The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 760 When to Marry the Queen and Have Children

Fang Xiaoru replied in a very official tone: "This game is expected to be released in three months. Please pay attention to our official website for the specific time."

"Three months? I have been planning for a year or two. I didn't expect it to be three months."

"Haha, that's great, I'm impatient and can't wait long."

"It's really exciting, I can't help but get excited when I think of a 99% realistic holographic game in three months."

After the first question passed, it was obvious that the reporters below were very excited.

The host Yu Shuang immediately picked the second lucky reporter again.

"Second question, to the reporters in 3 rows and 7 seats in Area D."

The second lucky reporter is a foreign sister who looks very beautiful.

With excitement in her eyes, she asked: "Mr. Fang, I want to know, how much money have you invested in such a game?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled and stretched out two fingers.

Sister Yang guessed: "Is it 2 billion US dollars?"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head, "2 billion dollars is not even a fraction."

When the foreign sister saw this, her eyes widened."Then could it be 20 billion dollars!"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head again, with a smile on his face, and said, "You can go higher and guess again."

Sister Yang couldn't close her mouth in surprise when she heard this.She said with a vibrato:

"Difficult... Is it 200 billion dollars? But this is too exaggerated."

The other reporters in the audience were also surprised.

From the beginning to the present, let alone invest 200 billion US dollars to develop a game, you can't even find a company with a market value of 200 billion US dollars.

To know that a company with a market value of 200 billion US dollars is firmly able to squeeze into the top ten in the world.

Now, Fang Xiaoru actually wants to use such a huge sum of money to develop a game!

This has to be said, which greatly shocked all the reporters present.

"You still guessed wrong."

On stage, Fang Xiaoru said with a faint smile on his face:

"This game is expected to be available within a year with an investment of 500 billion US dollars.

But in order to increase the speed of its launch, I increased the investment to 2 trillion US dollars!"

As soon as this statement fell, there was silence in the audience.

Everyone was stunned, their eyes widened, their mouths opened wide, and they looked at Fang Xiaoru in amazement.

Everyone's eyes are filled with deep unbelievable and shock!

2 trillion dollars, what kind of concept is that?

That is comparable to the GDP of developed countries in one year!

The questioning sister Yang swallowed hard, and said in a trembled voice: "Fang...Mr. Fang, are you sure it is 2 trillion dollars?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled lightly, and said: "Two trillion is only an investment in the early stage, and a lot of money will be spent on maintenance in the later stage.

We are extremely enthusiastic about this game, not just for fun.

So please look forward to the game that you will officially meet in three months. I believe you will never be disappointed."

The investment of 2 trillion US dollars is only an initial investment.

There has never been such a crazy investment action in the history of the earth.

All the reporters at the scene were frightened by Fang Xiaoru.

In their hearts, they all shouted at the same time:

"Nima! This is the real hero! Bill Gates and Mari Baba are simply beggars compared to him."

A disagreement is 2 trillion US dollars. The audience fell into absolute silence. All the reporters were plunged into infinite horror, and even a needle dropped on the ground could be heard.

It took a full five minutes before someone slowly awoke from that shocked state.

Immediately afterwards, the huge press conference room was completely boiling.

"Oh Maiga! Is this the richest man in the world? A US$2 trillion investment is a huge sum of money even for superpowers like Citigroup and Eastern!"

"God, Fang Xiaoru is definitely the craziest person in the world."

"My God! I can't imagine it, 2 trillion dollars, that's an astronomical figure."

"For this game, I am looking forward to it more and more. The investment of 2 trillion US dollars will definitely not let us down."

All the reporters have fallen into madness.

They are rapidly conceiving press releases in their hearts. This press conference of the Universe Group will definitely blow the world.

"Okay, let's select the third lucky reporter who can ask Mr. Fang questions."

The voice of host Yu Shuang brought back reporters who had fallen into their inner world.

"The last question is given to the reporter friend in Block 1, Row 9, Block C."

The reporter in Block C, row 9 and seat 1, saw his seat number on the big screen and stood up with excitement.

He took the microphone handed over by the staff and said:

"Dear Lord Windsor, I am a reporter from the English BCC. Regarding this game, we have unlimited expectations and unlimited questions.

I can never finish asking a question.So I want to ask another question. What I want to ask is that the British Parliament has recently been discussing the issue of Her Majesty’s childlessness.

When is your Royal Highness going to marry our Queen Catherine and have children?"