The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 755: Emperor's mentality

On the streets of Fanglaska, more than 3,000 demonstrators, all bowed their heads and knelt in front of Fang Xiaoru.

They begged Fang Xiaoru for mercy loudly, begging Fang Xiaoru to forgive them.

But how could Fang Xiaoru forgive them.

Citi agencies have already ceded Fanglaska to him, and he is the master of Fanglaska.

But these people united against themselves with various purposes. Only by using cruel and bloody means to suppress them and then give them the greatest punishment, can the residents of Fanglaska know who is this piece. The owner of the land can let them know that their authority is never to be violated!

This is an excellent deterrent method!

Only in this way can the people of Fanglaska fear Fang Xiaoru.

And this is what the official Fang Xiaoru needs.

To be a king requires the respect of the people.

To be domineering, what you want is the fear of the people.

Fang Xiaoru's route in Fanglaska is domineering.

He doesn't ask the people of Fanglaska to respect him, but only asks the people of Fanglaska to fear him, fear him from the bottom of his heart, and be so afraid that he no longer dares to resist!

Fang Xiaoru's face was expressionless, his eyes coldly looking at the demonstrators in front of him.

The international mercenaries who received his order, like wolves into the flock, tied up all of them and carried them onto the sky mothership suspended in the air.

There was only a hoarse cry, but no one dared to resist.

Because someone resisted before, but at this time they were all lying motionless on the ground.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

One after another, mercenaries, stepping on their flying shoes and carrying a demonstrator on the left and right, flew into the Sky Mothership.

In less than twenty minutes, all the living protesters were arrested.

What awaits them is to go to Huanyu Island to serve a ten-year sentence.

With the rapid development of military factories on Huanyu Island, there has been a serious shortage of manpower.

Especially for some heavy, dirty, and chores, no one can do it at all.

However, due to the need to ensure the concealment of the Huanyu Military Factory, even though Fang Xiaoru was anxious to recruit personnel, he could not find a suitable candidate.

Well now, these three thousand protesters are the best working population.

Put them in prison on Huanyu Island to serve ten years, and let them do heavy and dirty work.

After waiting for ten years, even if they went out to reveal the secrets on Huanyu Island, Fang Xiaoru didn't care.

Because at that time, it is estimated that there is only his voice in the world, and no country or organization dared to act against him.


After the sky-sky mothership left, the sky over Fanglaska ushered in the dawn again.

There was a mess on the street.

Scattered banners, accompanied by scarlet blood scattered on the ground.

Occasionally, there are one or two corpses on the road, these are people who were killed on the spot for resisting arrest.

The extended version of Huanyu Automobile started slowly again and drove on the messy streets.

In the residential area near the street, countless residents looked at the back of the car silently from the window.

Their eyes were full of panic and shock.

Countless parents, when Fang Xiaoru's car passed by, firmly grasped the naughty child beside him, and tightly covered his mouth, for fear that the ignorant child might cause any trouble.

At this moment, on the whole street, apart from the engine sound of the extended version of Huanyu Automobile, there was only the occasional sound of wind blowing.

It was also from this moment that Fang Xiaoru's terrifying image penetrated deep into the hearts of Fanglaskanians.

They can no longer offer the courage to resist Fang Xiaoru!

On the extended version of Huanyu Automobile, Fang Xiaoru took out a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet, poured himself a glass, and said to Queen Grace and Princess Monica:

"Do you want a drink."

A mother and daughter shook their heads after hearing this.

Just kidding, after experiencing the scene just now, where they still want to drink red wine.

Even when I saw red wine, the scarlet blood on the ground flashed in my mind.

Seeing their refusal, Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "That's a pity. This is the red wine that the head of France gave me some time ago. It is said to be the best red wine in France, and the only bottle in the world."

As he said, he took a sip of the red wine, held it in his mouth, felt the taste of it with the coating of his tongue, and then swallowed it.

"Well, it really is good wine."

He closed his eyes and his face was relaxed, as if immersed in the world of red wine.

He has never experienced a bloody and violent suppression.

Grace and Monica looked at each other, and were deeply impressed by the man in front of them.

This kind of mentality is what the superior should have.

Taishan collapsed in front of him without changing his face. No matter what he encountered, he would never show his emotions on his face. Outsiders did not know what he was thinking.

This is a natural emperor mentality!

Even as Queen Grace Horan, she was deeply impressed.

With her vision and status, she has never seen anyone in the city comparable to the extremely young richest man in the world.