The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 767 I Give Up Observation

Seeing Li Wei and Fang Xiaoru stepping up to prepare for the battle, Zhang Tao smiled and said to Li Yue and Liu Tian who were sitting next to him:

"Xiao Yue, Brother Tian, ​​who will win this game?"

Li Yue looked at Fang Xiaoru's back, her beautiful eyes twinkling, she pursed her red lips and said:

"My husband's knowledge is limited to his genius business acumen. As for other things, I don't know.

However, we have all seen Li Wei's ability. His eyes are closed and X-rays are still terrifying. I think he should win."

It took ten seconds to find out the difference of only one centimeter in area from two 200 square meters of oil paintings. The name of Li Wei's ghost eyes has spread throughout the East.

Li Yue and others, who are also champion candidates, also admire his vision.

Zhang Tao listened to Li Yue's analysis, nodded lightly, and then set his eyes on Liu Tian.

"My God, what do you think?"

Liu Tian looked at Fang Xiaoru on the stage with piercing eyes, and said with a cold expression:

"It is undeniable that Fang Xiaoru is an unprecedented business prodigy. The World Group he founded has become the world's largest financial empire.

Compared with business acumen, we are absolutely inferior to him.But on the stage of super brains, we are the real kings.

I am very confident about Li Wei's eyesight.I won't say whether the cells can succeed by the naked eye, but he will definitely do better than Fang Xiaoru."

Zhang Tao also agreed with his face and said: "Looking at the cell with the naked eye, it sounds like a fantasy. But judging from Li Wei's past performance, maybe he really has this ability.

As for Mr. Fang, it may be a gimmick invited by the organizing committee to attract popularity.After all, we are in the top eight in the East every year, the enthusiasm of the audience is no longer necessary for the previous years.

But this year we will definitely not stop at the quarter-finals, especially when you join Tiange, it is not impossible to win the global championship."

Obviously, in their hearts, Fang Xiaoru is not optimistic.

He even thought that Fang Xiaoru was a gimmick used by the organizing committee to attract popularity!

Liu Tian listened to Zhang Tao's flattery, and Ruotai accepted it.

His heart is higher than the sky, and he has absolute confidence in his memory.

Confidence can lead the Eastern team to the global finals and win the championship trophy.

In the center of the stage, Li Wei and Fang Xiaoru stood in the war zone.

The host Yang Xiaoyang took the microphone and said, "Two, on your left, there are ten petri dishes with one red blood cell inside.

On your right is a model of red blood cells magnified countless times.

What you have to do is to pair the red blood cells in each petri dish with the model.

For each successful pairing, one point is awarded, and the one with the highest score wins."

After Yang Xiaoyang finished speaking, Li Wei asked: "Sister Xiao Mi, how much time do we have to observe red blood cells."

Yang Xiaoyang replied: "You have half an hour to observe the red blood cells. After the observation, follow the numbers from 1 to 10 and pair them one by one. And the time for each pair is only ten seconds. There are other problems. ?"

Li Wei nodded and said, "I see, there are no other problems."

Yang Xiaoyang turned his head to look at Fang Xiaoru again, and said, "President Fang, how about you?"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said, "I'm fine."

Yang Xiaoyang said: "Okay, then please enter the observation area. When I finish calling the start, the timer will start timing and you can observe."

After listening, Li Wei stepped towards the observation area.

He felt very pressured for this challenge.

He has tried to observe things like cells with the naked eye.

It's just that the cells he observed before are about 20 microns in diameter.

The red blood cells at the scene are only 7.0 microns in diameter.

Don't look at the difference in diameter by only about three times, but you have to know that this is three times the microscopic situation.

The impact is extremely huge.

This kind of microscopic observation, although Li Wei is very confident in his own eyesight, because he has never tried it, he is still a little nervous.

"Relax, I can see cells with a diameter of 20 microns, and red blood cells with a diameter of 7.0 microns.

Compared to Fang Xiaoru, I definitely have a win.He is an entrepreneur and a person who is good at memory.I can only rely on blindness in this competition, and my advantage is great."

After comforting himself, Li Wei took a deep breath and stood on the observation area.

"President Fang, it's time to go to the observation area."

In the center of the stage, Yang Xiaoyang looked at Fang Xiaoru who hadn't moved, and couldn't help but urge.

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "I give up observation."

"What?" Yang Xiaoyang's expression changed, and he said with surprise: "Fang Zong, do you want to give up this game?"

Although she, like most people, does not have any confidence in the other's Xiaoru.

However, he never expected that Fang Xiaoru would give up observation at the beginning and directly "give up".

The audience in the audience also looked dull.

Did the game end before it started?what is this?

Seeing that Yang Xiaoyang would obviously be wrong about what he meant, Fang Xiaoru smiled and explained:

"You got it wrong, I was talking about giving up observation, not giving up the game.

It's just a red blood cell with a diameter of 7.0 microns. I can remember its appearance and characteristics at a glance. It doesn't take half an hour to observe."

Give up the observation time!

Fang Xiaoru's explanation is even more shocking than simply giving up the game and choosing to admit defeat.

After Yang Xiaoyang and the audience listened, their eyes became round.

Everyone looked at Fang Xiaoru in amazement, whether he was a fan or not, they were shouting in their hearts: "This...this is too arrogant!"

Red blood cells at the micron level can only be seen clearly with a microscope.

And Fang Xiaoru actually gave up the observation directly, this is confident that he can complete all the matching in only ten seconds!