The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 751 Shocking debut of the Sky Mothership

Sky Mothership, this is a product that exists in conceptual design and Hollywood science fiction blockbusters.

Scientists predict that it will take at least a hundred years before they can hope to develop an aerospace carrier.

But a few months ago, a huge sky-sky carrier was born on Huanyu Island.

But all the staff on Huanyu Island were shocked by this perfect technology product.

This sky-sky mothership, which has been born for several months, is finally about to appear in front of the world.

Just thinking about it, the driver couldn't help shaking with excitement.

Fang Xiaoru stood upright on the roof of the extended Huanyu car, looking at the troublemakers in front of him with indifference.

The riots of these people have completely angered him.

First, he encouraged the staff to resign on a large scale, leaving no one under Fang Xiaoru to use.

Then he played this set of parade demonstrations.

This is clearly the rhythm of going against Fang Xiaoru.

His eyes were brilliant, and he muttered to himself: "Since you are aggressive, don't blame me for being cruel!

From the moment Alaska ceded to me and changed its name to Fanglaska, I should be respected here!

What I say is the law.Those who follow me prosper and those who oppose me perish are not just talking."

Fang Xiaoru has made up his mind to teach these people a profound lesson.

Let them tremble with fear when they mention their name!

Let them no longer have the thought of resisting themselves!

When they face themselves, they only have the thought of surrender!

Time slowly passed, and more than two thousand demonstrators had all arrived at the scene.

Fang Xiaoru's extended version of the world car is firmly surrounded by it, and it can't be taken a step further.

In the car, Queen Grace and Princess Monica were shocked by the scene in front of them.

Although they are more expensive than Queen Lan and the princess, they were born in peaceful times. When did they see such a scene?


A secret military base on Huanyu Island.

This military base, covered with special materials, can interfere with satellite signals, even if it is a satellite and cannot be monitored here.

In this secret military base, there is a terrifyingly huge air-sky mothership.

At a glance, you can't drive from the beginning to the tail of the Sky Mothership.

If you compare it with a standard football field, this sky mothership is equivalent to the size of three hundred football fields!

Even the Huanyu aircraft carrier is a lot smaller than it!

The sky mothership exudes a gloomy light, which is a material different from ordinary steel.

Its defensive capabilities are terrifying, and intercontinental missiles cannot destroy its defensive capabilities.

The Sky Mothership is extremely cool in appearance, many times more exquisite and cool than the Sky Mothership in Hollywood science fiction movies.

At first glance, everyone would think this is an alien product!

At this time, one after another, heavily armed international mercenaries ran into the aerospace carrier through the hatch.

These international mercenaries are said to be mercenaries, but in fact they have basically become Fang Xiaoru's private army.

Fang Xiaoru gave them very good benefits, not to mention the high salary, and the weapons and equipment that crushed any country in the world.

And they also settled their respective families well, so that they have no worries.

Under various benefits, the relationship between these international mercenaries and Fang Xiaoru slowly changed, and they became so-called loyal to Fang Xiaoru.

At least if Fang Xiaoru can guarantee their various benefits, they will never betray.

Soon, a whole thousand heavily armed international mercenaries boarded the aerospace carrier.

These killing machines are indifferent to life and death.

But when they boarded the ship, their faces were filled with lingering shock.

Everyone was shocked by the Sky Mothership.

From a distance, the Sky Mothership is simply a castle!

There are leisure places, entertainment places, training venues, etc., everything.

After a thousand international mercenaries boarded the ship, they were placed in the war zone.

Waiting for the Sky Mothership to take off and meet their mission.

After all the mercenaries boarded the ship, the Sky Mothership slowly rose.

Immediately afterwards, a purple flame burst out suddenly, as if it had passed through a wormhole, it appeared in an instant countless kilometers away.

In less than five minutes, he crossed the endless airspace and landed over Fanglaska!

At this time, near the Fanglaska office building, the demonstrators were still screaming frantically and chanting slogans frantically.

Suddenly, they only felt the darkness above their heads, as if the sun was blocked by a dark cloud, and the entire street was plunged into darkness.

They subconsciously raised their heads and looked into the air. At this look, they immediately screamed in fright.

Everyone's face was filled with deep astonishment!

"God! What is in the air!"

"Oh Maiga! What is this? Why is it so huge that even the sun is blocked!"

"Help! It's an alien! The alien is here!"

The scene was plunged into endless chaos, and all the demonstrators were panicked and screamed hysterically!