The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 756: A holographic game with 99% realism

Fang Xiaoru, the most luxurious hotel in Fanglaska, hosted a banquet for Monica.

At the banquet, the leaders of Fanglaska agencies came to toast Monica.

Most of these leaders are recruited from all over the world.

There are also a small number of leaders who did not resign.

These leaders have stayed as undercover agents.

But after the bloody and violent suppression operation just now, they didn't dare to go undercover anymore.

All that is left is the endless fear of Xiaoru, making them betray, which is absolutely impossible.

The banquet scene seemed to be joyous on the surface.

But in fact, there is a string in everyone's heart.

They are very cautious in every move.

I was afraid that Fang Xiaoru would be unhappy for some reason.

Fang Xiaoru seemed to have become a supreme and unprovoking emperor in their hearts.

Everyone trembles when facing Fang Xiaoru.

Seeing the atmosphere at the scene, Fang Xiaoru nodded secretly with satisfaction.

This is the effect he wants to achieve.

He didn't ask his subordinates to respect him much, but only wanted these people to be afraid that he was so afraid that he would not betray him, that he would be conscientious when he was working, and would not dare to make any mistakes.

A banquet lasted two full hours.

When the banquet was over, Monica had already recognized the middle and senior leaders of Fanglaska.


The next day, Fang Xiaoru handed Fang Laska all the affairs to Monica.

Monica officially became the lieutenant governor of Fanglaska.

On the top of the office building, a sci-fi private jet parked quietly.

Monica sent Fang Xiaoru up the roof and said:

"President Fang, you can rest assured, I will definitely manage Fang Laska according to your arrangements."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and nodded, "Your management philosophy is similar to mine. I am relieved that Fang Laska will leave it to you.

You don't have to worry about your lack of ability. If you have any ideas, just feel free to do it."

With that, he turned around and walked to the door of the private jet.

"and many more!"

Suddenly, Monica's eager voice sounded from behind.

Fang Xiaoru turned his head subconsciously.

But at the moment he turned his head, a warm vermilion lip came up, just on his mouth.

He only felt a sweet sound coming from his lips, and at the same time a bumpy carcass poured into his arms.

Almost instinctive.

He hugged the fragrant carcass in his arms, and then violently responded to the fragrant kiss that was delivered to the door.

After three full minutes, Fang Xiaoru let go of Monica's chest violently rising and falling, and she was almost unable to breathe.

Looking at Monica who was gasping for breath, Fang Xiaoru said with a smile.

"Unexpectedly, our Princess Monica's kissing skills are so strange, just like a wooden person, there is no feedback at all. Thank you, you still actively kiss me."

Monica's face flushed when she heard the words.

She didn't know why, at the moment Fang Xiaoru was about to leave, she went up and gave Fang Xiaoru a fragrant kiss.

But who knew that Fang Xiaoru reacted very quickly. He immediately hugged her in his arms and kissed her for three minutes. If it hadn't been for her to breathe hard, I'm afraid she would not let go until now.

"However, your lips are the sweetest I have ever tasted."

Fang Xiaoru left such a sentence and boarded the plane door.

The next moment, there was a roar, and this sci-fi private plane soared into the sky and flew all the way to the other side of the earth.

"My lips, are they the sweetest."

Monica stared blankly at the white line left by the air plane, and touched the vermilion lips with Fang Xiaoru's remaining warmth.

Suddenly, a happy and happy smile appeared on her face.


I don't know how long it took, Monica suddenly heard a cough.

She turned her head and saw that it was her mother, Queen Grace, behind her.

"Mom, when did you come?"


Queen Grace did not reply, but sighed leisurely.

Then he looked at Monica with blazing eyes.

"Monica, you have already embarked on this path, so be prepared for nothing.

Fang Xiaoru is no better than others, there are many women around him, and there are several figures that are not weaker than you.

And you have seen his character, he is definitely not something a woman can control.

I am very happy that you can take this step and that he has not rejected you.

But you have to make it clear that you are far from entering his mind.

All you need to do now is..."

The Queen of Grace Balabala told Monica a big deal, mostly teaching her how to capture Fang Xiaoru's heart, and explained that the most annoying thing about a man is that women are jealous with each other.


Three days later, the world headquarters of Universe Group, Oriental Capital Outlantis Building.

Fang Xiaoru sat in his office, looking at the [99% authenticity holographic game] plan in his hand.