The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 781: Super Brain Championship

In the third game, Liu Tian has already lost!

Although he was dissatisfied and uncomfortable, he couldn't change what he couldn't recall from the bottom 800 words.

"No! The outcome is still undecided, this time with such a high degree of difficulty, I don't believe he can answer correctly."

Suddenly, Liu Tian seemed to have caught a straw.

He pinned his hopes on Fang Xiaoru, and hoped that Fang Xiaoru also couldn't remember what that word was.

At this time, the audience saw Liu Tian's delay in writing, and they couldn't help but talk a lot.

"Liu Tian didn't write, I am afraid it is really yellow."

"The ever-victorious general on the field, the big devil Liu Tian, ​​is finally going to usher in his first defeat?"

"Distressed my great devil, but there is no way to meet President Fang."

"The great devil has been thinking and meditation for so long, and the face of thinking is so pale that he can't think of it, but Fang always wrote the answer when he heard the question."

"Hey, Mr. Fang is a pervert."

When the audience was discussing, the two scientific assistants walked up to them and picked up their answers.

"Host, contestant Liu Tian didn't write an answer."

"Host, contestant Fang Xiaoru's answer is correct."

When the two people's answers were displayed on the big screen, the audience burst into applause.

"Fang Xiaoru! Fang Xiaoru!"

"Where is Mr. Fang's limit?"

"What else does Fang always never know?"

"No wonder he will succeed, no wonder he can create the World Group!"

"Fang's brain is the wealth of all mankind!"

"From today onwards, I am a fan of General Fang's brains."

"Me too, only such a character is worthy of us to follow."

Applause, cheers, and shouts sounded desperately.

The audience did not hesitate to compliment their counterparts.

At this moment, no words are enough to describe the admiration of their counterpart's filial piety.

In such a short period of time, an 800-page African book was kept in mind.

And it can extract the 800th from the bottom in an instant.

This kind of memory ability has far surpassed that of the great demon Liu Tian who had previously been invincible in the arena!

Fang Xiaoru used his strength to prove to all the people in the East that his success was not accidental, but inevitable.

Because he has talents that no one else has!

Whether it is in business decision-making or in terms of brain power, he stands on the top and overlooks the existence of sentient beings!

In each of the three games on the super brain stage, they almost defeated their opponents by an overwhelming advantage.

Every audience, every judge, every scientific assistant, at this moment involuntarily stood up, and gave Fang Xiaoru the warmest applause.

At this moment, they were completely conquered!

This is comparable to the memory of a supercomputer, and no one can single out the slightest fault!

On the stage, Liu Tian's face turned paler.

He felt the enthusiastic shouts of the audience, like salt on his wound.

He never thought that he would fail. He thought that even if one day he would lose points on the court, it must be in the global finals.

At this time, he finally understood that he still underestimated the world.

I underestimated Fang Xiaoru!

Taking a deep breath, he tried his best to adjust his mood.

"Congratulations to Mr. Fang for winning three consecutive victories!"

Yang Xiaoyang twisted his hips and walked towards Fang Xiaoru with his slender thighs.

She looked at Fang Xiaoru's eyes, becoming even more hot, and she couldn't wait to swallow him in one bite.

"I have to say, this is an extremely exciting game, not even inferior to previous global finals."

Chief Reviewer Dr. Song said very excitedly: "Just now, Liu Tian and Mr. Fang showed us what is the ultimate memory.

Especially Mr. Fang, with perfect performance, correctly answered the third question.

To be honest, the third question, because the audience was asking questions in a reverse order, seriously disrupted the player's memory rhythm.

I originally thought it was impossible for Liu Tian and Mr. Fang to answer correctly because it was too difficult.

But Mr. Fang did a miracle, he wrote the answer almost without thinking.

I'm sure that Mr. Fang's memory ability, even if you look at the world, you can't find any opponent.

If I have the opportunity, I hope to study the brain of Mr. Yixia."

The audience in the audience gave another round of applause.

Fang Xiaoru said indifferently, "Dr. Song is overwhelming."

Study my brain?You really think too much.

At this time, Yang Xiaoyang said again: "Maybe the audience does not understand why today's finals is so strange. It feels like Mr. Fang challenges four champion candidates alone.

Now, I can explain to you.This is Mr. Fang's request. He said that only by defeating talented players in various fields can the champion be worthy of his name.

So he asked us to change the competition system for him to challenge the four champion candidates alone.Now, he has successfully defeated three players, and then, the last player Zhang Tao will be on the stage!"

As soon as this statement was made, the audience suddenly realized.

"Grass! I said how the game system of Super Brain has changed, it turned out to be like this."

"President Fang is really arrogant, but I like it."

"Well said, since you want to become a champion, you can't only dominate in the field you are good at. Only Fang Zong is eligible to be a champion."

"Haha, Li Wei, the eye of ghosts, Li Yue, the queen of mental arithmetic, and Liu Tian, ​​the devil of memory, have all lost. The next Zhang Tao can withstand the challenge of Fang Zong?"

"Although Fang Zong hasn't shown any ability in listening, but based on the situation of the previous three games, this Tao is afraid to be tortured."

"I feel sorry for Taotao, Mr. Fang starts to act lightly."

Preparing for the war zone, Zhang Tao swallowed hard and walked onto the stage with a face full of fear.

Before Yang Xiaoyang could speak, he said directly: "Host, in the fourth game, I choose to give in unconditionally."