the law and order resigns. I don't dare to stay in Alaska anymore."

"Fang Xiaoru is still swelling. His achievements in his 20s have already made him lose his direction.

It was announced in public that the supreme leader of Alaska would be exchanged for blood. Isn't this digging his own grave!"

"Yes! Those people have been operating in Alaska for so many years, how can Fang Xiaoru, a newcomer, be able to shake them?

No, they immediately called on a large number of government officials to resign and taught Fang Xiaoru a profound lesson."

"Although I am a fan of Fang Xiaoru, I also admire his decision-making all the time. But this time he was really wrong. Managing a city is not the same as managing a company.

The employees of an enterprise can be replaced at any time, but the leadership of a city cannot be replaced at will.In any case, I hope Fang Xiaoru can overcome this difficulty smoothly."

On the Internet, even Fang Xiaoru's fans are not optimistic about him at this moment.

Everyone believes that under the background of a large number of government officials and the resignation of public security, Alaska's operations will encounter trouble and public security will become a mess.

Countless locals in Alaska are also worried about their fate.

People who liked to go to the bar at night to be happy don't dare to go out on this day.

Suddenly, throughout Alaska, there was a feeling that the mountains and rain were about to come and the wind was all over the building, and everyone felt a heavy depression.


Two days later, Fang Xiaoru listened to reports from his subordinates in an office that had been renamed the Fanglaska Office Building.

"BOSS, in these two days, nearly 80% of government officials have submitted resignation letters. They all left their jobs without waiting for their resignation approval.

In addition, due to the large-scale resignation of public security, the crime rate in Laskars has increased greatly in the past two days.

Many people open the shop at night and steal the goods inside.In addition, there have been a total of 520 violent crimes and rapes in the past two days!"

Listening to the report, Fang Xiaoru's face was cold.

Those people wanted to use this method to force him to compromise, to force him to meet the original leader of Fanglaska.

Fang Xiaoru smiled disdainfully, and said contemptuously: "Do you use this method to persecute me? It's ridiculous!

It's best for these people to resign. I don't want any Citizens in the management of Fanglaska.

They think that collective resignation will cause difficulties for my rule and management, Lascar, and they want to force me to compromise.

But this is really nothing to me. All the vacancies after their resignation can be bought and hired with money.

There is nothing in this world that money cannot solve. If there is, it means that money is not enough!"

At the end, he suddenly sat up from the chair and looked at the secretary aside.

"Go, issue a recruitment notice to the world. It means that we are going to the world and high-paying recruiters to fill the vacancies caused by the resignation of Fanglas's expansion.

In addition, two points should be specially marked.First, we are not short of money. Once hired, we can get an unimaginable salary.Second, priority is given to in-service officials from various countries!"