The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 784 Game Development Process 95%

The romantic piano sounded, and the lights in the room turned into warm colors.

The atmosphere in the room instantly became ambiguous.

Being held by Fang Xiaoru, feeling his hands walking upside him|walking, Yang Xiaoyang only felt a spirit of excitement all over his body, an unprecedented feeling sweeping his body.

Her strength also seemed to have been lost at that moment, and her whole body seemed to be boneless, hanging all the weight on Fang Xiaoru's body.

Fang Xiaoru tried harder, and a princess hugged her up, and then walked to the bedroom.

After a while, the two rolled onto a big bed large enough to hold five people lying side by side.

One by one, the clothes fluttered and fell to the floor in a mess.


In the early morning of the next day, sunlight shone in through the gaps in the curtains and fell on Yang Xiaoyang's face.

Yang Xiaoyang just woke up leisurely. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and let out a lazy wake up sound like a cat.

As usual, she reached out to get clothes to put on herself, but she touched a fluffy thing.

She subconsciously opened her eyes and looked to the side. At this look, she screamed in shock.

There was a man lying beside her!

And he didn't even get an inch!

"what happened?"

Fang Xiaoru was awakened by Yang Xiaoyang's screams. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he put her in his arms and said:

"Why don't you sleep well in the morning?"

"Fang... Mr. Fang!"

Only now did Yang Xiaoyang react.

The picture from last night flashed in my mind, and I knew what was going on.

Having maintained his body for more than 20 years, he was taken away by the man in front of him in one night.

Yesterday she deliberately approached Fang Xiaoru, indeed for some impure purpose.

But I never thought that I would dedicate myself to him.

It's also the blame for Fang Xiaoru's love story last night, which made her very defensive.

One carelessness loses a woman's most precious thing.

Although her original purpose was to climb up Xiaoru and get in touch with Fang Xiaoru.

But with no emotional foundation, she gave her most precious things the first time she met, which was a bit too heavy for her.

The craziness of last night, but the tears of today.

Tears, like crystal clear teardrops, left from the face.

She didn't regret it, but felt very wronged.

This is the case for women. She obviously wants to get close to Fang Xiaoru and Fang Xiaoru, but after the incident happened, she felt aggrieved.

How could she escape Fang Xiaoru's eyes as she thought.

Fang Xiaoru figured it out and immediately knew what was going on with Yang Xiaoyang.

A woman who has just lost her body needs the care of a man most.

Fang Xiaoru clasped Yang Xiaoyang's hands tightly, and gently kissed her smooth forehead, and said softly:

"Xiaoyang, don't cry. From now on, you will be our Fang Xiaoru's woman. I promise you won't be wronged."

A series of love words came out of Fang Xiaoru's mouth.

Soon, Yang Xiaoyang's tears stopped.

She was like a helpless little girl, hugging Fang Xiaoru's neck tightly, and said:

"Mr. Fang, is what you said is true, will you abandon me?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly, lowered his head and covered Yang Xiaoyang's vermilion lips.Then whispered in her ear:

"If you are my woman for one day, you will be my woman for life. Even if you want to leave, I won't allow it."

Last night, before Yang Xiaoyang went to bed, Fang Xiaoru had already investigated her information.

Yang Xiaoyang, 23 years old, from Beijing, graduated from Oriental Film Academy, and studied acting.

The original dream was to be a star, but during several interviews for the role, he was hinted by the director that in order to get the role, he had to be unspoken.

After rejecting the unspoken rules several times, she lost her role.

So he left the entertainment circle discouragedly and became a host in the industry.

With her appearance and good eloquence, she went all the way up and down, and finally became the host of the super brain, and she became famous all over the world.

In an alternative way, he realized his star dream.

Yesterday, Fang Xiaoru saw the bright flower on the bed sheet, and it was already destined that Yang Xiaoyang could not leave him in this life.

Even if Fang Xiaoru does not have feelings for Yang Xiaoyang yet, he will never allow his woman to have any involvement with other men in the future.

Feeling Fang Xiaoru's domineering, Yang Xiaoyang buried his head in front of his spacious chest, listening to his heartbeat.

The panic in my heart for a while also slowly dissipated.

"Jingle Bell……"

The two lay cuddling each other on the bed and didn't know that after a long time, Fang Xiaoru's cell phone rang.

Looking at the electric display, it was Liu Jiani.

"Xiaoru, the game development process has reached 95%, and now we have volunteers to test it. Once the test passes, the game can be officially launched on the market."