The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 766: Seeing Cells with the naked Eye

For Fang Xiaoru, even his loyal fans are not optimistic.

After all, his domain lies between shopping malls, and the super brain is not his domain.

What's more, Liu Tian, ​​the great demon king who also has an outstanding memory, possesses a suffocating memory.

This is the only man considered by the audience to sweep the world memory arena.

In the center of the stage, Yang Xiaoyang continued to say to the audience: "Dear audience and friends in front of the screen, our Eastern Light Mr. Fang Xiaoru will be the fifth person to compete for the Eastern Championship tonight, and tell us loudly. Are you happy?"

While speaking, she pointed the microphone at the audience.

The audience immediately shouted in unison: "Happy!"

How can you be unhappy? With Fang Xiaoru's current status, even the leaders of the country would be polite when they met.

There are not many opportunities to get close to him.

"Since everyone is so happy, let us look forward to the surprise that Mr. Fang will bring to us."

After Yang Xiaoyang took Fang Xiaoru into the war preparation zone, he returned to the center of the stage again.

"Now, let us have Dr. Song from the Brain Research Center of Beijing University announce the first round for us!"

On the judges' bench, a gray-haired old man stood up.

After waving his hand to the audience, he said: "My friends, this time the Super Brain Championship, we have made a little change.

You will know the specific changes after watching the game.Now, please watch the big screen."

The next moment, on a large screen in the center of the Bird's Nest, the rules and cover-ups of the game appeared.

"There are a total of ten red blood cell models, and the two contestants paired with the red blood cell models one by one from ten red blood cells with a diameter of 7.0 microns."

After seeing this project, the audience suddenly took a breath.

"Observe the cells? Oh my god, can human eyes see cells?"

"This project is too abnormal. Who can see the red blood cells with a diameter of 7.0 microns."

"It doesn't count if you see it, you have to pair with the models on the spot one by one!"

"Fuck! Every cell looks so alike, even if you look at it with a microscope, it's almost the same. How can this be done?"

The audience's reactions were all unbelievable.

These red blood cells are all carefully selected, each with a diameter of 7.0 microns.

Even with a microscope, there is no difference.

But now it is necessary to use the human eye to identify them and map them to the scene model one by one.

Yang Xiaoyang's red lips were slightly open, and he was obviously shocked by this project.

She asked Dr. Song: "Dr. Song, this project is too incredible. You are an expert in the brain domain. Based on your professional knowledge, can the human eye see cells?"

Dr. Song smiled and said, "This is why the super brain is so popular all over the world. Naturally, ordinary people's eyes can't see cells, so they need to use a microscope.

But our super brain players are not ordinary people. If they were ordinary people, it would be impossible to stand on this stage.

On the stage of the super brain, the impossible is to become possible, and here is the place to witness miracles.

So, we don't have to think about whether the players can do it, we just need to appreciate their performance."

Yang Xiaoyang nodded and said: "Yes, as Dr. Song said, every year the Super Brain competition has witnessed one miracle after another.

Although the challenge of looking at cells with the naked eye has never appeared in the world, it does not mean that the human eye is inferior to a microscope.

Now, let's ask the scientific assistant to bring ten red blood cells and red blood cell models on stage."

As soon as Yang Xiaoyang's words fell, twenty young girls in uniform uniforms were seen walking onto the stage with red blood cells and red blood cell models.

Ten red blood cells are placed in ten petri dishes.

Ten other red blood cell models the size of an electric fan were placed aside.

When the science assistant finished placing everything, the host Yang Xiaoyang said excitedly:

"Now, let us invite the players for the first game. They are Ghost Eye Li Wei and our Oriental Light... Fang Xiaoru!"


When Fang Xiaoru and Li Wei stood up and walked towards the center of the stage, the audience suddenly gave a burst of warm applause.

"Wow, I originally thought that Fang would fight Liu Tian, ​​after all, what he is good at is memory. I didn't expect him to have a better vision than Li Wei!"

"There is no suspense at all, Li Wei's eyes are simply abnormal, how can Fang always compare to him."

"It's not necessarily. If you look at this game, you compare it to observing 7.0 micron red blood cells. Even the ghost-eyed Li Wei, I'm afraid I can't see such a smiling red blood cell."

"That said, this project is too abnormal and impossible to complete. It seems that the two are about to tie."

"It seems that the organizing committee is still very sensible, so that even if Fang always loses, he will not lose face. After all, there is no microscope, who can see the cells."