The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 745 Former Citi Secretary of State? Eliminate!

It took Monica ten minutes to explain her management philosophy.

After speaking, he looked at Fang Xiaoru expectantly.

At the same time, I rarely get nervous.

The position of deputy governor of Fang Lascar is the closest job to Fang Xiaoru. She definitely does not want to miss such an opportunity to get close to the idol.

"Flap! Pop! Pop!"

Fang Xiaoru applauded three times and said with a satisfied smile:

"I have to say, Princess Monica, you are beyond my expectations.

The test questions for the written test were drawn up by me personally. You can get such a high score, which shows that some of your ideas fit me well.

And your current interview also makes me very satisfied.A beautiful girl like you can have such an insight. I have to applaud you.

However, I have to make sure that among the other interviewers, there is no better than you, so please sit aside for the time being."

With that, Fang Xiaoru pointed to the chair beside her and motioned for Monica to sit there and wait.

Although she was not directly admitted, she was affirmed by Fang Xiaoru, and Monica felt a little nervous while excited.

"Okay, Mr. Fang."

Her counterpart Xiaoru nodded, sitting on the chair on Fang Xiaoru's right with a fascinating smile on her lips.

After Monica sat down, Fang Xiaoru picked up the phone on the desk and called the middle-aged person in charge of the job fair.

"Call the next person in."

"Yes, Mr. Fang."

A moment later, the middle-aged man knocked on the door again and walked in with the candidate who scored second in the written test.

When he walked into the room, he saw Monica still sitting there, his face suddenly stunned.

Knowing that this woman, who was full of allure, entered among the candidates, she couldn't help nodding her head to show her friendship.

"President Fang, this is the second candidate for the written examination."

The second candidate for the written test was an old man with half-white hair. He was about 60 years old.

His face was ruddy and greasy, and his eyes, which had become muddy due to his old age, burst into light from time to time.

Walking is also quite atmospheric, and the whole body is full of confidence.

At this glance, I know that I am not an ordinary person.

As soon as he walked into the office, his half-squinted eyes looked at Fang Xiaoru quietly.

When he walked to the front of Fang Xiaoru's desk, before the middle-aged person introduced him, he took the initiative to say:

"I have heard of the name of General Fang for a long time, and I am glad to see you today. My name is Stephen."

Fang Xiaoru nodded faintly, and said, "Stephen, introduce yourself first."

I don't know if I have seen it somewhere before, Fang Xiaoru always feels a little familiar with the old man in front of him.

"Hello, President Fang. My name is Stephen. I am 61 years old and I am from Citigroup. I used to serve as Citi's Secretary of State."

Citi Secretary of State!

Fang Xiaoru was startled, no wonder he always feels that this old man is a bit familiar.

It turns out that he is Stephen, the Secretary of State Citigroup who retired four years ago!

Although a little surprised, it only caused a little disturbance, and Fang Xiaoru's mood was not affected.

After all, with Fang Xiaoru's current status, even the head of Citigroup can completely ignore it.

In this case, Lascar threatened Citigroup to get it.

"It turned out to be Stephen, the former Citi Secretary of State. No wonder I felt a little familiar when you came in. However, Citi should be eliminated in the first screening. How did you come to the interview level?"

Stephen replied: "I immigrated to Australia with my family four years ago, so I am not considered a Citizen."

Fang Xiaoru was startled. He didn't expect this kind of operation, so he continued to ask: "If this is the case, let's put aside the nationality issue.

I am curious that you have retired for four years. When you are enjoying your twilight years, why do you still apply for the position of Lieutenant Governor of Lascar?"

Stephen smiled and said: "There are two reasons. First, I was the governor of Alaska before serving as Citi's Secretary of State. I have a different feeling for Alaska.

Second, there is no one to resist Fang Zong’s salary.With an annual salary of 30 million US dollars, this alone is enough to attract countless people to apply."

"So that's it, I know." Fang Xiaoru smiled at Stephen and said: "I already understand your situation. Unfortunately, you have been eliminated."


Stephen's face changed, and he asked, "Mr Fang, I just made a self-introduction and you eliminated me. Isn't this too childish?"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said, "If you don't meet my selection requirements, you will naturally be eliminated."

"Selection requirements?" Stephen pointed to Monica who was sitting still, and sneered:

"Could this be Mr. Fang's selection requirements? If you had clearly stated in the recruitment requirements that non-beauties would not recruit, I wouldn't have come to be boring."