The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 774

No matter what the audience and the players like Zhang Tao and Liu Tian think, the scientific assistant continues to reveal the answer.

The host Yang Xiaoyang stared at Li Yue's answer and compared the correct answer one by one.

"Next, check Li Yue's answer, 2, 3, 4...... 8, 7, 3, which is also correct!"


The audience in the audience gave their own applause again without hesitation.

They didn't even read the question for twelve-digit multiplication, and Li Yue had already answered it.

And I got it right. Such terrible mental arithmetic ability is worthy of being respected by everyone.

Listening to the applause of the audience, Li Yue's face was full of solemnity.

In this competition, she was really not sure.

Although she is confident that she can answer all questions correctly, she always thinks that Fang Xiaoru can also answer them correctly.

Yang Xiaoyang's voice spread through the microphone throughout the bird's nest.

"We saw that for the first problem of multiplication, both players were correct.

Below, let us continue to examine the questions one by one."

With the assistance of two scientific assistants, the test proceeded slowly.

For the second question, both are right.

For the third question, both are right.


For the ninth question, the two still made no mistakes.

Yang Xiaoyang took a deep breath and said, "The last question of the multiplication problem, let us see if Mr. Fang and Li Yue can all be correct?"

"3, 8, 9, 0... 6, 1, Mr. Fang's answer is correct!"

"3, 8, 9, 0...... 6, 1, Li Yue's answer is also correct!"

"Congratulations to the two contestants for getting 100% correct rate in the twelve multiplication questions, and they succeeded and scored 10 full marks!"

Offstage, the audience cheered.

Such a wonderful game, they couldn't help but shout for the two.

"It's amazing. The multiplication of twelve digits is actually calculated by mental arithmetic, and it takes such a short time."

"I can only say that I am the queen of mental arithmetic, and Li Yue really deserves her reputation."

"Li Yue is very strong, but Fang always seems to be stronger. He spent more than 20 seconds less time than Li Yue."

"My boss Fang is awesome, Li Yue is the queen of mental arithmetic, and President Fang is the emperor of mental arithmetic."

"After watching their game, how do I feel like I am mentally retarded?"

"You may not believe it. When they were playing, I was using the calculator on my mobile phone to press, and I didn't finish pressing my question after receiving it. They had already answered two questions."

When the applause and cheers of the audience slowly dissipated, Yang Xiaoyang said:

"Dear audiences at the scene and in front of the screen, I have to say that this is a peak matchup in mental arithmetic.

Both Li Yue and Mr. Fang demonstrated the world's top mental arithmetic skills in this competition.

They are all correct for the multiplication of the twelve digits. Let us continue to verify the division problem later."

Division problem, square root problem, multiple power problem.

The next 30 questions were verified one by one with the assistance of the scientific assistant.

After all the answers were verified, it was surprisingly discovered that neither Li Yue nor Fang Xiaoru had missed any of the questions.

A total of forty questions, they all answered correctly!

"Unbelievable, forty questions, all of them answered correctly! Both got full marks!"

Yang Xiaoyang's face flushed with excitement, and these words almost roared out.

The East team has such a strong mental arithmetic master, and is not afraid of anyone in the world.

The audience also felt a burst of enthusiasm, they all shouted crazy, and the applause came like a tide.

The passion of everyone was completely ignited at this moment.

Everyone is celebrating this incredible moment.

Forty questions surpassing international standards, one took 62 seconds and one took 83 seconds.

This is undoubtedly an achievement that broke the world record.

After seeing all the answers verified, Li Yue showed a wry smile on her face.

The situation was as she had imagined, Fang Xiaoru really got all these questions right.

The first loss on the field made her feel very complicated.

Both uncomfortable and unwilling.

But more is excitement and excitement!

For so many years, whether it is domestic or international competitions, she has never lost in mental arithmetic.

Even Hongming Tsuchiya, the world's strongest mental arithmetic master, is not her opponent, and she is not in her eyes.

And now, for the first time, she deeply felt the taste of failure.

It is also the first time to feel the excitement of having an opponent!

Li Yue raised his head and stared at Fang Xiaoru with bright eyes.

From this moment on, she finally had another goal-defeat Fang Xiaoru.

In preparation for the war zone, Zhang Tao cheered loudly and shouted like the audience in the audience.

Fang Xiaoru completely conquered this arrogant and talented boy in two games.

On the other side, Liu Tian, ​​the king of memory, looked forward with a dull expression.

Muttered to himself: "This is impossible. There is no reason for a person to have so many amazing abilities at the same time."