The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 788 The Soviet Army was afraid, poisoned to reduce the safety zone

"Asshole! Too much bullying!"

"The large-scale war in Siberia is grandiose. This is completely out of the eyes of the Soviet armed department!"

"Senior guards, it is tolerable or unbearable, order them to be driven away!"

"No matter who they are, they have to pay the price of blood!"

Many grumpy people patted the table on the spot and stood up.

More than three thousand people have launched a fierce weapon war in Siberia.

In addition, bombers were bombing over Siberia.

In such a situation, as long as a soldier can't stand it, let alone a fighting nation!

One by one, they were filled with indignation and asked to go to war.

"War?" The senior guard said with a decadent face: "What shall we fight for?"

"Look at the spray paint on the bomber. It is the logo of the World Group! Not to mention that we are now strained with the MK country. Even if we put all our energy on the World Group, we still can't negotiate."

"Then what should we do, just watch them show off in our country like this?"

"This is simply an insult to our Soviet soldiers!"

"Siberia is the territory of the Soviet Union. If this large group of people is involved in a weapon war in Siberia, if we do not deal with it, it will definitely cause public opinion and dissatisfaction.

The big officials all reddened anxiously, and wanted to go up and teach Fang Xiaoru a lesson.

"Report to the senior guard that an unknown object was found at an altitude of 13,000 meters!"

But at this moment, a correspondent suddenly reported.

The senior guard's face turned straight, and when he looked at the screen on the side, he saw a huge black shadow appearing on the computer screen.

He immediately said: "Check it out now."


The correspondent stopped and operated, and the image of the dark shadow became clearer and clearer.

In the end, it finally revealed its final appearance.

The moment they saw the final appearance of the dark shadow, everyone on the scene couldn't help taking a breath, and their whole bodies shuddered.

What kind of big thing is that?

Using a steel castle or a Big Mac seems to be insufficient to describe its majesty and grandeur.

Under the shape full of futuristic sci-fi style, there is a huge pressure that makes people feel like the top of the mountain.

On the deck, one after another ferocious world fighters shone with shocking metallic luster.

It is so large that it can cover all the sunlight, making people feel small and suffocating.

"What kind of monster is this!"

"Hi... an aircraft carrier suspended in the air."

"This aerial aircraft carrier is much larger than the world's largest one-world aircraft carrier!"

"God! Is this the legendary Sky Mothership? I heard from the Ministry of National Defense that the Universe Group has developed the Sky Mothership. I didn't believe it at the beginning. I didn't expect it to be true."

"It's terrible, such a giant in the sky is also terrible."

The generals who had clamored to shoot down the bombers, arrest or kill the more than 3,000 prisoners on the spot, did not dare to happen at this moment.

Just kidding, such a giant just suspended in the air, it gives people a huge deterrent, they have the courage to take the initiative to attack.

"Senior Guard, is the World Group's aerospace carrier?"

A chief of staff asked with a shocked expression on his face.

Rudolf, a senior army guard stationed in the north of Siberia, nodded heavily and said: "Yes, this is the sky carrier that appeared in Alaska a few months ago.

In order to avoid causing unnecessary panic, all countries in the world did not disclose this news.

Even in the military, few people know this.Unexpectedly, it appeared above our airspace."

"The Sky Mothership, it really is the Sky Mothership!"

"Can our 100,000 armed department be able to withstand this aerospace carrier?"

"Look at its height, 13,000 meters, except for the best fighters, you can't touch it at all."

"Leave aside the power of the Air-Sky Mothership. The thousands of world fighters on that deck are enough to sweep the entire Soviet Union."

"Yes, once the two sides fight, we are afraid that we will not be able to survive a bombardment of reincarnation."

A group of people descended, all pale, and they were all shocked by the pictures on the computer screen.

The senior Rudolf guard said solemnly: "We can't make up our minds about this. First, send a team of reconnaissance planes to investigate on the flanks. I'll contact the Chief Commander."


At an altitude of 13,000 meters, an Sky Mothership was suspended here quietly like a giant steel beast.

In the command room, Fang Xiaoru watched the battle royale of more than 3,000 people through the big screen.

After five minutes of bombing, a total of more than two hundred unlucky people died under the shells.

There were also dozens of people who died of cold weapons when they fled the bombing area.

Suddenly, a guard reported to Fang Xiaoru: "Report to the BOSS. There is a group of Soviet surveillance aircraft hovering on the flanks."

"Su State Reconnaissance Aircraft?"

The corner of Fang Xiaoru's mouth was curved, and he turned to look at another screen.A total of four Soviet reconnaissance planes are carefully investigating the news here in the distance.

"Don't pay attention to them, start poisoning to reduce the safety zone."