The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 771: Mental Arithmetic Queen Li Yue

On the stage of super brains, it is impossible to cheat and reveal answers in advance.

This is a well-known thing.

As the most stringent and authoritative brain competition in the world, it can be said that there is no fairer and more open competition rules than Super Brain.

Fang Xiaoru obtained the answer in advance through cheating, so he was able to complete the challenge of viewing cells with the naked eye. No one would think that way.

In the enthusiastic shouts of the audience, the host Yang Xiaoyang looked at Dr. Song in the judging stand.

"Dr. Song, what do you want to say about Mr. Fang's performance just now?"

At this time, Dr. Song's face was still slowly excited and excited.

He picked up the microphone and said: "The red blood cells with a diameter of 7.0 microns are absolutely invisible to normal people, only with the help of a microscope.

This challenge tested two abilities of the players.First, eyesight.

Without good enough eyesight, you can't see anything at all when you look at the petri dish, let alone find out the differences between the cells, and then pair them with the model.

The second is inferential power.

Everyone has seen the model at the scene. This is the shape of the red blood cells enlarged countless times, but even so, they are almost identical in appearance.

If it hadn't been programmed in advance, I wouldn't recognize it.

Therefore, after possessing god-like eyesight and having the same observation power as a microscope, it is also necessary to have strong inference power to complete the final pairing.

Mr. Fang’s performance just now undoubtedly showed us that he is not only a legend in business, but also on the stage of super brains!"


As soon as Dr. Song finished speaking, the audience applauded involuntarily.

The admiration of the other's filial piety in their hearts became even more intense.

"Thanks to Dr. Song for his wonderful comment. The next game is the second game! But before that, I want to ask Mr. Yixia."

Yang Xiaoyang walked up to Fang Xiaoru and asked, "Mr. Fang, before the second game, do you need a break?

You can get a 20-minute break if you need it."

Obviously, Yang Xiaoyang is afraid that Fang Xiaoru will consume too much energy in this game, which will affect the performance of the next game.

After all, when Li Wei walked down with a decadent face just now, she could see the exhaustion from Li Wei's face.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said with a smile: "No need to rest, I don't have any consumption at all. Let's go straight to the next game."

The audience in the audience listened, only feeling a while.

"What the hell is this? Does the second game always have to play?"

"Looking at this trend, it seems that it is really going to be played. Is it to compare memory with Liu Tian?"

"It's very possible indeed. I really want to know if Fang Zong can beat the Demon King Liu Tian in terms of memory."

"It is said that Mr. Fang was a senior high school student two years ago. At that time, his academic performance was very poor. It was because of his unforgettable memory that he became the strongest college entrance examination champion in history. Now he is finally in front of everyone. Show his memory ability."

"I really look forward to it."

After getting Fang Xiaoru's reply, Yang Xiaoyang faced the audience and said:

"The next thing is the second game. The second game is mental arithmetic!

Here is Li Yue from Duowan, Baodao!"

Li Yue, a freshman who just entered a freshman year, is nicknamed the Queen of Mental Arithmetic.

Under her sweet and quiet appearance, there is a determination that does not belong to anyone.

On the road of mental arithmetic, she has walked for eight full years, and since she stepped onto the field, she has never lost.

At the same time, she is also an old member of the Eastern team.

In last year's international competition, she defeated the first Hongming Tsuchiya of Mental Arithmetic from Zhepan by an absolute advantage of 3-0.

It can be said that this is a world-renowned female arithmetic queen, and one of the most frightening and fearful players in the super brain mental arithmetic project.

Li Yue carried the skirt and walked to Yang Xiaoyang's side, bowed gently to the audience, and then stood there quietly.

Yang Xiaoyang looked at Li Yue and asked with a smile, "Li Yue, I don't know how you feel about your husband's performance just now?"

Li Yue pursed her red lips and said, "Without the aid of a microscope, you can see the tiny red blood cells with the naked eye. This is an amazing and admirable ability.

There is no doubt that in terms of microscopic object identification, no one can compare to Mr. Shang."

Yang Xiaoyang said again: "Then do you know that your opponent in this game is Mr. Fang?"

Li Yue nodded slightly, and said quietly: "I have guessed it."

Yang Xiaoyang said so much on the stage just now, even the audience in the audience had guessed that Fang Xiaoru would continue the second game, let alone Li Yue.

Although I don't know why such a change occurred in the rules of the finals, neither the host nor the judges seem to want to say it now.

Yang Xiaoyang continued to ask: "The last question, Li Yue, do you think Mr. Fang will be the first person to beat you in mental arithmetic?"