The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 773: Super Genius

"Fuck! What speed is this!"

"Gosh! This speed is even more exaggerated than Li Yue!"

"Catch up, catch up! President Fang has caught up with Li Yue."

"Already overtaken, Li Yue is still answering the square question, and Mr. Fang is already answering the last tenth power question."

"My goodness, Fang would never finish reading all the questions at once and then answer them all at once."

"If this is the case, it would be too scary."

"Unbelievable, unbelievable. Originally thought that General Fang was powerless to return to heaven, he unexpectedly gave us another big surprise."

Both the on-site audience and the audience in front of the screen were shocked by Fang Xiaoru's answering speed.

They had already reached the limit of Li Yue's speed. Basically, they wrote the answer directly when they saw the question, without thinking.

Only occasionally will I be blocked by one or two questions, so I spend time thinking about it.

But the time spent in it will not exceed thirty seconds at most.

And it was this time gap that allowed Fang Xiaoru to quickly catch up with her and surpass her.

When Fang Xiaoru finished answering all the questions, Li Yue was able to open the last piece of paper and began to answer the tenth power question.

Preparing for the war zone, Zhang Tao was completely stunned.

He opened his mouth wide and said in disbelief, "This...this speed is too exaggerated, it is even faster than Li Yue!

I thought he just happened to have talent in eyesight, so I defeated Li Wei.

Unexpectedly, he was actually at the top of mental arithmetic, and he also had such terrible strength.

Fang Xiaoru is Fang Xiaoru, no matter what field he is in, he is so powerful that it is trembling!"

Next to Zhang Tao, Liu Tian's face was extremely solemn. He didn't want to believe that one person could possess so many terrifying abilities at the same time.

"It's too early to say anything. A quick answer doesn't mean you will win.

In mental arithmetic competitions, although speed is of utmost importance, the accuracy rate must be ranked first.

Although Li Yue's speed was a little slower, as long as she wrote down the answer, she would not be wrong."

According to Li Yue's performance in past competitions, as long as she writes out the answer, she is 100% correct.

And when it’s wrong, she often won’t fill it in, and it’s empty.

After she answered all the questions, there was no time for the next one.

In other words, she has almost locked full marks.

The rest depends on Fang Xiaoru's correct rate!

In Liu Tian's heart, he had already determined that Fang Xiaoru's answer would be horrible.

When Li Yue finished the last question, she immediately took a photo of the timer next to her.

It wasn't until the timer was pressed that she found that her opponent Fang Xiaoru had already finished answering the question and was looking at her there.

She was taken aback, and her beautiful pair immediately wrinkled.

"Did he give up answering the question or has he already...completed it?"

Li Yue's heart was completely uncertain.

If she changed to another person, she would never have such doubts.

Because she has absolute confidence in herself, confident that no one will answer questions faster than her.

But Fang Xiaoru is different. This man has been creating legends since two years ago.

Not to mention other things, just observe the red blood cells with the naked eye just now.

He looks at red blood cells as easily as a normal person looks at fruits. Even if he is holding a microscope, he may not be able to see that the strange red blood cells are successfully paired with the model one by one.

"Okay, both players have completed their own answers. Among them, Mr. Fang took less time, only 62 seconds. And Li Yue took 83 seconds!"

The host Yang Xiaoyang faced the audience and announced the time for the two to answer the questions.

"Of course, in mental arithmetic competitions, although time is important, the most important thing is accuracy.

In the case of the same correct rate, it is necessary to compare the answering time.Now we have a scientific assistant to reveal the answers of the two for us."

After Yang Xiaoyang said, two scientific assistants immediately took Fang Xiaoru and Li Yue's answers to the front and projected them on the big screen.

"Look at Mr. Fang's answer first, the answer to the first question of twelve multiplication, 2, 3, 4... 8, 7, 3, correct!"

With the announcement of the answer, the audience in the audience suddenly boiled.

"Wow! President Fang really got it right."

"God, President Fang is simply an all-around wizard, even on the stage of super brains, he is so outstanding."

"I have a hunch that Mr. Fang's next answer will be all correct."

"Maybe our mental arithmetic queen, Li Yue, will experience failure for the first time today."

Not only the audience in the audience, but even Li Yue himself, after seeing that Fang Xiaoru's answer to the first question was correct, he suddenly felt a little in his heart.

I also think that Fang Xiaoru's next answer will be all correct!

And Zhang Tao, who was preparing for the war zone, had completely abandoned his previous arrogance at this time.

Started to truly admire Fang Xiaoru.

As for Liu Tian, ​​his face was completely gloomy.

He thinks he is the first genius of the Super Brain Eastern Team, but now, obviously someone is more talented than him!