The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 746: I am in charge of my territory

Knowing that he was eliminated so easily, Stephen couldn't bear it.

He is conceited that no one knows Fang Laska better than himself, and no one is more suitable for this position than himself.

He came full of confidence, thinking that he was sure of it, but who knew it would end like this in the end.

This gave him a big blow, so Monica came to mock Fang Xiaoru.

Because in his opinion, Fang Xiaoru was fancy Monica's beauty, so she stayed.

Even if he was eliminated, all the applicants at the back were out of play, and everyone was just Monica's foil.

Why Monica is the youngest daughter of Queen Lan and the prince of Lan, how can she tolerate others insulting her like this.

She saw her eyes widened, her eyebrows erected, and she lightly scolded:

"What nonsense are you talking about here! President Fang has never been a person who fancy beauty. Don't slander Fang if you are eliminated because you don't meet the requirements."

Although Fang Xiaoru has many women around him, he is truly a modest gentleman in the global upper class.

The reason is that many celebrities and international celebrities in the upper class have tried their best to curry favor with Fang Xiaoru and come to him for a night.

But without exception, so far, I have not heard of any celebrity or international actress who climbed into Fang Xiaoru's bed.

Stephen squinted at Monica, such a peerless stunner, even though he was sixty-one years old, he still had a fanatical sense of wanting to own her.

And Fang Xiaoru, a young and energetic young man, how could he have no other ideas?

Based on these judgments, Stephen firmed up his judgment, "Is it defamatory? You know!"


He was so angry that Monica was so angry that her face flushed with anger.

"Monica, you sit down first."

Fang Xiaoru gave Monica a soothing look, and then turned to look at Stephen.

"You think you shouldn't be eliminated. You think you have better talents than Monica. Do you think there is no one better suited to serve as the lieutenant governor of Fanglaska than you?"

Stephen snorted and said, "Yes! I have worked in Alaska for more than 20 years. Among all the applicants, no one knows this place better than me!"

His tough look is simply saying that the position of Lieutenant Governor of Lascar is the same as that set for him.

Fang Xiaoru smiled coldly, and said: "You used to be the governor of Fanglaska, and you were also Citi's secretary of state. This is enough to show your ability."

The expression on Stephen's face is getting more and more arrogant. Citi's secretary of state, this position is equivalent to the prime minister of the East.

He applied for the lieutenant governor in this capacity, and there is no reason why someone would refuse.

He is very confident in his abilities.

"Since you also recognized my ability, why did you eliminate me in such a trivial manner?"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head. Stephen still doesn't know why he was eliminated.

Although ability is important, it is not the most important.

What's more, he didn't even have a written test score as high as Monica.

Fang Xiaoru would rather choose a person who is more ideologically compatible with him to be the lieutenant governor than a person who is very capable, but often disagrees with him in some ideas.

What's more, with Monica's previous management skills, it is not necessarily worse than Stephen.

The only thing that can't compare to him is perhaps experience.

And Stephen has served as the Governor of the State of California and Secretary of State for Citi. Although he is strong, he is a Citiman!

Although he has now immigrated to Australia with his family, it is undeniable that he definitely still has many connections with Citi agencies.

If Fanglaska is handed over to him to manage, it will definitely be branded with Citi.

And it will give the people of Fang Lascar an illusion that Fang Lascar is still Citi's Alaska.

And this is why Fang Xiaoru directly eliminated Stephen without asking Stephen at all, nor testing him.

"You think you have strong abilities and think you are the most suitable for this position. After being eliminated, a lot of dissatisfaction is nothing but a reason for being eliminated."

Stephen's face sullenly said, "Yes, you eliminated me for no reason. If you can't give me a reason to convince me, I will not accept it!"

Fang Xiaoru sneered and said, "I am the master of Fanglaska. I use whoever I want to use, and whoever I want to eliminate will be eliminated.

As for why you were eliminated, I don't need to tell you.Please go out now, and ask the third interviewer to come in after the trouble."

"you you!"

Stephen was speechless for a while, and pointed to Fang Xiaoru, speechless.

Fang Xiaoru's answer made him feel very uncomfortable.

But he could not refute it.

Fanglaska is now Fang Xiaoru's four-man territory, which is different from Citi's Alaska before.

If Alaska recruits the lieutenant governor, he can force the opponent to give a reason for eliminating him.

And now it is Fanglaska, Fang Xiaoru only needs to say that he is the master of Fanglaska, whoever wants to use it.

This reason is enough.