The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 793: Emperor Huanyu

Where the airdrop passes, fierce battles will surely erupt.

Deaths due to airdrops have occurred everywhere in Siberia.

The latter case of mantis catching cicada oriole is even more common.

To the east of Siberia, a seven-person team united as one, and killed three groups of teams that came to pick up airdrops.

When the red smoke from the airdrop disappeared, they squatted on the spot for a long time until they were sure that there were no other people nearby, and then rushed to search for their loot.

"Hahaha, so many good things, now it's developed."

"Energy drinks, painkillers, first aid kits, everything."

"AWM, M24, Kar98k are not lacking."

A group of seven people gathered together for an exciting activity to divide the spoils.

After such an ambush, all of their equipment became extremely luxurious!

The temporary leader of the team, a 40-year-old bearded man said:

"If I see it, I said that evasiveness is not the way. Only by constantly killing other people can we get better equipment and materials and improve our hope of survival!"

Others looked at the contents in their backpacks and the weapons in their hands, all convinced of him.

"Sam, thanks to your command this time we were able to seize so many materials and equipment, it is up to you to decide what to do next."

"Good!" Bearded Sam clapped his hands and said, "We have two plans next.

First, take the initiative to attack and find someone to kill.This method can solve more enemies as quickly as possible, but there is a danger of being ambushed.

Second, ambush secretly and wait for the poison zone to refresh. We lurks on the edge of the poison zone, shooting people who run poison.

Or when there is an airdrop, go to the location where the airdrop landed and kill the person who picked it up!

This method is relatively safer than the first method, but whether you can meet people is a matter of luck."

As soon as his voice fell, his companions said one after another:

"We choose the second way."

Although the first method can quickly clear the number of survivors, it is not certain who killed who.

The second method is better, just wait for it, be an old man, wait for the enemy to come, and finally give a fatal blow.

Not only this team, but other small teams, various strategies have also emerged.

Various tactics such as Old Yinbi, Voldemort, Phantom Tank, etc. can be described as endless.

After the first round of killing and baptism in the poison ring, these vicious criminals quickly mastered the rules of this survival game.

Most of the people who have not mastered the laws are dead or on the road to death.


Siberia, at an altitude of 13,000 meters, in the command room of the Sky Mothership.

Fang Xiaoru looked at the battle royale of more than two thousand people on the big screen, and asked Liu Jiani next to him with interest:

"Jani, is our game the same?"

The brutal killing on the big screen made Liu Jiani feel quite uncomfortable at first.

But fortunately, she also knew that these people were guilty and deadly people, and in the end she slowly let go.

"In our test content, there will be a huge island. There are schools, towns, airports, grasslands, mountains, etc. on the island.

Except that the terrain is slightly different from Siberia, everything else is the same.

But one thing I want to declare to you is that the world in the game "Second World" is completely a fictional fantasy world.

Survival on the island is just a casual game in "Second World".It's like we play lol in the real world and play the glory of the king."

Liu Jiani's explanation immediately made Fang Xiaoru more interested in "Second World".

Survival is just a casual game in "Second World"!

"The game is about to come out. I haven't asked you what kind of world "Second World" is like. Take this opportunity and give me a good introduction."

"Okay." Liu Jiani nodded and introduced the world background of "The Second World" to Fang Xiaoru excitedly.

"This 99% realistic virtual reality game is a completely open game.

Inside, you are just like in reality.The player entering the game is like crossing into another world.

The background in the game is a fantasy world.The second world is one hundred times the size of the earth.

In that world, there are human races, demons, demons, gods and elves.

The huge human race established a world empire, which rules more than 80% of the land in the second world.

And the identity we set for Xiaoru is the ruler of the Universe Empire, the Great Emperor!"

"Emperor Huanyu?" Fang Xiaoru interrupted Liu Jiani and said with interest: "Then I am the ruler of "The Second World"?