The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 743: What a superb cannon stand

Candidates who do not understand Oriental languages ​​accounted for the vast majority of the scene, and nowadays people learn English in a popular way.

Even if people in Europe and America want to learn a second language, they will choose French, moral education, Spanish and other languages. Few people will choose to learn Oriental.

Of the 400 people on the scene, only about 60 or 70 people can speak Oriental.

These sixty or seventy people who can speak Eastern languages ​​happily opened up the test papers to answer the questions.

Others who don't speak Eastern languages ​​can only look at the test papers like reading a heavenly book, occasionally turning their heads around, feeling extremely angry and helpless.

But under the threat of the middle-aged man, they would never dare to make a loud noise, otherwise they would be ashamed if they were thrown out.

As time passed, a few people were answering questions with their heads down and screaming.

Among them, a woman with blond hair and blue eyes was very dazzling.

She almost finished answering all the test papers in less than half of the prescribed time, and then looked around with a pair of charming eyes.

"The answer time is over, everyone stops writing!"

At eleven o'clock exactly, the middle-aged man in charge of the job fair gave an order to send someone to collect the papers.

After the examination papers were collected, he said blankly to the people who did not know the Oriental language and did not answer a question:

"The time for the written test is over. You can choose to leave quietly, or you can choose to wait for the birth of the last ten interview candidates. But one thing, remember not to make noise."

After all, four hundred test papers were distributed again to the correctors who had been waiting for a long time at the scene.

Among those four hundred people, some of them cursed in their hearts and left with unhappy faces.

Some people still choose to sit quietly in spite of their unhappiness, because they want to witness what kind of person the ten people who entered the interview at the end are like, whether they are better than him or have more work experience.

There were five people who corrected the test papers, and no one distributed 80 test papers.

Fortunately, there are mostly blank papers, and only 60 or 70 test papers are really filled with answers.

So soon, in almost less than twenty minutes, the blank test papers were thrown directly into the trash can, and the answers to the remaining test papers were hungry.

After the examination papers were corrected, it took another ten minutes to register and rank the results.

The middle-aged man in charge of the job fair held the transcript. After taking a look, he nodded with satisfaction.

"Very good. Some individuals' results have even exceeded Fang's estimate. I'm not talking nonsense below. Those who rank in the top ten will get an interview."

With that, he projected the report card onto the big screen in the hall.

The name, nationality, age, gender, and their final rankings all appeared on the big screen.

Whether it is a blank paper or a candidate who has answered the question, he immediately cast his eyes on the big screen, and then started from the tenth place, looking for his own name.

"My Fuck! Why didn't I make the top ten? I feel like I got the answer right!"

"Me too, the questions on the test paper are too simple for me, but I was mayor in France, but why my score is so low."

"God, I can't believe that I actually got such a low grade. It's not scientific at all!"

"Inside story, there must be inside story!"

The person who was originally full of confidence saw that there was no name of his own in the top ten, and suddenly became dissatisfied.

They are all people who have served as high-ranking officials in their respective countries, and the questions on the test papers are all management problems. In their opinion, they are simply pediatrics.

But who knew that the final grade was so low, it was far from what they had imagined.

Compared with the people who ranked outside the top ten, those who ranked in the top ten clenched their fists one by one, a light flashed in their eyes, and their faces were full of excitement.

And the blond and blue-eyed woman who finished answering all the questions in only half of the time, there was a faint light in Hu Mei's eyes, and the rose-like red lips evoked a thrilling smile:

"First place, I can see you soon."

"Quiet! All quiet down for me!" On the host stage, the middle-aged man slapped the table fiercely and yelled.

"So the test papers are all corrected against the standard answers, and the standard answers are set by us.

If you feel dissatisfied with your results, you can only accept it, because we are not a school exam, but a selection of the Lieutenant Governor of Lascar.

Moreover, we do not accept any form of file checking and questioning.Now, except for the top ten on the list, everyone else has been eliminated!"

The middle-aged man's words were very tough, so he just said that this was Fang Xiaoru's site, and everything was done according to him.

Even if you have dissatisfaction, you can only put it in your stomach.

"Fak! I think this job fair for the vice governor is just a joke!"

"Yes, this is a farce, just play with us."

"Use 30 million U.S. dollars as a gimmick, and treat people around the world as fools. Is it really okay for you World Group to do this?"

Those who were eliminated at the scene were still cursing dissatisfiedly.

However, in the next moment, those who continued to abuse them were thrown out of the hall by the murderous mercenaries.

After the scene was quiet again, the middle-aged man continued to say: "Now, I invite the top ten people to come to my side, and I will take you to Mr. Fang's office to accept his interview."

Under the envious eyes of hundreds of people on the scene, ten people who stood out followed the middle-aged people to Xiaoru's office above the building.

Among these people, there was a beautiful woman who was only in her twenties, but it was a big surprise to the people at the scene.

Ten people entered the office one by one according to their results.

The beautiful blond woman was the first person to be interviewed.

The middle-aged knocked on the door and led her in.

When she walked in, Fang Xiaoru, who was sitting inside, was amazed by this woman.

"What a superb artillery stand!"

The moment he saw this woman, such a thought flashed in his mind.