The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 765: Who is the King of Memory

"The fourth player, Liu Tian, ​​our popular king!"

Following Yang Xiaoyang's voice, a tall and handsome man in a black tuxedo walked onto the stage.

As soon as he appeared, a shout suddenly appeared on the scene.

His shout is obviously one level higher than the previous three people.

"Liu Tian! Liu Tian!"

"Big Demon King Liu Tian!"

"Liu Tian, ​​I love you!"

Liu Tian, ​​male gender, age 25, graduated from Citi Yale University.

He studied brain science at university, and his talents were added to his professional knowledge, making him the strongest memory master in the history of the Eastern super brain.

He used half an hour to write down a three million-word online novel.

Known as the king of memory by countless oriental fans.

Everyone is looking forward to his performance in the international arena and believes that he can lead the Chinese team to break the curse of the quarter-finals and win the championship.

When Liu Tian took his seat, Yang Xiaoyang faced the audience and said in an extremely excited voice:

"Next, let us invite the last player. The audience on the scene, use your shouts to call out his name!"


The scene seemed to be ignited in an instant, and a sound wave burst out as if to overturn the ceiling of the bird's nest.

Tens of thousands of spectators, all struggling, shouted a person's name.

"Fang Xiaoru!"

"Fang Xiaoru!"

"Fang Xiaoru!"


The shouts of shouts flooded the entire Bird's Nest Stadium.

On the stage, Li Wei, Li Yue, Zhang Tao, and Liu Tian showed slow envy on their faces.

Compared with Fang Xiaoru's, the shouts of their appearance were far different.

The gap is almost like the cry of a baby and the roar of a giant.

The popular king Liu Tian, ​​Liu Tian, ​​who is known as the first person with memory in five thousand years, looked at Fang Xiaoru who slowly walked up from the background with complicated eyes.

He is the proud son of heaven, and he takes the honor out of his birth.

Over the past two decades, there have been countless honors.

However, there is a man who is smaller than him, and has achieved far beyond him.

He thought he could not defeat Fang Xiaoru in business, but in terms of memory, no one would be his opponent.

Looking at Fang Xiaoru's figure, Liu Tian muttered to himself: "Even if you are Fang Xiaoru, in terms of memory, I am a god! Even if it is the strongest memory player in Citi, I don't care about it.

I know that your memory is also very strong. You used this ability to get the No. 1 in the college entrance examination two years ago.But I will definitely beat you with my strength in today's game!

Let people all over the world know that even if Fang Xiaoru dares to challenge me in the field of memory, there will only be defeat!"

In the center of the stage, Yang Xiaoyang looked at Fang Xiaoru with a smile on his face and said:

"Mr. Fang, I'm very curious, why did you participate in this super brain?"

As Fang Xiaoru, participating in such a competition is completely unnecessary.

It's okay if you win, but if you lose, you will suffer some unnecessary stains.

It will even be attacked by people who don't like him.

The audience in the audience was just as curious as Yang Xiaoyang.

Each one opened his eyes wide, looking forward to Fang Xiaoru's answer.

Fang Xiaoru took the microphone that Yang Xiaoyang handed over, smiled, and said:

"Actually, two years ago, the organizing committee of Super Brain sent me an invitation.

At that time I also agreed, but later due to various things, my contract was broken.

Not long ago, Director Wang issued another invitation.I happened to be free recently, so I came."

After Fang Xiaoru returned from England two years ago, he was busy with the construction of the Universe Group.

It was too busy at that time, so the super brain was turned away.

Yang Xiaoyang nodded and said to the audience in the audience: "Dear audience friends may not know. Two years ago, Mr. Fang had just passed the college entrance examination and became the strongest college entrance examination champion ever.

On the recommendation of Dr. Song from the Brain Research Center of Beijing University, the Super Brain Organizing Committee sent an invitation to Mr. Fang."

The audience in the audience heard the words and suddenly looked like this.

They still know something about Fang Xiaoru's past.

Two years ago, the college entrance examination champion, due to an unprecedented high score, caused a national sensation. It was also the first time that Fang Xiaoru entered the sight of the people across the country.

"So I accepted the invitation two years ago."

"It's no wonder that as Mr. Fang, he still participates in competitions like Super Brain."

"Super Brain invited President Fang two years ago, which shows that President Fang is still very powerful."

"Aren't you nonsense, Fang always has the ability to remember, otherwise how could the super brain invite him at that time."

"So Fang always is a memory genius, so I look forward to his duel with Liu Tian."

"Although I am a fan of General Fang, I still think Liu Tian is better in terms of memory."

"Yes, Liu Tian's memory is simply not human. Fang's business ability is unmatched, but in terms of memory, he is really not the opponent of the big demon Liu Tian."