The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 769: Fang Xiaoru, God's Eye

"It's over, Mr. Fang hasn't observed at all. How should I answer the question? Is it all by guessing?"

"What you can do without guessing, it's red blood cells, let alone identifying with the naked eye, even if you observe with a microscope, you may not be able to tell the difference."

"Hey, to be honest, I still have a little hope for the other party. After all, I have been a fan of him for many years, but now, there is really no hope."

"Now I am expecting that Li Wei will not be able to complete this challenge, otherwise we will always lose face."

The audience in the audience was worried about Fang Xiaoru.

While preparing for the war zone, Zhang Tao and Liu Tian looked at Fang Xiaoru with a good show.

Zhang Tao said with a smile: "Brother Tian, ​​it looks like Fang Xiaoru is going to be embarrassed later. But according to my observation, Li Wei doesn't seem to see anything. You can see that his eyebrows are completely twisted together."

The corner of Liu Tian's mouth showed a touch of sarcasm, and murmured:

"I admit that you are the proud man in business and a legendary entrepreneur.

However, there is a specialization in the art industry. On the stage of super brain, even you, the legendary Oriental Light, cannot defeat us."

In the center of the stage, the host Yang Xiaoyang led Fang Xiaoru to the observation area. With her order, the ten-second countdown to answer the questions began.

Under the gaze of tens of thousands of spectators and three judges, Fang Xiaoru moved to the petri dish numbered 1.

He just glanced at the petri dish slightly, and he had captured the shape of the red blood cells inside.

After taking a look, he immediately turned around and walked to the model next to him.

As before, he just glanced casually, and gave this model to his eyes.

Immediately after that, I wrote the first matching answer.

At this time, only five seconds have passed since the ten-second answer time.

His competitor Li Wei is still hesitant in front of the model, not knowing which one to choose.

When he saw Fang Xiaoru leaning over and writing the answer, his face changed suddenly.

There was a burst of pressure in my heart for no apparent reason, to see that the time to answer the question was almost up, and there was no extra time for him to infer and guess, and he quickly wrote an answer on it.

After the first question was paired, the audience suddenly exclaimed.

"Wow, no, President Fang just took a look and wrote the answer?"

"How do you feel that Fang always is walking in the quiet courtyard, so he wrote the answer so easily."

"No, Fang always looks at the red blood cells in the petri dish, but can he really see anything in a second?"

"Could it be... Fang always abandons himself and writes casually?"

"It might be the case. Fang always came here to play. After all, in his capacity, there is no need to participate in Super Brain."

Tens of thousands of viewers did not think that Fang Xiaoru had the ability to see through red blood cells with a diameter of 7.0 microns at a glance.

Yang Xiaoyang, the host on the side, saw Fang Xiaoru's answering method and was stunned, and suddenly forgot to announce the timing of the second question.

In the end, it was only under the soft urging of the judges that he recovered.

She shook her head bitterly, gave Fang Xiaoru a suspicious look, and said:

"The second pairing, start timing!"

Although she still doesn't believe that Fang Xiaoru has the eyesight to see cells, let alone his unbelievable ability to quickly complete the pairing in just one minute.

But every time she saw Fang Xiaoru's faint, confident smile on the corner of her mouth, her thoughts would be shaken.

The next nine pairs are exactly the same as the first pair.

Fang Xiaoru spent a second observing the red blood cells in the petri dish, then quickly turned around to pair the models and wrote down the answers.

The time spent in the entire answering process is controlled within five seconds.

It can be said to be very relaxing.

On the other hand, Li Wei, the eyes of ghosts and talents, had already spent 30 minutes watching before, but he was hesitant when pairing, and he always waited until the last second to write the answer.

After the ten pairs were matched, Li Wei's forehead was covered with layers of fine sweat.

I have to say that Fang Xiaoru's abnormal pairing speed brought him great psychological pressure.

He only saw the outline of the red blood cells, and couldn't tell the difference between the ten groups of red blood cells.

Under Fang Xiaoru's inhuman speed, his own rhythm was completely disrupted.

Ten pairs of matches are completely guesswork.

The accuracy is horrible.

Yang Xiaoyang lightly opened her lips and said, "Well, the ten pairs of the two sides have been matched. Now we have a scientific assistant to reveal the answer for us to see who gets the higher score!"

Two tall, bumpy scientific assistants in uniforms came onto the stage.

Each took the answers written by Fang Xiaoru and Li Wei on the paper and read them out softly.

At the same time, the correct answer of the first pairing appeared on the big screen.

No. 1 red blood cell corresponds to No. 6 model!

"Moderator, Li Wei is the first pair, and the No. 1 red blood cell corresponds to the No. 3 model. The answer is wrong."

"Moderator, Mr. Fang is the first set of pairings. No. 1 red blood cell corresponds to No. 6 model. The answer is correct."

When the answer of the first pairing of the two was announced, the audience suddenly boiled.

"Hold the grass! This is impossible, President Fang actually answered correctly!"

"Damn! It's awesome, Li Wei was wrong, but Fang always got it right."

"This is incredible, it must be a coincidence."

"Yes, it must be a coincidence. The average time Fang always looks at each petri dish is only one second. If it is not a coincidence, then he is definitely not a human being!"

On the stage, Zhang Tao stared at the result in a daze, and said with a face full of disbelief: "God... Brother Tian, ​​this should be a coincidence, right?"

Liu Tian, ​​the king of memory, suddenly had an inexplicable hunch in his heart. He frowned and said:

"Successfully pairing a group does not mean anything, let's continue to watch."