The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 779 President Fang forced me to give full marks

The brother who had previously said that if Fang Xiaoru could still perform miracles, he shrank his head in the live broadcast and looked around with a guilty conscience, for fear that others would find that he was the person who just let go of the "big words".

At the same time, he couldn't help but exclaimed: "Mr. Fang simply doesn't give people a way to survive. Even if his memory is so abnormal, he even understands the language of a small African country. I am completely convinced."

After comparison, both Liu Tian and Fang Xiaoru's answers are correct.

The audience cheered loudly for their god-level memory. It took five minutes for the noise to fade away.

At this time, the host Yang Xiaoyang asked Fang Xiaoru: "Mr. Fang, take the liberty to ask, why do you even understand the language of such a small African country?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Huanyu Island is in the waters of Somalia, and this small country happens to be next to Somalia. In order to understand my neighbors, I spent half a day learning about their history and thus learning the language."

In half a day, I learned a language.

If this sentence were uttered by others, countless people would ridicule and think he was bragging.

But the person who said this is Fang Xiaoru, who has repeatedly performed miracles on the super brain stage.

Everyone at the scene was stunned, and no one would suspect that Fang Xiaoru was bragging.

First, he doesn't need to brag.

Second, judging from his performance on the super brain stage, no one can deny that he does not have the ability to learn a language for a long time.

"The memory is so strong and the ability to learn is so terrible. Perhaps this is the reason why he was able to achieve such a huge success."

"I was afraid that Fang would always lose to the big devil, but now it seems that I think too much."

"I learned an African language in one afternoon. If you don't blow it, you won't be black. Mr. Fang is so black."

"This forced me to give full marks."

On the stage, Yang Xiaoyang looked at Fang Xiaoru's eyes full of small stars. If it weren't for the Super Brain Bird's Nest Finals, she would rush to Fang Xiaoru's side to take a photo with him and sign.

But knowing that it is not the time yet, she restrained her excitement and said: "The first question, Mr. Fang and Liu Tian both answered correctly. Next, we will continue to randomly select two audience members and ask them to ask questions."

The scrolling numbers on the big screen reappeared, and the second audience who asked the question appeared.

This is a middle-aged man in his forties.

He stood up with a look of excitement and said: "I am very happy to have this opportunity. Whether it is President Fang or Liu Tian, ​​it is very good in my heart.

I want to say that you are really too 6, so what I want you to find is page 666, paragraph 6, line 6, and word 6."

Page 666, paragraph 6, line 6, word 6.

This subject is really 666.

The moment the audience finished the topic, the audience immediately calmed down. Everyone held their breath and did not dare to make a sound, for fear that it would affect the performance of Fang Xiaoru and Liu Tian.

Liu Tian closed his eyes tightly, and tried his best to recall page 666, paragraph 6, line 6, word 6.

Due to intense thinking and memory, his eyelids were shaking violently.

On the other hand, Fang Xiaoru wrote the answer almost immediately when the audience asked the question.

Then he stood there quietly, his expression still unchanged, with a faint smile on the corners of his mouth, giving people an extremely confident feeling.

"Awesome, almost a second answer."

"You don't need to think at all, and you get the answer in an instant. This is too scary."

"Tsk tusk, Big Devil Liu Tian, ​​there seems to be a big gap compared to Fang Zong."

After a long time, when the answering time was about to end, Liu Tian finally opened his eyes and a smile appeared on his face.

Obviously, he also thought of page 666, paragraph 6, line 6, what exactly is the sixth word.

However, when he lowered his head to write down the answer, he saw the old god Fang Xiaoru standing there, and he immediately stopped.

"Does he have to come up with the answer before me? It's impossible, this has reached more than 600 pages, and I forcibly wrote it down here."

Yang Xiaoyang, who was observing his words and expressions on the court, saw that they both wrote down the answers, and immediately said:

"Well, both players have already written down their answers. Please ask the scientific assistant to verify it for us, starting with Liu Tian."

On the big screen, page 666, paragraph 6, line 6, and word 6 appeared.To be precise, it is not a word, but a comma.

Seeing the correct answer on the big screen, Liu Tian's mouth rose up.

At this time, a scientific assistant wearing a blue and white porcelain cheongsam walked onto the stage with a graceful figure and began to verify Liu Tian's answer.

"Host, Liu Tian's answer is a comma."

The lens gave her the paper, and compared with the correct answer on the big screen, it was exactly the same, all with commas.


The audience at the scene immediately applauded without hesitation.

Liu Tian is worthy of the title of the Great Demon King, and indeed has a perverted dominance in the field of memory.

In a short time, he actually remembered a comma on page 666!

Such strength has to be admired!