The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 742: Cannot apply for an egg

With all kinds of unwillingness and full of anger, nearly half of the people left the parliament hall.

They did nothing, and were eliminated in the first round of screening because of their nationality and region.

After walking out of the hall, without the mercenaries who were as fierce as tigers and wolves, they couldn't help but start cursing.

"Fak! This damn national discrimination, I must sue him!"

"Yes, sue him! We all resigned for what, not for the annual salary of 30 million US dollars. But now, we paid so much, but he sent it away with a word."

Many people are aggrieved, and the other party Xiaoru's screening method is extremely dissatisfied.

At this moment, a Citiman looked at an Asian-faced man next to him and said:

"I said, they eliminated Citigroup, Zhepanren, and Filipinos. I can understand, but why even you Easterners were eliminated?"

Following them, there were more than a dozen people from Dongfang Douwan and Dongfang Xiangjiang.

Their faces were gloomy and almost dripping.

I originally thought that I would have an advantage among candidates full of foreigners, but it ended up like this.

He was eliminated before the election.

But they did not complain like the foreigners, because they had already thought of what was going on.

Among the applicants, there are also many Orientals.

This kind of thing, just think about it a little bit, and you will understand.

In the conference hall, because nearly half of the people were eliminated at once, the scene finally became empty.

The remaining 500-odd people, although they were inexplicably eliminated half of them because of their nationality and region, felt nervous and nervous.

But at the same time they were even more excited.

Because the more people eliminated, the greater their chances.

The rest were silent, waiting quietly for the next arrangement.

On the presiding stage, the middle-aged man in charge of this job fair gave a glance to the mercenaries to return to their positions, and then said:

"The lieutenant governor of Fanglaska has an annual salary of 30 million U.S. dollars. Such a job is a dream of countless people.

With such a generous salary, we naturally have to select talents according to our needs.

Next, please stand on the left for people who have managed a city or higher level, and the rest on the right."

As soon as the voice fell, the people at the scene immediately began to move.

Most people stood on the left, and a few people stood on the right.

The people on the left occupy about four hundred people.

The one hundred people on the right have decadent faces.

Although they will inevitably encounter this problem until the job fair, they still can't help but try it.

The middle-aged man continued to say politely: "This is the second screening. Please leave the hall on the right. You have been eliminated."

How can someone believe that he can manage a state as big as Las Vegas if he has never managed a city?

You know, Las Vegas is the largest state in Citi with dozens of cities!

After the dejected number one hundred left, the middle-aged man spoke again.

"I am very glad that there are still more than 400 people. Congratulations to you, but also to ourselves.

With such a population base, it means that the people we select are better.

Now, it's the third screening.The third screening is a written test.

Later, I will give you none of you a test paper, and the ten people with the highest scores will get an interview with Fang."

With that said, a group of staff members immediately went down and arranged positions for the four hundred people, and then gave them test papers.

"Finally came to the link to show real strength."

"The first screening was horrible, and it was unbearable to be eliminated inexplicably.

Fortunately, everything is decided by the written test results this time, so even if you are eliminated in the end, there is nothing to say."

"Yeah, we all came with the intention of applying for a lieutenant governor. Which one is not a proud person. Only such fair competition can convince us."

Soon, everyone present received their own test papers.

The middle-aged man looked at the watch on his wrist and said, "It's ten twenty minutes. I will give you 40 minutes to answer the papers. The paper will be collected at eleven o'clock. Now, the written test begins!"

As soon as the voice fell, the sound of slurping through the test paper came from the scene.

Everyone raced against the clock to turn the test paper to the front and start answering.

However, when they opened the test paper and saw the front of the test paper, they were all shocked.

"This...what the hell is this?"

"God! I'm a Greek, and it's great to know English, but why are all the text on the test paper in Oriental?"

"Oh Maiga! Did you send out the wrong test papers, which are all in Eastern text. How can we answer the papers?"

"Why is it not English? We can't understand Oriental language at all."

Most people on the scene began to complain.Only a few people are answering the paper with their heads down.

Especially when they heard that so many people do not speak Oriental, they were even more happy.

Hiddenly, how many days and nights I have worked hard to study Oriental languages. It was originally just a hobby, but I didn't expect it to be something that could change their destiny here.

Faced with this situation, the middle-aged man directly yelled: "Quiet! Whoever makes a sound again, don't blame me for letting you out.

If you don’t understand the test paper, just sit there and don’t influence others to answer the questions.

Also, why is it Oriental?We at the Universe Group speak Oriental languages ​​all over the world. You can’t apply for a job in Oriental languages?"

With this rebuke, he immediately frightened those who complained that the test paper turned out to be all in Oriental language, for fear of attracting fierce international mercenaries.