The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 780 Is there such an operation?

An 800-page book, and it is still written in African script.

In just ten minutes of browsing, Liu Tian knew that on page 666, paragraph 6, the sixth word in line 6 was a comma.

Although it was only a short memory, he might forget it all in half an hour.

But I have to say that Liu Tian's and ability are terrifying.

It is no wonder that countless audiences are called the big devil.

His strength really deserves the title of Great Demon King.

However, unfortunately he met Fang Xiaoru.

When the scientific assistant revealed Fang Xiaoru's answer, there was another thunderous applause and cheers.

Like Liu Tian, ​​Fang Xiaoru also wrote a comma.

The answers of the two are exactly the same, and both are correct!

But one thing the audience is clear is that Fang Xiaoru wrote down the answer almost as soon as he wrote the question, while Liu Tian spent a lot of time extracting his memory and spent a lot of energy and talent. Finally thought of this answer.

Although both answers are correct, they have to admit that there is still a clear gap between them.

At this moment, Fang Xiaoru's image in front of the audience changed again.

Liu Tian, ​​the king of memory in their minds, was compared to Fang Xiaoru in the memory area he was best at.

Suddenly, countless people shouted Fang Xiaoru's name loudly.

"Fang Xiaoru! Fang Xiaoru!"

"President Fang, I love you!"

"My beloved President Fang, will never leave!"

Whether in front of the TV or at the scene, countless Fang Xiaoru's brain fans are about to jump up with excitement.

They had always worried that Fang Xiaoru would lose to the Super Brain contestants, thinking that Fang Xiaoru's purpose was to activate the sluggish atmosphere of Super Brain.

As a result, he did not expect that Fang Xiaoru was like a fierce tiger, swept through thousands of troops, successively crushing the eyes of ghosts and talents Li Wei and mental arithmetic queen Li Yue.

Now even the strongest Great Demon King Liu Tian cannot escape being crushed.

The numbers on the big screen rotated for the third time, and another lucky audience stood up and asked questions with excitement.

"Since this book has 800 pages, does it matter? The title I asked is the last word on page 800 and the 800th word from the bottom."

"Nima, the 800th word from the bottom, is there such an operation?"

"666, this big brother will play."

"This brother is too scheming. He plays his cards completely out of common sense."

"Look at the big devil's expression, he is afraid this time is going to be yellow."

After finishing the topic, the host Yang Xiaoyang faced Dr. Song and asked: "Dr. Song, do the reciprocal and the reciprocal have any effect on memory?"

Dr. Song replied: "We ordinary people memorize an article, or recite a paragraph of text, and we look at it from the beginning to the end of the sentence.

For those with extremely top memory, they usually remember them in order from beginning to end.

Mr. Liu Tian and Mr. Fang wrote down an 800-page book in just ten minutes.They can only use pictures to remember.

In other words, in their minds, this 800-page book is not a paragraph of text, but a picture.

When they answer questions, they need to extract the content from these pictures.

In this extraction process, it is very natural to use sequential extraction.

Therefore, the audience's questioning method has undoubtedly increased the difficulty of extracting the contestants, and the difficulty of the assessment has undergone a qualitative change."

An explanation from Dr. Song made the audience exclaim loudly.

"Nima, the 800th word from the bottom, is there such an operation?"

"666, this big brother will play."

"This brother is too scheming. He plays his cards completely out of common sense."

"Look at the big devil's expression, he is afraid this time is going to be yellow."

"It's over, the big devil's face is so ugly, it's really going to be planted."

On the stage, the face of the Great Demon King Liu Tian was very bad.

As Dr. Song said, the way the audience presented the question greatly increased the difficulty of extraction.

In order to forcibly memorize the 800-page book, he used a short-term but extremely effective memory method.

Although the memorization time cannot last, but the content can be memorized as quickly as possible.

And now he has to extract the 800th last word, which completely disrupted his memory rhythm.

In other words, he might not be able to extract the 800th word from the bottom!

"Please start answering the two contestants!"

As soon as Yang Xiaoyang's voice fell, Fang Xiaoru picked up the pen on the table and wrote an African text on the paper.

And Liu Tian, ​​who was opposite him, held his head in both hands, thinking hard, trying to extract memories.

But no matter how hard he tried, his mind was about to explode, but he couldn't remember what the 800th word from the bottom was.


After a long time, Liu Tian panted heavily, his face pale, and big beads of sweat dripped from his forehead.

After all... he still couldn't remember!