The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 747 Hello, I am Grace, Queen of Horan

With anger on his face, Stephen slammed out the door.

The moment he went out, he suddenly realized that Citigroup was no longer the overlord of the world.

There is also a person like Fang Xiaoru on earth who can threaten Citigroup and make Citigroup compromise to cede Alaska.

At this moment, his mood was very complicated, and he couldn't tell what it was like.

After Stephen left, Monica couldn't help asking:

"President Fang, Stephen is a very capable and experienced person. Why did you eliminate him so easily?"

Fang Xiaoru looked at Monica, smiled slightly, and said: "It is naturally great to have the ability and experience, but what I need most is loyalty! From him, I don't see any hope of loyalty to me. Even with an annual salary of 3,000 yuan. Ten thousand dollars can't make him loyal to me."

Monica was ecstatic when she heard the words.

Secretly said: "Zong Fang left me as a candidate. Doesn't this recognize my loyalty? This is really great! I must perform well and strive to stay with Fang Zong!"

After Stephen, eight more applicants walked into the office to accept Fang Xiaoru's interview.

These eight people are all from the same origin.

There are prime ministers of interested countries, members of parliament from France, and chiefs from Africa.

After comparing all aspects, Fang Xiaoru finally chose Monica as the deputy governor of Fanglaska.

Because he saw her admiration for herself in the eyes of this girl, such a girl would never betray her easily.

The eight applicants left and watched with unwillingness and dissatisfaction.

In their opinion, Fang Xiaoru must have fallen for the young and beautiful Monica.

When everyone left, they were aggrieved.

Knowing that she had defeated all his opponents and finally won the position of Lieutenant Governor of Fanglaska, and successfully stayed by Fang Xiaoru's side, Monica jumped up excitedly.

"It's awesome!"

Due to the excessive excitement, she also forgot the reservedness of the girls for a while, and even hugged Fang Xiaoru's neck directly and kissed him heavily on his face.

Fang Xiaoru, who was inexplicably kissed, touched his right cheek and looked at Monica in amazement.

This...Is this still the princess of a dignified country?

Feeling Fang Xiaoru's strange gaze, Monica realized what she had done just now.

The pink and white face was instantly flushed.

She lowered her head, squeezed, and stood in place rather embarrassed.

At the same time, she was screaming crazy in her heart: "Damn, how could I do this behavior. When it's over, it will definitely leave a bad impression in Fang's heart."

But when Monica lowered her head and was speechless, one of Fang Xiaoru's subordinates came over and said:

"President Fang, Queen He Lan came to the office building and asked to see you."

Monica on the side heard it and suddenly exclaimed: "What? My mother is here?"

She came out this time without telling her mother, Queen He Lan.

Queen He Lan has three children in total, all of whom are girls.

Among them, Monica is the youngest and she is also the most anticipated.

As early as when Monica was eighteen years old, Queen He Lan was appointed as the crown prince of Ho Lan. The position of the queen in the future will not be accidentally passed on to her.

After Monica graduated from Harvard University, the Queen arranged for her to be by her side to help herself manage He Lan.

Unexpectedly, after seeing Fang Xiaoru's recruitment notice, Monica left He Lan directly after seeing Fang Xiaoru's recruitment notice, and came to Fanglaska.

Fang Xiaoru saw Monica panicking, he couldn't help but asked:

"Why, are you afraid of your mother?"

Monica shook her head and said with a full face: "My mother wants to train me as the future Queen of He Lan. I came out secretly this time.

Unexpectedly, she came to the door so quickly, Mr. Fang, don't let my mother take me back."

Fang Xiaoru frowned, unexpectedly this was a princess who had run away from home.

Now even the queen is coming.

But what if the queen came.

Now Monica has been hired by herself, that is her own person, even if the queen wants to take it away.

He gave Monica a relieved smile, "Don't worry, as long as you are willing to stay, even your mother can't take you away."

With that, he turned to the subordinate next to him and said: "Go and ask Queen He Lan to come up."

"Yes! President Fang!"

After a while, in the midst of Monica's anxiety, the subordinate walked in with a slender, very intellectual woman.

This woman looked eighth similar to Monica, but there was a mature charm between her eyebrows that Monica didn't have.

It's like a ripe peach, very attractive.

From her appearance, she couldn't tell that it was Monica's mother, but she looked like her sister.

This person is Monica's mother, Grace of Horan.

Behind Grace, the queen of Helan, there were two big men in black who seemed to be ordinary but with unusual aura.

It should be her bodyguard.

"Hello, nice to meet you, I am Grace, Queen of Horan."

After Queen He Lan entered the office, she ignored Monica on the side, but greeted Fang Xiaoru for the first time.